Which Golf Tees Are Legal Or Illegal?

Which Golf Tees Are Legal Or Illegal?

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If you are a golfing beginner, you are probably unfamiliar with all the rules and regulations of this sport. There are plenty of things to discuss, but today, our main focus is on golfing tees.

One would assume that it’s the least important thing in the game to talk about. However, did you know that golfing tees have been divided into two categories: Legal and illegal? The United States Golf Association (USGA) has set the equipment rules for golfing tees, and if they do not follow the rules, they are deemed illegal.

Golfing rules can be quite confusing, so we will start from the basics by explaining what golfing tees are, which ones are legal and illegal, and why.

Let’s begin:

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What Are Golfing Tees?

A golf tee is a small piece shaped like a tee on which a golf ball is placed for the first stroke.

The tee is made from either a plastic peg or thin wood and is 3 inches in height. It allows the golf ball to stay in a stationary position. Once the tee has been positioned on the surface, it is pushed down on the ground, leaving a small portion above the ground. The ball is then placed on it, and the golfer makes their first strike. A tee is usually not used by golfers, and there’s no hard and fast rule about using it.

However, if a tee is being used, how high it is placed depends on what type of hit you are trying to make. A higher tee combined with the right golf club allows you to make a precise hit towards your target.

Golf Tees Rules

You might not know this, but each sport comes with a rule book. The players need to uphold the system and make sure they are playing by the rules.

Golfing is no different. Since the shot system keeps changing, and so do the rules. Let’s take a look at those surrounding golfing tees:

  • Length of Tee: The golf tee should not be above 4 inches (101mm) in height
  • The material or manufacturing design of the tee should not manipulate the hit. For example, if the tee lengthens or shortens the line of play, it is considered illegal.
  • The golf tee should not change the movement of the ball (direction or velocity)

Golf tees from renowned brands are made from high-quality wood, and the manufacturers keep the rules in mind to ensure that the players are not held at fault.

How to Identify a Quality Tee

There are several things you need to consider before buying a golfing tee:

  • Pick a tee you can easily lift. Make sure it is limited
  • The golf tee’s design needs to be perfect so that when you play, you are not breaking any rules
  • Choose a tee that allows you to control the speed of the ball, and the equipment helps you maintain the pace
  • The tees should make a knocking and clicking sound when hit
  • The tee should be easy to place and easy to play

Legal Golf Tees Used In International Platform

  • Step Down Tees
  • Four Yards Tees
  • The Pride Professional Tees
  • Brands Manufacturing Perfect High Plastic Tees
  • Martini Golf Tees
  • The Golfers Club Tees

Illegal Golf Tees

We have talked about the features that make golf tees legal. Now, let’s take a look at what makes them illegal:

  • Brush Tees are legal, as long as they don’t influence the ball’s movement
  • Rubber tees are legal because they are not longer than 4 inches. Some golfers apply oil or Vaseline to grease them, which makes them illegal
  • Anti-slice tees, such as Gracefulvara, RecTeeFier, ZEROYOYO, and Prettyia are illegal. The effect of the movement of the ball, as well as the club impact
  • Tees that are linked with cords or strings are non-conforming and can be considered for play. However, there are a few exceptions in the winter
  • Tees that are tied to tools or weight, such as pitch marks, are illegal

The list of illegal tees is quite short, so don’t worry about having only a couple of options. Most of the brands offering tees keep in mind golfing rules before manufacturing the equipment, making them legal.

Following are some of the common legal and illegal golf tees explained in detail:

Flight Path Golf Tees Are Illegal

Flight Path Golf Tees allow you to hit straight balls. They are designed to shape the ball’s angle, allowing the golfer to make precise hits.

For this reason, these golf tees are illegal because they go against the rules set by the USGA. Since this tee influences the ball’s flight, it is non-conforming and, therefore, illegal for casual players, high-level amateurs, and professional golfers.

Castle Golf Tees Are Legal

Castle Golf Tees are designed for players who want a consistent tee height in every shot. In simple words, their design allows you to make a planned hit. These golf tees are legal and are often used in tournaments.

Rubber Golf Tees Are Legal

Rubber Golf Tees are seldom used, which is why most people consider them illegal. Since there’s nothing in the rule book about what type of material the tee should be made of, rubber tees are considered conforming.

Step Tees Are Legal

Step tees allow you to improve the consistency of your tee shots. They also allow you to make consistent shots. They guarantee the same ball height from the ground every time, which allows you to plan your next hits. Step tees are legal.

Plastic Golf Tees Are Legal

The USGA does not have any restrictions on Plastic Golf Tees. They can be used by casual players, high-level amateurs, and professional golfers.

4 Yards More Golf Tees Are Legal

4 Yards More Golf Tees help you work on your distance and give you longer shots. These tees are considered legal.


Any tee that is taller than 4 inches and influences the ball’s trajectory is considered illegal. If you are a golfing beginner, you need to be familiar with these rules so that you don’t pick up a tee that changes how you play the game.

If you play straight right off the club, you will be able to shape your hits and improve your strokes. As we said, the list of illegal golf tees is not long. You can easily memorize the names, making shopping for a tee easy.

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