Can Golf Shorts Be Tailored?

Can Golf Shorts Be Tailored?

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Golf shorts are practical, functional, breathable, durable, and stretchable. The list can go on and contain pleasant adjectives to describe the convenient usability of the apparel. It’s a relief to play golf feeling comfortable even during the humid summers, with the blazing sunlight glaring right into your bones.

Here’s something that can shatter your bliss- when your golf shorts aren’t the correct size. Ugh. That can be a massive bullying factor that deters you from concentrating on the game and giving your best performance.

Most of us can get unlucky with our body proportions and not fit in the standard sizes. While medium might feel too tight, golf shorts in size “Large” may feel baggy- as if they’re about to drop any second now. So, the question arises, “can golf shorts be tailored or customized to your fitting?”

Queue the drum rolls, please.

Fortunately for every curious soul browsing for the answer, yes, you most certainly can get customized golf shorts stitched to suit your measurements. In fact, you can also get your golf pants tailored too. That way, you can feel optimal comfort throughout your match.

Read along to discover the benefits of getting custom-tailored golf shorts and if you can opt for other customer golfing apparel or not.

Let’s get started!

Can You Get Customized Golf Shorts?

One thing’s clear: golf shorts can be tailored- most golfers, especially those who frequently hit the course, prefer personalized shorts.

However, buying custom-stitched golf shorts might seem like an unnecessary hassle. Who has the time to go to a tailor for measurement-taking and then wait for them to stitch your shorts? Well, you have to make time if you want to deliver complete focus and attention to your golf match.

Many people have a misconception that tailoring golf shorts can cost way higher. And that’s one reason why they wear the ready-to-wear ones, even if it means slight discomfort or restricted movability on the golf course. But you’d be pretty shocked to know that it’s not always or necessarily the case. You can always find a tailor based on your budget, and most often, getting your golf shorts stitched can cost way less than your expectations.

Custom-stitched golf shorts also offer several benefits, adding to the overall returns of your investment. For starters, you can get them to include silicone bands to help keep your golf shirt intact. In addition, the tailor can also be mindful of the hem and length, keeping them according to your preference of how high or low you want the shorts to be on your legs.

Furthermore, a vital perk of custom-stitched golf shorts is the access to the material. There are several materials with different features available in the market, and you can get your shorts in whatever type that suits your preference the best. That saves you from compromising on the quality or finish because that’s what’s available in the ready-to-wear ones. Therefore, depending on your prioritization, you could select fabrics based on their UV-protective, water-resistant, or even breathability qualities.

Can You Alter Men’s Golf Shorts?

Imagine buying a pair of golf shorts without trying on the size first and later discovering that it doesn’t fit. That’s an investment gone to waste, right? No. That’s a problem you can quickly fix by getting the shorts altered by the tailor.

You can buy the standard-sized golf shorts and then get professional tailors to twitch a few inches from the waistline or fold a few centimeters from the length. Voila, that’s how you transform regular-sized golf shorts to fit your ideal measurement.

Moreover, if you’ve got spare golf pants sitting idly in your closet, you can quickly convert them into a pair of summer golf shorts. Take the pants to your nearest tailor and get them reduced in their length. That’s an essential hack to utilizing your spare or old clothes like a pro!

Can You Get Your Golf Pants And T-Shirts Tailored?

Phew, thank goodness you can avail of the customized golf shorts. But wait, what about the golf pants and polo shirts? Just like golf shorts, you have the option of getting the rest of your golfing ensembles stitched to your measurements without any issue. Be it your golf pants or the polo t-shirts.

Custom-tailored golf clothing is also significantly beneficial. You can get the hemline to an optimal length instead of folding the pants repeatedly to avoid grass stains. In addition, you can ensure that the polos fit your body, accentuating your muscles. That’s classy and sophisticated, symbolizing a dedicated golfer who values their looks.

Furthermore, you don’t always have to go through the complete stitching process. If you want to save some time, you can always buy the standard-sized polos and golf pants and get them altered to your preference.

Can You Wear Golf Shorts Outside Of The Golf Course?

Although it’s not the case, you may still think that buying customized golf shorts might waste your time and effort. It can, however, come in handy when you’re wearing golf shorts for occasions other than golfing.

It’s no breaking news that golfing ensembles are versatile gems. You can wear the shorts as your perfect summer outfit or adorn the golf pants to your office as semi-formal dressing. Going slightly out of your way and bearing the measurement-taking appointments doesn’t sound so bad.

Golf shorts can work as casuals you can adorn as your daily clothing or when you’re going for light gatherings with family or friends. Throw on a button-up or plain polos and a pair of sleek and snazzy footwear- preferably sneakers. That’s a great way to flaunt your youthful vibes and feel at ease.

Final Thoughts

This marks the end of our quick session. By now, we hope you know the answer to “can golf shorts be tailored?”

Yes, you can go for custom-tailored golf shorts- and you should if the standard sizes don’t fit you perfectly. Tailored shorts hug your figure and offer you better breathability, both on and outside the golf course. You can even use the tailored shorts as casual ensembles, adding to the pristine versatility of the apparel.

In addition, you can also get your golf pants and shorts custom-tailored or altered for better fitting and improved functionality during your golf match and even when you adorn the clothing for non-golf-related semi-formal or casual occasions.

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