Are Driving Ranges Fun? 

Are Driving Ranges Fun? 

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For a beginner, there’s nothing as satisfying as hitting the perfect shot and watching the ball land exactly where you intended it to. The driving range is an ideal place to go whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to find out if golf is for you or you just need a few extra practice sessions.

Most golfers head to the range because it’s fun. Golf is meant to be enjoyable, especially for beginners who are more likely to visit the range frequently than more established golfers. 

So ensuring a positive experience is essential.

But are driving ranges actually fun? 

Driving ranges definitely can be fun depending on what you do with your time at the range. There are several games you can play to make your range sessions a little bit more fun as well. 

Bringing a partner or finding someone from the golf club who can make the session a bit more interesting is another way to have some additional fun. 

The golf course can be scary, especially in the beginning. You have to worry about rules and etiquette, wear certain clothes and always be conscious of slow play. A driving range is better for getting acquainted with the sport. 

Think about it; no dress code (you can wear anything you’re comfortable with) and take as long as you like without pressure from other golfers.

So let’s find out the things you can do to make the driving range more fun the next time you go there.

The Driving Range Can Be A Good Date Idea 

The driving range is an excellent first-date idea for spring or fall if you’re on the dating scene. The weather is just right for light physical activity without breaking a sweat. 

And if both of you are bad at golf or you’re beginners, you can get a good laugh at each other’s expense.

On the other hand, if both of you are great, you can have some friendly competition that’s sure to ease the tension. Finally, if one of you is good and the other is terrible, you can get cozy while they help you with your swing (hint, hint!)

How To Get The Most From Your Driving Range Time

While there is nothing wrong with heading to the range to hit 100 golf balls, it’s also the perfect place to visit for an extra practice session.

The driving range can help you practice some basics that even a beginner can accomplish without professional advice. For example, learning how to grip the club properly is an essential golf skill that you can practice at the driving range.

You can go online and take a look at how the pros do it while trying to get better at your drives. 

The most popular grips are the interlocking and the Vardon (overlapping) grip. You’ll find that most professional golfers use overlapping grips. 

However, it’s worth noting that two of the greatest golfers (Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods) use the interlocking grip.

Additionally, the driving range can also be helpful in learning about grip pressure. Most beginner golfers tend to hold the club too tightly, and this is a grave mistake. Too much tension in the club will cost you some distance.

 So take a cue from the pros who hold their clubs gently. Perfecting this balance is key if you want to avoid the club flying out of your hands at impact if the hold is too loose.  

Lastly, rather than standing there for hours hitting golf balls over and over again, taking a friend along and making it competitive will make it extremely fun. 

How Can You Make The Driving Range More Fun? 

Below I’ve put together a few games that you can play at the driving range by yourself or with others. 

1. Playing Horse

This game is similar to basketball and involves someone picking a shot, and you have to copy it or receive a letter. I know that sounds confusing, especially if you have to figure out how to hit a 185-yard shot within a 15-yard radius.

Just know that it becomes easier the more you play, mainly because it is the closest you can get to playing an actual round of golf on the driving range. 

Avoid blindly hitting golf balls on a 300-yard wide range; this won’t do you any good or enhance your skills.

Playing horse is not a solo sport so ensure that you bring a friend along. Additionally, while having fun might be the objective, remember the purpose of the range is to help you improve your skills.

2. Playing Golf On The Range

If you’ve got a bit of golfing experience, try to remember a course that you know very well and then replicate it on the range. So, for example, let’s say the first hole is a 425-yard par 4; you can take any club to use on the first tee and hit the ball, then take out another club for the approach shot.

This game is pretty good because it feels like you’re actually playing a real game of golf on the range. 

When you’re playing a real round of golf on the course, sitting is not an option. Most games involve playing until your hands start to blister, so why not simulate the actual experience on the range?

This approach will help you become better prepared for a round of golf because you’re practicing switching clubs. To keep it fun, you can give yourself a score based on each shot you take.

3. Playing Shot Maker

The range is a great place to learn and improve on hitting all 9 types of golf shots which include; 3 types of draws, 3 types of fades, 3 types of straight balls. 

Golfers on the range can go through a specific routine of hitting various types of shots before their next tournament or game with friends. 

So if you have trouble making certain shots like hitting draws, for example, you can hit the range for an intense practice session.

4. Playing Flags Only

Playing flags only is a great way to avoid hitting a ball on the range to an empty space. If you’ve ever wondered how far a ball went on the range, then this game is perfect for you. It gives you much-needed feedback.

Many driving ranges are full of flags, and all the golf balls are gathered near and around these flags. So this game requires players to only hit balls that are aimed at the flags on the range.

The flags help golfers gain a better understanding of how far you can hit with each club. This information will help immensely on the golf course when you’re trying to figure out which club to use for a specific shot. 

5. Playing The Dollar Game

Experts advise that you spend most of your practice time in the short game area. The great news is that there are some fun ways to make it enjoyable, and playing the dollar game is one of them.

The game is a chipping game that involves placing a dollar on the chipping green and putting two tees on either side to keep it in place. All you have to do is to try and land your ball on the dollar. 

Additionally, you can modify the game to allow the winner to roll the ball over the dollar; this technique helps you pick a smaller target and will improve your focus on short game shots.

6. Playing Crazy 3’s

Crazy 3’s is another excellent chipping game. Both players have to pick a chip shot, and each should try to hit three shots to the target. After each player has played, you will have to walk up and measure the distance from the hole to each of the player’s shots.

The winner is usually the one with the least distance to the target.  

Crazy 3 is an excellent game because it promotes and improves creativity and allows you to become flexible during a round of golf.  

Final Thoughts

There are several fun reasons to go to the driving range. Whether you want to practice one specific shot or if you want to strengthen your swing skills, incorporating some of these fun games will help you improve your skills.

The driving range is perfect for a quick practice session and some much-needed downtime. You just need to know how to use the range to your advantage and keep in mind how you can have fun and get in some needed practice at the same time.

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