Do Golf Carts Have Governors (Can You Adjust It)?

Do Golf Carts Have Governors (Can You Adjust It)?

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Golf carts can be of great use when you’re spending hours every day on a golf course. They’re convenient and allow you to get across the golf course faster, saving golfers both time and energy they would have otherwise spent walking. 

However, one thing that golfers sometimes complain about is the slow speed at which golf carts operate. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to the standard slow speed. 

Most gas golf carts come with a governor on them to make sure you don’t take the cart too fast. Most electric golf carts don’t have a governor on them however. 

There are ways you can increase the speed and make a golf cart go faster. This can be done by adjusting the golf cart governor if you have a gas golf cart or adjusting the engine in other ways if you have an electric cart. 

I will go more into how to adjust your golf cart governor later in this article.

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What Is A Golf Cart Governor?

A golf cart governor is a device that can be used to adjust the golf cart’s top speed. Making changes to it allows you to make the golf cart go faster or slower instead of sticking to the standard speed. 

This device helps control the maximum speed of the golf cart as it moves across the ground and prevents the engine RPMs (revolutions per minute) from going faster than the set specifications.

Do Golf Carts Have Governors?

Whether or not a golf cart has a governor depends on the type of golf cart it is. Gas golf carts have governors that you can adjust to change speed, but do electric golf carts have governors? The answer is no. 

However, despite the lack of governors in electric golf carts, there are still many options available to adjust the speed.

If your golf cart does have a governor, it’s probably one of three kinds – a mechanical governor, a driven-clutch cable, and a rev limiter.

Mechanical Spring Adjustment Governor

One of the most common types of golf cart governors is the mechanical, spring-loaded governor. It’s seen as a spring-loaded mechanism that is in line with the acceleration system in the golf cart. 

As you adjust the tension on the spring, the golf cart’s speed will either increase or decrease. You can find this type of golf cart governor located near either the carburetor or the differential.

Clutch Cable Governor 

If you have a 2-cycle golf cart engine, you’re likely dealing with a clutch/throttle cable. This consists of an arm located next to the driven clutch. 

When the belt is pulled into the clutch and spread, the clutch activates the arm and pulls a cable attached to the carburetor throttle lever. If you pull the throttle lever back mechanically, you can decrease the gas flow to the engine and control the speed of the golf cart. 

If you want to increase the golf cart’s speed, you can do so by adjusting the cable nut next to the throttle lever.

Spark Regulation Governor 

While the other two types of golf cart governors are mechanical, this one isn’t. It’s an electronic measure that is used to prevent RPM tampering. 

The rev limiter is used in combination with the golf cart’s ignitor to limit the speed through spark regulation. This is a tough adjustment to make, so if you want to increase your golf cart’s speed, you may need to consult professionals. 

At-home or DIY work on this kind of governor can end up doing more harm than good and can damage your golf cart, costing you hundreds or even thousands in repairs.

How To Adjust Golf Cart Governors

Governors on golf carts can be adjusted to increase the top speed. To do this, you should first check the type of governor you have. 

The most common solution involves loosening the tension on the springs using either a screwdriver or a wrench. By loosening the tension, the golf cart will be able to travel faster.

If you have a 2-cycle golf cart, the process is different. In this case, the adjustment will involve turning the cable nut connecting the throttle and cable in the counterclockwise direction. 

This will allow you to benefit from increased speed.

How To Remove Golf Cart Governors

For some golfers, it’s easier to remove the golf cart governor entirely. You can definitely do this on your own with a few general tools, but we would advise consulting someone with mechanical knowledge so that you don’t damage your golf cart. 

However, if you have a regular screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a wrench, you have all the tools you need to remove your golf cart governor.

If you own a gas golf cart and want to remove the golf cart governor, the following steps can help. This should be carried out by those with mechanical knowledge.

  • Locate the carburetor and the cable connection.
  • Remove the cable connection from the carburetor and pull it out. If you can’t pull it out on your own, you can use your screwdrivers to help you with the process.
  • Make sure to remove the other end of the cable as well since both are connected.
  • Once you do this, you should see the governor on top of the engine.
  • The gas pedal is usually fitted to the governor. Remove the connection to the gas pedal as well.
  • Re-route the gas pedal to the carburetor.
  • There is likely a bolt on the shaft of the gas pedal. Remove this bolt.
  • If you slide the shaft in an upwards direction, the gas pedal will have more play.
  • Before starting the golf cart again, tighten the bolt and make sure everything is back in its correct place.

You may have to slide the shaft multiple times before you land at the perfect speed for your golf cart. This takes some time and should be done carefully and only if you have adequate mechanical knowledge.

Other Considerations

If the cable or governor spring aren’t visible, you won’t be able to adjust the governor. In this case, we would advise you not to do this yourself and take it to an expert who knows how to handle golf carts and their engines.

There’s only so much you can do by adjusting or removing the governor. This makes a difference in golf cart speed but cannot make drastic enhancements. If you’re still not satisfied with the speed, you may need to invest in a more powerful engine.

Final Thoughts

Golf carts can be useful for regular golfers and can make the sport much more enjoyable by saving time and energy and providing comfort. They can also be useful for getting around in gated communities. 

No matter what you’re using your golf cart for, I hope that this article answered all your questions about golf cart governors, whether or not they can be adjusted, and how to both adjust and remove them.  

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