Are Golf Shoes Waterproof?

Are Golf Shoes Waterproof?

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Playing golf in the rain is a whole different beast to tame, but it’s fun nonetheless. You get a new perspective on the spirit of golfing and how weather changes demand that you change your shots. There’s something about ‘being one with nature’ that a wet game represents fairly accurately.

However, the experience will depend entirely on your comfort level and whether you can stand straight or not. Of course, if you are slipping or can’t get a good grip on your golf club, you will learn to hate playing in the rain.

There are water-resistant and waterproof golf clubs, bags, and apparel to help you make the most out of your rainy golfing session. Today, we will discuss waterproof golf shoes and how they can help you maintain your performance (and your feet).

There are waterproof and water resistant golf shoes but not all golf shoes are waterproof. Not every waterproof golf shoe will be suitable for the dry season as well. 

There is no denying that you will find yourself walking on wet grass fairly often (especially if you are a morning bird), but you won’t necessarily need waterproof shoes for morning dew.

Yes, waterproof and water-resistant golf shoes do exist that allow you to play in the rain or step into ponds without getting soggy or damaged. These shoes also mitigate the risk of slips and fall on the grass or walkways.

However, waterproof shoes can get expensive, but they are worth the investment if you often find yourself in wet conditions. There are ways you can waterproof your own shoes as well, though, but we’ll get to those later on.

Golfing shoes are usually classified as water-resistant, though, as they can keep moisture or minor water splashes out of the shoe and can survive being exposed to light rain, morning dew, or the sprinkler. However, if submerged in water, you will most likely feel your socks getting wet and your shoe will smell when you take it off.

There are water-resistant shoes made out of latex, but they may not be breathable (which presents its own set of challenges). A prime example of waterproof golf shoes is the Adidas TOUR360 Boost-M. There are spiked and spikeless options, but I have found the spiked golf shoes to be more stable, even in waterlogged areas.

These are laced shoes that keep the elements out very effectively, while the latex itself is an insulator and will therefore keep your feet warm even if you are playing in the snow!

Nike also has their variant of waterproof golfing shoes, i.e., the Nike Golf-Lunar Control Vapor. These have a two-year warranty from Nike and have a slim membrane shoe that keeps moisture out. 

The membrane also runs underneath the foot, hence preventing seepage or damage from the water underneath.

These are also laced shoes and are spiked for maximum grip – even if you decide to step into the pond! Make sure your foot doesn’t get submerged beyond the angle, though.

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Shoe Covers

Even with waterproof golfing shoes, there is always a chance of water finding its way into your shoes. This is especially true if you need to step deeper into the pond or if it’s coming down out there. 

Even golf shoes that are waterproof but may not be able to do much against water that is trickling down your legs.

You can protect your shoes against rainy weather with shoe covers quite easily – and tie a rubber band to limit how much water trickles down into them from the top. 

How To Waterproof Golf Shoes

You don’t have to invest in waterproof golf shoes if you don’t plan on going into the rain regularly, though. You can always waterproof your shoes on your own. 

Playing in the rain is an incredible experience, and you shouldn’t miss it just because it is expensive to buy waterproof shoes. 

Here are some ways you can waterproof your golf shoes, and for your own and others’ safety, DO NOT GO OUT WEARING A PLASTIC BAG ON YOUR GOLF SHOES. That is how you slip.

Waterproofing Sprays

These sprays are used quite extensively on leather, canvas, or clothes, in general, to create a non-permeable layer on top of your shoes. Older sprays usually contained a lacquer or other type of material that would layer up on your shoes – which could be washed away later on.

Modern sprays use nanotechnology, though, to fill up holes in the shoes.

Water Repellent Sprays

Water repellent sprays are great for light to medium precipitation. These create a water-repellent layer around your shoes with silicone particles that allow water to simply trickle down the shoe instead of letting it seep into the material.

These sprays are among the most cost-effective solutions you can go for if you are looking for reliable results without any side effects. There are other ways, such as rubbing oil on your shoes that will have virtually the same effect, but it may damage the shoe over time, and the effect may not be as long-lasting as the spray.


While rubbing oil on your shoes isn’t a viable solution, beeswax has several benefits for your golfing shoes, including the ability to make golf shoes waterproof. It doesn’t have any side effects on the shoe’s material but instead helps bring a shine to your shoes.

Of course, you will have to use quite a lot of beeswax on your shoes to ensure that all the holes are covered, and by the time you come back, that wax will have attracted quite a lot of dirt and grass blades, but it is quite effective at keeping water out.

All you have to do is scrub a piece of beeswax on your shoes and polish it with a brush if you want that shine. If you get the shine, though, expect to make your shoes water-resistant only. 

If, however, you use a hairdryer to melt the wax and create an even coat on your shoes, you can waterproof your shoes.

Candle wax can also be used here, but heating it may damage the shoe’s material, and if any part of the wax comes off while you play (which is pretty likely), you can expect the whole thing to come off eventually.  

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