Is Topgolf Expensive? (Is It Worth it?)

Is Topgolf Expensive? (Is It Worth it?)

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When it comes to recreational activities, opting for cheap experiences just doesn’t cut it – not if you want to take some essential time off from work and need to rejuvenate. 

Many people put a premium on entertainment, and as such, they will be more than happy to spend their hard earned money. They’ve earned it, after all.

Before deciding whether to head to the nearest Topgolf and let off some steam it’s important to know how much you will have to pay. 

Topgolf could be considered expensive for some people but when compared to other entertainment options it is about the same price (or cheaper). 

The average rental fee for Topgolf bays starts at around $27 per hour per bay and can go up to $49 an hour. However, what you spend can add up quickly when you add in food and drinks if you choose to buy them. 

It would be unwise to call something expensive or cheap without looking at what it has to offer. Moreover, my definition of expensive is based on how much premium I put on entertainment while others might just look at it as a total amount of money spent. 

When considering Topgolf as a sum total of all its features – including golf, fun, and food – you’ll notice that the prices being charged are more than reasonable. Sure, you could get the nightlife experience elsewhere, and you probably won’t have to spend a penny to get in – but you won’t get to play foosball or practice your swings.

The reason why Topgolf is worth your time and money is simple: you get all of the entertainment under one roof.

So if you’re in the mood for some golf, you can walk over to the bay you just rented. Once you’re done playing and are feeling hungry (and Topgolf is very popular among foodies), you can hop on over to their restaurant. 

These facilities are also equipped with a full-service bar and complimentary night clubs.

In more ways than one, Topgolf has the potential to bring out the best in you because there is more than one way to enjoy the money that you spent while being there. 

Carnivals are a good analogy to Topgolf facilities. There are plenty of games to partake in, lots of exotic foods to try, amazing performances to experience – the list goes on. It can give you a surge of serotonin, also known as a ‘happy chemical’ that is thought to regulate mood.

Topgolf: The Key To Enjoying A Guilt-Free Time Out

Most of us have a problem when it comes to taking vacations. Our sedentary lifestyles, chronic work stress, and constant burnout mean that there’s no stopping. 

It has gotten to the point where people become overwhelmed with guilt by taking time off.

If you, or someone you know, relates with what I described above, then Topgolf is even more of a lifesaver than you anticipated. You don’t need to take time off from work or your life obligations. 

It’s a fun time out with friends for about one or two hours. It’s a quick getaway – like a mini vacation that keeps things interesting every minute.

How To Get Over The Guilt Of Spending Money On Topgolf

The easiest way to overcome the guilt of spending your money at Topgolf is to realize that you are trading the money for experiences. In other words, part of your disposable money should be converted into tangible experiences that you can appreciate. 

Otherwise, what’s the point in making all that money?

Given that Topgolf facilities always have something unique for participants, the money you spend is well worth it to many people. This is because you are converting your money into experiences – and that allows you to melt away the guilt.

You may actually feel a surge of happiness and contentment that such a small amount of money (and time) can provide such a wonderful experience.

Get The Most Out Of Your Visit To TopGolf

To get the most value for your money, it helps to plan ahead and decide how you will navigate your time at the Topgolf.

Reserve A Bay

This is the main draw for most people – being able to enjoy golf without all the stress associated with it. All you have to do is reserve a bay and even that isn’t required. 

I would recommend you reserve a bay on the weekends. They are far busier during that time and so the wait will be longer. 

There is a small fee to reserve a bay but not having to wait is a nice perk to have. Topgolf is best enjoyed with a lot of people and you get the bay for the same time no matter how many people you have with you. 

Work With An On-site Instructor

Topgolf bays give you the perfect opportunity to work on your swing. The best part is that you get to work with on-site instructors if you like. 

They offer lessons to individuals and groups. People derive a greater sense of satisfaction from their experiences if they make significant improvements in their life (in a measurable way). 

This is where Topgolf instructors come in.

Share A Bay With Others

This is a social event – more so than a spinoff of golf. You get to meet more like-minded people who share common interests and a passion for golf. 

At Topgolf events, you can share a bay with another person. You won’t be strangers for long.

Track Your Progress With The Topgolf App

Did I mention this is a technologically-infused event? You can even download an app that lets you do everything from booking reservations to tracking scores and keeping up with upcoming events. 

The app also lets you control the channel on your TV and stream your favorite music.

Playing Competitively

Topgolf can get very competitive, and it can be especially fun if you get to win something while you’re at it. You can compete in competitive leagues across various tiers depending on your skill levels, including rookie, intermediate, and advanced. 

There is no shame in losing as long as you had fun. 

Remember, you’re simply trading money for a tangible, valuable experience, and topgolf gives you that drive to excel.

Final Thoughts

Our lives tend to be fast-paced, stressful, and full of complications, but the moments we spend with our loved ones transport us to a different place – one where enjoying life is a priority and money is no longer a concern.

This is why I would recommend adopting the mindset of “trading money for experiences.” If we focus on saving too much money, we might catch ourselves sitting on a huge heap of cash and realize we never truly enjoyed life.

So Topgolf games will keep providing us with precious mini-vacations, and at a fraction of the cost of full-fledged vacations. Is it worth it? Most definitely yes. 

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