Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove? (Can They Wear Two?) 

Why Do Golfers Wear One Glove? (Can They Wear Two?) 

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There’s no doubt that golf is steeped in tradition, and it is unlikely that the rules will be put aside to embrace new customs. The golf glove, however, is an exception. 

Old golf pros like Ben Hogan never wore gloves, meaning that wearing one glove (or two gloves) is a relatively new custom.

This begs the question, why do golfers only wear one glove? Surely if one golf improved performance, then two gloves would do an even better job?

Golfers wear one glove on their non-dominant hand because that hand affects the swing and club most. Additionally, golfers play in various temperatures and conditions, so a glove comes in handy when their hands get sweaty, or it begins to rain because it offers more grip.

The simple answer is that wearing one glove boils down to personal preference and the role of both hands during the golf swing. 

Reasons Why Golfers Wear One Glove 

There are several reasons why golfers prefer wearing one glove, and these include:

1. The non-dominant hand generates more power

A primary reason golfers wear one glove is that the non-dominant hand generates the necessary power and speed. In contrast, the dominant hand guides the club for a smooth connection with the golf ball.

So because each hand puts different pressure levels, the non-dominant hand grips the club with a lot more pressure which can cause wear and tear or irritation on the skin and even blisters. If you’ve ever played golf and gotten blisters, the pain can be uncomfortable at best and disturbingly painful at worst.

But do all golfers wear the glove on the non-dominant hand?

Well, the majority of pros will wear a glove on their less dominant hand. Still, it’s not always the case for average, beginner, or handicapped golfers. 

Therefore, while it’s common to wear a glove on the less dominant hand, it’s not set in stone. So don’t be afraid to break from this custom should you be more comfortable wearing the glove on your dominant hand.

2. Two gloves tend to be time-consuming to remove and put back on.

For the most part, wearing two gloves for every shot can be time-consuming, and most golfers would prefer not to be bothered with it. Moreover, golfers usually take off their gloves when not in use to make them last longer. 

Additionally, it can be quite a task putting them on and taking them off.

Others argue that golf gloves are tight, and removing them constantly can be frustrating at best and distracting at worst.

3. Keeps one hand free for other things

Another reason why two gloves are not so popular is that golfers like to keep one hand free so that they have access to their mobile phone, GPS devices, tees, and balls without having to wrestle with a glove.

4. Two gloves interfere with grip

Two gloves can interfere with your grip in a couple of scenarios such as:

● Picking up and placing a tee on the ground can be especially difficult with a glove on each hand.

● Beginners who use the 10 finger/Baseball grip to hold the club might get away with using two gloves. 

But as you progress, you are likely to start using other grips such as the overlapping or interlocking golf grips to optimize your performance; this can be tricky to do because of the extra material from two gloves.

5. Lessens the feel of the golf club

It’s crucial for you to connect with the club. Keep in mind that your dominant hand should get the clubhead onto the ball at the right angle. This technique helps you connect with the sweet spot. 

In order to do this, having a good feel on the club with your bare hand is an essential element. A glove takes away some of the feelings you get on the club, which might add some strokes to your round overall.

Can You Wear Two Golf Gloves? 

I’ve discussed the reasoning behind wearing a glove on the power hand. However, you’re probably wondering whether you’d still be better off wearing a golf glove on both hands?

There are many golfers that advocate for wearing a glove on both hands. While it’s certainly not unheard of to find golfers that wear two golfers, it’s not very common. 

So why don’t the majority of golfers wear two gloves?

The problem with two gloves is that it can loosen your grip on the club and makes it hard to realize when the club is slipping in your hand. Why is this an issue? 

Without the proper grip, it’s easier to make mistakes and can lead to unpredictable golf shots. One glove provides enough grip and the right feel to hit a great golf shot.

So should you wear two golf gloves?

If you suffer from grip issues such as blisters and calluses on both hands, it might be better to use two golf gloves. While this might not be an optimal setup, and it can feel weird going from one golf glove to two, wearing two golf gloves is an excellent solution if your hands are suffering.

If you tend to get sweaty hands, it can lead to your grip becoming loose as your hands might slide when you strike the ball. This will cause your performance to deteriorate, and that’s why some golfers prefer wearing gloves to ensure a steady and secure grip each time they encounter the ball.

Additionally, because golf is an outdoor sport, you’ll be exposed to wet and rainy weather conditions. A glove is handy because, in the same way as with sweaty hands, a wet grip will cause your hands to slide and disrupt your performance.

In most cases, you’ll only need one golf glove for your less dominant hand. The purpose of the glove is to prevent the club from slipping out of your hand as you swing.  

Although bandages and sports tape can do an excellent job at avoiding blisters —  gloves provide better protection.

It is very common to see pro golfers wear two gloves on wet and rainy days so they can keep a firmer grip on their club.

Should You Wear Two Gloves At The Driving Range? 

The driving range provides a totally different atmosphere from the course, and you might be more compelled to wear two gloves. Why, you might ask?

Well, picture this; you’re on the range, and you’re letting drives rip over and over again. Soon you develop a good rhythm but fail to realize that your hands are taking a beating from the constant motion.

Because most driving range practices consist of repetitive motion, your hands will likely get blisters or irritation faster than they would at the golf course. One round at the range over the weekend can be a lot more painful than you anticipated.

The best way to get around this problem might be to wear two gloves at the driving range instead of one or none. That way, you can protect either one or both of your hands.  

How To Choose The Right Glove Size 

So now that you have a pretty good idea about the scenarios where you will want to wear one or two gloves, how do you go about picking the correct glove size?

The first step is to be aware of your hand size. An appropriate golf glove should have a bit extra room in terms of length for each finger. So while you’re shopping around, try checking for room by pinching each glove finger at the end to make sure you have enough space left over.

Avoid purchasing  “caddie” sizes unless your fingers are shorter than average persons. Additionally, if you have sensitive or delicate hands, you might want to consider using two gloves to avoid blistering.

However, if you prefer to use one glove or you want to go sans glove, but you’re wary about developing blisters, you can purchase finger tape. The tape will enhance the grip on your hands and protect your hands at the same time.  

Final Thoughts

Most golfers prefer to wear only one glove to protect the hand that grips the club the tightest from ripped skin and blistering. It’s pretty rare to find golfers who wear two gloves because it has many disadvantages such as interference with grip as well as losing the feel of the club. 

The only scenario where two gloves make sense is when you have sweaty hands, or it’s raining.  

On the other hand, while wearing one glove is becoming increasingly popular, it’s still optional. So whether you choose to play golf with no glove or with one or two, it all comes down to your personal preference. 

Just remember the pros and cons that I have talked about in this article so that you can make an informed decision.

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