Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete/Pavement?

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete/Pavement?

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If you just recently took up the game of golf you likely went out and bought all the needed equipment including golf shoes. One question that beginners often have is where you can wear your golf shoes. 

Can you wear them on the pavement or concrete or should that be avoided? 

Spikeless golf shoes can be worn while you walk on pavement however you shouldn’t use them for a lot of walking as it will wear them out early. People who have spiked golf shoes shouldn’t be wearing them on concrete or pavement at all. 

That’s because whether your spiked golf shoes have soft or metal spikes, they aren’t suited for you to walk on hard surfaces such as stone, wood, concrete, and even carpet.

Most beginner golfers prefer wearing spiked golf shoes because they want traction and stability on the golf course. However, experienced golfers prefer wearing spikeless golf shoes, which are more comfortable, flexible, and lightweight. 

Whichever option you choose, if you’re questioning if you can wear golf shoes on concrete or pavement, golf shoes without spikes are the way to go since they can be worn as regular shoes.

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The Reasons Spiked Golf Shoes Aren’t Suited For Concrete Or Pavement

Wearing spiked golf shoes at the golf course can elevate your game, but think again if you want to wear them on concrete or pavements. There are several reasons why spiked golf shoes aren’t suitable for hard surfaces like concrete or pavements. 

Here are some of them:

No Comfort Offered Off The Course

Spiked golf shoes may feel comfortable when you wear them on soft grass, as they help provide traction and stability on the golf course. However, they aren’t the most comfortable option when using them on hard surfaces, as they won’t have any grip, and you risk slipping and falling.

Not Flexible for Hard Terrain

Spiked golf shoes don’t offer you great support and aren’t soft or flexible. They don’t have any cushioning to ensure that your feet are comfortable when walking on concrete or pavements.

Causes Damage To Hard Floors

If you’re wearing spiked golf shoes on hard floor surfaces, you will experience significant problems. The biggest one is that you will cause damage to the hard floor surfaces you are walking on. 

The spikes will scratch the floor and leave marks on the flooring.

Is Wearing Golf Shoes Everywhere A Good Idea?

If you just spent a lot of money on new golf shoes you might be wondering if you should wear them everywhere or only when on the course. 

You can’t wear spiked golf shoes everywhere because rules regarding golf etiquette restrict you. However, spikeless golf shoes can be worn inside or outside in most places. 

When you’re at the course, you can’t wear your spiked golf shoes if you’re in the clubhouse since you should only wear those golf shoes when playing golf.

If you have hybrid golf shoes (golf trainers), you can wear them on the golf course, including in the clubhouse, putting greens, and everyday use. Most people prefer to wear spikeless golf shoes because you can use them for activities like walking or jogging and recreational use.

Some brands such as Adidas, Nike, Callaway, ECCO, and New Balance also have spikeless golf shoes that are waterproof, meaning you don’t have to change into another pair of shoes if you’re playing in wet weather conditions.

People also prefer wearing golf shoes for work and casual shoes. There is an extensive range of golf shoes for casual wear available in multiple colors, like white, tan, and grey.

Is Wearing Golf Shoes For Regular Use A Good Idea?

What about when you are at the office or running errands? Should you wear your golf shoes then? 

There’s nothing wrong with wearing spikeless golf shoes for regular everyday use. However, you will lower their grip the more you wear them so if you spent a lot for the pair you are better off only wearing them when golfing. 

Spikeless golf shoes are lightweight, have a shallow grip area, and are available in fashionable colors for women and men. 

Traditionally, you can’t wear spiked golf shoes for everyday use since they are fitted with plastic spikes at the shoe’s bottom, and it’s not a good idea to use them on hard surfaces like wooden flooring, sidewalks, indoor areas, and concrete.

You can wear golf-styled sneakers if you want to save money on golf shoes, as they do tend to be on the expensive side these days. These shoes are practical and are best suited for the all-year-round, warmer golfing climates of Arizona, Texas, California, and Florida.

Is Wearing Spikeless Golf Shoes On Golf Courses Allowed?

Generally, wearing spikeless golf shoes is allowed on every golf course in the United States, including both private and public golf courses. These golf shoes are extremely popular among players at country and golf clubs since you can wear them on greens and inside the club buildings.

That’s probably the biggest advantage to spikeless golf shoes, as due to their versatility, they are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to wear correct footwear on the course. 

Other reasons to wear spikeless shoes on golf courses include the following:

  • Helps golfers who suffer from adverse swelling and foot injuries
  • You can wear them in various weather conditions, which include wet and dry course conditions
  • Have an excellent grip that matches spiked golf shoes
  • Hard-wearing, lightweight, and strong

You won’t be permitted to wear spiked golf shoes if you are on the driving range and will be asked to change the shoes and wear spikeless shoes before you continue practicing. The booths at driving ranges are enclosed with artificial turf or hard concrete floors, making it dangerous for people wearing spiked shoes.

If you want to practice your drives and swings on the range, you must change your footwear after a frustrating round of golf at the course. You won’t be allowed to let loose and start driving and hitting golf balls if you’re not wearing the correct shoes.

Wearing fashionable sneakers, flip-flops, or open sandals isn’t recommended as they don’t offer your feet firm support, which you need for swinging your golf club at maximum power. You can easily lose your footing and risk getting injured after falling on hard surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a professional or playing golf recreationally, wearing appropriate footwear is crucial. The wrong golf shoe can result in injury and defeats the purpose of going to the golf course. 

You have now learned that it’s not advised or possible to wear golf shoes with spikes (both plastic and metal) on concrete or pavement. The next best thing is to wear golf shoes with rubber spikes on them.

You shouldn’t go onto the putting green and driving range when wearing spiked golf shoes with metal spikes, or you risk facing the wrath of the greenskeepers and course marshals. Good luck.

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