Does Topgolf Require Specific Shoes? (Which Shoes Can You Wear?)

Does Topgolf Require Specific Shoes? (Which Shoes Can You Wear?)

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If you have been to a golf course at all (or even watched golf on TV) you have seen people wearing specific clothes and shoes to play golf. Well if you have never been to Topgolf before you might wonder whether you have to wear a certain type of shoe to play there. 

Topgolf, like any other recreational activity, does not require members to adhere to a specific dress code. This means you are not required to wear any specific shoes. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you should walk barefoot into your local Topgolf. It’s not practical nor convenient to walk into a Topgolf facility barefoot. 

You should, at the very least, wear some flip flops – because you never know if someone spilled glass on the floor. Your feet need every bit of protection they can get.

In all seriousness flip flops probably aren’t the best option at Topgolf either (although you can wear them to play). Instead you will want tennis shoes, sneakers, etc. to play in. 

Depending on the surface features, the floor could be slippery, and you could be at risk of a fall injury. To counter this, you’ll need decent shoes with semi-aggressive treading that can provide more traction to your feet while swinging a club. 

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Should You Wear Golf Shoes to Topgolf Events?

If you are going to Topgolf for fun with friends or even for a work event, you might wonder if you should wear golf shoes. Afterall you will be golfing so is that a good idea? 

It’s probably not a good idea to wear spiked golf shoes to Topgolf events due it being a restaurant, and not actually having any real grass. You can wear spikeless golf shoes to Topgolf but they aren’t necessary. 

For starters, this is not your usual golf course with a natural landscape, lush green grass, and tall trees. Instead, Topgolf facilities have gamified the golfing experience for players of all experience levels. This means everything is infused with technology.

You have climate controlled hitting bays, lots of food, beverages, bars, and HDTVs showing footage of sports games from around the world. 

It’s a completely different landscape than a traditional golf course. 

Spiked golf shoes are really not a good choice for this surface because a) you’ll reduce the shelf life of your golf shoes and b) you will damage the surfaces that you are walking on. In fact, you may be asked to leave your spiked golf shoes outside in order to take part in various games.

If you must wear golf shoes, I would recommend going with the spikeless versions. These golf shoes don’t come with cleats and, instead, feature softer outsoles. 

Spikeless golf shoes provide more lateral stability than traditional shoes on grassy terrain because they grip into the ground during golf swings.

But Topgolf facilities have regular flooring that works just fine with regular shoes. Besides, it is advised to minimize your usage of golf shoes because the more you walk, the more you wear them down. 

This applies to nearly every type of shoe out there – golf shoe or not. Given that golf shoes represent a big portion of your investment, I would recommend you should only use them for the express purpose of playing on a golf course.

Opt For Comfort Over Style

Since there is no limitation on what you can wear to a Topgolf event, I recommend choosing the most comfortable option you can find. You’ll find that newer technologies with lighter materials and high-end cushioning, offering much in the way of comfort. 

The difference between these shoes is minimal – this is why you should go with your preferences.

Fit is Important

When you choose shoes for Topgolf, the fit is important. The fit doesn’t change regardless of the features you choose, but it’s very important to make sure that your shoes fit properly. 

Don’t know how to measure your shoe size? A simple approach is to wear your favorite socks that you play Topgolf in to get the most accurate measurement.

Another litmus test is to test out the shoe yourself. Pay attention to the bottom of your shoes, especially if you are prone to supination. As a rule, you should buy shoes a quarter of an inch longer than your longest toe. 

This will give your toes enough wiggle room when you walk around and practice your swings at the Topgolf facility.

Can You Wear Tennis Shoes To Topgolf?

Tennis shoes (not the catch-all term for sneakers) are designed for three different court surfaces: hard, clay, and grass. It would be unwise to wear tennis shoes designed for grass court surfaces to a Topgolf facility with regular flooring. 

A much wiser option is to use all court tennis shoes. You can play at Topgolf in these shoes and improve your performance by a significant margin.

Most manufacturers understand that tennis players won’t be purchasing shoes for all three courts. Instead, it helps to create something that satisfies the requirements for all three surfaces. So they design their tennis shoes for hard courts, while also making them perfectly compatible with regular terrain.

This means that all-court tennis shoes are ideal for use with Topgolf games.

Pro tip: You’ll find many categories of tennis shoes, such as stability, durability, and lightweight. For the purposes of Topgolf, opt for tennis shoes that emphasize durability over everything else.

Don’t Leave Your Socks Behind

Your socks may be the most important thing you bring to a Topgolf game – from the perspective of performance. Even though Topgolf facilities are climate controlled, the adrenaline rush will ensure that you perspire. 

This means you should choose socks that come with moisture wicking properties.

More importantly, they make sure to help you avoid blisters and fatigue on your feet. As you know, even the most comfortable shoes will start to get very uncomfortable after extended playtime.

Pro tip: To score stylish points at the Topgolf facility, you’ll want to match your socks to your shoe color. Coordinate your attire to work with the color theme you’ve chosen. 

And since this isn’t normal golf, you don’t have to worry about getting called out for choosing expressive color themes.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the choice of shoes comes down to you. With the exception of spiked golf shoes, everything is pretty much fair game at Topgolf events. No one will bat an eye if you walk in wearing dress shoes or wear tennis shoes to Topgolf events. 

But if versatility and performance are key features for you, then go with tennis shoes.

And if you’re just out there to have fun with friends and family, then choose your most comfortable flip flops or sneakers. 

There’s something about flip flops at Topgolf events that just screams casual – and it’s comfortable for your feet too. It’s a win-win. 

But don’t expect to get a high score while wearing them. 

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