Can You Wash Golf Shoes?

Can You Wash Golf Shoes?

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Some golfers don’t consider their golf shoes an accessory but a part of their golf equipment. This is because of how critical they are in perfecting your swing and ensuring balance and grip when playing the sport. 

As with all equipment, they need to be well cared for.

However, many golfers, especially beginners, aren’t aware of how to do this properly, leading to questions such as, “Can you wash golf shoes?” 

You can wash your golf shoes, but this needs to be done with care to prevent damaging the shoes. Some golf shoes are machine washable while others are not so be sure and read the care instructions before throwing your shoes in the washer. 

If you’re wondering what this process entails and what is the best way to clean your golf shoes, keep reading. In this article, I am going to cover  how to clean golf shoes and how to dry them and care for them in general.

How to Clean Your Golf Shoes

In order to maintain the look, feel, and performance of your golf shoes, you must treat them with care and clean them after every round. Fortunately, golf shoes can be washed and all the hazards that your leather or synthetic golf shoes come into contact with every time you play a round can be safely removed without damaging your shoes.

There are two main ways of cleaning your golf shoes. You can either hand-wash your golf shoes, or toss them in the washing machine. You heard me – yes, you can save both time and effort by using a washing machine if your golf shoes are machine washable. 

To ensure this, you’ll have to check the care instructions that you’ll usually find inside the shoe itself.

When playing a round of golf, your shoes come into contact with mud, sand, and even pesticides so it’s important to clean them and store them properly after every round. 

Here’s how to wash them both via hand and by using your washing machine.

Hand Washing Your Golf Shoes

If you have the time and energy, hand washing your golf shoes can be a great idea. This is especially true if they’re mesh golf shoes and more delicate than other types. To do this, use a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub the shoe. Do this with a mixture of warm water and soap and make sure to remove all traces of dirt.

If you have soapy water residue left, I would advise using a fresh, damp cloth to dab the shoe until all the residue is removed. Air-dry the shoes by following our drying tips outlined later on in this article.

Machine Washing Your Golf Shoes

Machine washing your golf shoes can save you time and keep you from scrubbing at your shoes if they’re completely covered in mud, but before tossing them in, there are a few steps you should take. 

Follow these steps for the best possible results:

1. Get rid of dried dirt by using a soft toothbrush and scrubbing the soles.

2. Remove the laces and keep the shoe relatively open. Place both items inside your washing machine.

3. According to your machine and load instructions, measure out mild laundry detergent and add it to the mix.

4. While this step is optional, adding half a cup of baking soda is also great since this acts like a deodorizing agent. This will get rid of any sweat and foul odors lingering in your shoes.

After completing these steps, you can turn the machine on and wait until your shoes are completely clean. If you’re especially nervous about washing your golf shoes, you can try the gentle or delicate cycle to clean them without damaging them. 

Alternatively, you can place them in a washing bag before putting them in the washing machine.

Drying Your Golf Shoes

Believe it or not, there is a proper way to dry your golf shoes. Putting them near sources of heat like blow dryers or heaters isn’t recommended because of the damage it can cause to outsoles and uppers.

Instead, whether they’re wet from washing them or soaked because you’ve been in the rain, the best thing to do is fill them up with crumpled newspaper to soak up the water. After leaving the shoes to dry and soak up water for 8-10 hours, I would advise inserting shoe trees so they dry in the correct shape.

Without shoe trees, golf shoes can warp and get damaged. 

Additionally, instead of plastic shoe trees, try using cedar shoe trees. Since these are absorbent, they don’t just keep your shoes in the right position but also absorb excess sweat and moisture, ensuring that they’re completely dry and as good as new whenever you’re ready for your next round.

It’s also important to remember that the sun is not your friend when dying your golf shoes. Your intuition may tell you that the sun will dry them faster, but what many golfers don’t realize is that like other heat sources, the sun also ends up damaging golf shoes. 

Prevent this and keep your golf shoes in the best possible condition by air-drying them in the shade when there’s a breeze.

General Golf Shoes Care

While learning how to clean your golf shoes is of the utmost importance, this isn’t the only step required when it comes to golf shoe care. If you truly want your golf shoes to last you throughout multiple seasons, I would suggest keeping the following care tips in mind:

• Careful storage is essential. Store your golf shoes in a ventilated shoe bag with cedar shoe trees in them between rounds.

• Don’t store your golf shoes in the car, even if you don’t wait months in between rounds. The car trunk exposes your shoes to heat and cold, where they’re likely to get damaged.

• It’s wise to have two pairs of golf shoes and alternate them in between rounds. This makes the shoes last longer and gives you ample time to wash or clean shoes between rounds without worrying about them drying in time.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve learned through this article, golf shoes can be washed and should be properly cleaned in order to extend their lifespan. Hopefully, I have helped you understand this and have given you useful tips and tricks on accomplishing this as well. 

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