Can You Wear Leggings Or Yoga Pants To Golf?

Can You Wear Leggings Or Yoga Pants To Golf?

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While there is no mandated dress code for golf, there is only so much that you can wear and get away with when playing on your own or in a professional match. Today, there are leggings and yoga pants suitable for virtually every environment, and while it may seem that you can wear them anywhere, that isn’t the case.

Even with the popularity of yoga pants and leggings, you should first determine whether your golf course allows it by going through the course’s dress code requirements. If there is no mention of a dress code, or you see other members wear it, you should be good to go.

Almost every golf course has specific dress rules for men and women, suggesting that they wear ‘proper attire,’ and this means attire suitable for outdoor sports. 

Golf courses can get very hot during the day and even colder as the sun starts setting. Short leggings or three quarter yoga pants won’t do you any favors if you are playing in the evening.

In this article, I will look at whether you can wear leggings or yoga pants to golf and what would happen if you did.

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Can You Wear Leggings Or Yoga Pants To Golf?

There is no restriction, per se, specifically against leggings or yoga pants in golf, but considering the outdoor nature of the game, it may not be appropriate. Yes, you will be rocking a more relaxed look than what men and women will wear in national and international games, but you might be relaxing only when in the golf cart or when playing your first shot (off the tee).

Golf isn’t as stuffy as it used to be, much like any other game. There was a certain perception revolving around the game: it was a ‘gentleman’s game.’ 

However, as golf modernizes, the focus on leisure has increased.

As this happens, even professional golfers and prominent people have started wearing leggings on the golf course. Yoga pants remain a questionable attire for the game however.  

As far as your game is concerned, though, whether you wear dress pants, leggings, a tracksuit, or yoga pants, it won’t impede your ability to hit the ball. (some apparel types are not suitable as wearing them would come in the way, such as jeans, cargo shorts, or sweat pants.

Issues With Wearing Leggings To Golf

The issue with wearing leggings or yoga pants to the golf course is the weather. When playing in the winter (or even Autumn) season, or if you live in a colder climate, short leggings and ¾ yoga pants won’t give your legs the warmth and protection they need from the cold. 

Consider full-length versions for this.

There is also the issue of creepy crawlies and critters on the golf course. A large stretch of land with nothing but grass, trees, and shrubs – how could it not attract bugs or animals? 

Of course, golf skirts or shorts wouldn’t do much against them either, which is why you should consider wearing golf pants, capris, and the like when playing in such weather. If you must wear leggings, again, I would recommend going for full-length leggings or yoga pants.

Furthermore, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) recently criticized how the dress code for golf wasn’t being followed in most golf courses. The primary issue raised here was that of short skirts, skin-tight yoga pants, or leggings being worn on the course.

After this criticism, many golf courses have renewed their attire policy, despite some resistance. While this means that women won’t be wearing leggings or yoga pants during any LPGA competition, it is only a matter of time that you will see people – even professionals – wear leggings on the golf course in a casual game.

Consider Golf Course Dress Code Requirements

As mentioned above, golf courses are doubling up their efforts after the LPGA criticism. The imposition is still not as strict as possible, but it still presents an unnecessary hurdle you may have to cross when wearing leggings or yoga pants to your tee time.

It is best to do a bit of research before you go for your round, though. You can call or check the course’s website for any mention(s) of a dress code. 

If nothing is mentioned, feel free to wear your trusty leggings or yoga pants to the course. Be modest, though, if this is the first time you are going to the course.

Analyze the environment, see what the other members are wearing, and notice if the staff notes the dressing. For most public courses, you should be good to go with leggings.

On the other hand, private clubs can be particular about their dress code for patrons and visitors. You should expect some restrictions on leggings and yoga pants.

Should You Wear Leggings Or Yoga Pants To Golf?

If there is no dress code requirement, yoga pants and leggings can prove to be a friendlier alternative to shorts or skirts, especially if you wear the full-length versions of leggings or yoga pants. Not only do they improve blood flow, but they can also protect you against insects and keep your legs warm. 

The improved blood flow keeps your leg muscles refreshed and therefore reduces leg soreness.

Many athletic brands have started manufacturing leggings and yoga pants specifically for golf. A prime example of such apparel is the Adidas golfing line.

Furthermore, by wearing yoga pants or leggings, there is no loose clothing to worry about. The tights stay out of the way as you drive the shot from the tee or analyze the angle before putting it. 

Male golfers are also starting to use compression tights because of these benefits.

The compression tights are made out of a stretchable material so that the tightness isn’t uncomfortable. Tony Finau and Brooks Koepka were some of the first professionals to incorporate these into their golf game.  

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