Does Topgolf Have An Arcade Or Video Games?

Does Topgolf Have An Arcade Or Video Games?

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The Topgolf company has a variety of games on site and even a great video game that you can play with golf balls. Here’s everything you need to know.

At most of their venues, Topgolf has a children’s entertainment area with several different games for children. They offer a variety of arcade and video games for people to play while waiting to golf or if they don’t want to play golf at all. 

This entertainment area is fitted with the latest board games, arcade games, and videogames. There is also an Xbox with several controllers so children can play together. 

Along with that, there is a sizable collection of the latest, age-appropriate games.

There is also a shuffleboard where children can play together or with adults if they want. There is a foosball table and other games on the terrace at Topgolf too. 

So all in all there is tons of stuff to do at Topgolf even if you or your kids don’t want to actually golf.

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Different Topgolf Games

Not only are there arcade and video games that you can play at Topgolf but there are a variety of games that you can play while actually golfing as well. Rather than just hitting a ball to see how far it goes you can play games all about accuracy as well. 

These games help to make Topgolf a lot of fun for many people no matter whether they are good at golf or not. 

Angry Birds Topgolf

It’s basically a classic game of Angry Birds with Topgolf gear. You’ll get to use Angry Birds characters as golf balls. 

You can use this to smash towers and other structures and defeat pigs. 

Each person in your bay will take turns trying to get the highest scores. 

Quick 9

Quick 9 is about speed and accuracy. Think of it as the Blitz Chess of the Topgolf game. 

You’ll get 3 shots each at the Brown, White, and Blue targets. The closer that you get to the center of the target, the more points you will get.

Virtual Courses

You can play virtually on the top golf courses in the world with this game. St. Andrews, Spyglass Hill, and the Spanish Bay are all at your disposal. Using the latest Top Tracer technology, you can play either 9 or the full 18. 

There is also the ability to set handicaps to help level the playing field or just make the contest a little harder.

Top Scramble

Both beginner and experienced golfers can compete man to man here on a level playing field. Players will need to be split into teams and the best score on every ball will be used as the score for their team. 

Those with Topgolf Jr. Memberships can get the junior version for their children as well.

Closest to the Hole

As the name suggests, you are rewarded on the basis of being the closest to the hole among your friends. You can take 9 approach shots at different famous courses around the world. 

You will try to land as close to the hole as possible.

The distances from the pin on each hole are then added up and the lowest score wins. However, you should beware of the rough and hazard zones. Any shots landing there will be penalized. 

Hence, learn to hit them as accurately as possible. This game is best played with 1-4 players.

Top Chip

Top Chip is a shorter game than the rest. It’s concerned with hitting a red, yellow, and green target with five to ten shots. 

When you hit the correct target, you will score points. If you hit the wrong one, your points will be docked. You can play with up to 6 players.

Top Drive

Top Drive, like the name suggests, is about targeting the farthest thing you can see. The White and Trench are the only two things that score you points here. 

This game can challenge even the most experienced players. You can play with 1-6 of your friends.

Jewel Jam

You can play with 1-6 players. This variation on Topgolf is more about having fun than anything else. You get an exciting virtual environment which can utilize the Top Tracer technology. 

You can match 3 or more jewels in a row or a column to earn points. Think of it like Candy Crush, or Bejeweled, but with Topgolf.

Topgolf Videogame – Pro Putt

Topgolf released a great VR videogame in 2020 called Prop Putt. It’s an Oculus-based game which takes VR to the next level by creating a very realistic Topgolf course in front of your eyes. 

It’s actually more like actual golf than Topgolf itself.

While actual Topgolf is a game held inside a bar with a massive driving range, this expands the experience. It tracks the balls on the video screens in the actual game. 

However, with the video game, you’re in a virtual environment where you can experience all that more immersively.

The video game, as the name suggests, is more about putting than driving. It was in development for a long time by the developers Golf scope, before they licensed it through Topgolf.

However, the putting mechanics of the game are great. The controls of the game are very easy to pick up. You can feel very realistic and satisfied about picking up the game.

You can play with a single Quest controller very easily. There are simple teleport controls which allow you to position yourself over the ball. 

Though the game is technically about putting, you will be needing to make much longer swings. There are par-4 or par- courses which require you to drive as far as you can.

There’s a bit of aim assist for those that are novices in the game as well. There are also optional guidelines which can help novices. 

This will help you make birdies, eagles, and perhaps even a hole in one or two. The game strikes the right balance between both fun and authenticity. It is like playing real golf more than playing actual Topgolf.

The game is based on a set of clean, low-poly courses. It lies somewhere in scope between actual golf and minigolf. That’s a pretty great compromise. 

While the developers have compared the game to both Mario Golf and EA’s Tiger Woods games, it’s a beast of its own.

The design and controls are both extremely pleasing to the senses. It’s a great game to take your mind off things and just relax. 

You can blow off some steam by driving the golf balls as far as you want. There are even multiplayer modes and leaderboards that you can use to play with your friends.

Final Thoughts

There are several arcade games and video games that you can play at the Topgolf facility, or even your own home.  All of these are fun to play while waiting to golf or even instead of golfing. 

Of course Topgolf won’t have the most arcade games as they are centered around golfing but there are plenty to help make it fun for everyone. 

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