Why Are Some Golfers Fat?

Why Are Some Golfers Fat?

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Questions like ‘why are golfers fat’ and ‘are some golfers fat’ are common after observing golf games being played by individuals who are not athletic.

Golf is a game or sport that does not require much athletic prowess, nor is there an element of serious physical exertion involved.

Many professional golfers are elite players who place high in the world ranking but are not physically fit.

Strictly speaking, you do not have to be lean or muscular in order to be a good golf player, which is why you might encounter some fat golfers from time to time.

Let us explore why golfers are fat and what that means for the sport.

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Reasons Why Some Golfers Are Fat

Golfers come in all sizes, and it does not impact their ability to play well if they are unfit or overweight.

Following Tiger Woods’ era in golfing, the golf industry put forward a body image that made it seem like all professional golfers had athletic physiques at 5% body fat to market the sport effectively.

Boo Weekley is a professional golf player who carries a fat abdomen with him wherever he goes and has been referred to as Santa Claus by ESPN.

Despite the golf industry putting forward a particular body image, the truth is that the masses are unlikely to attain such a physique just by golfing.

Most people don’t know the first thing about how to get visible abs and may spend a reasonable amount of time training their core at the gym, with little results.

To get lean, you must be following a consistent training program and making minor changes to your diet that slowly become permanent.

Some golfers are fat because they do not care about their public image and what people think or say if they consistently rank higher on the leaderboard.

With body shaming seeing a rising trend, many people may feel pressured to care about their public image, but many golfers do not care.

Golfing is more about technique and skill than physical exercise, and although golfers may be required to walk a lot if there are no caddies present to carry their supplies, it is not a requirement for the game.

New theories have emerged claiming that golfers must have comparable physiques to linebackers, which is simply ridiculous.

Besides joking around and poking some fun at fat golfers, it is important to realize that golfers do consider fitness, although they take a more conservative approach than others.

A professional golfer called Knost came out with a statement that he has a program that he follows but doesn’t go hard like others who want to appear in commercials and sell a particular body image to the masses.

Weekley said that he does some form of cardio like jogging or riding a bike for 40 to 60 minutes, followed by some yoga stretches.

People need to stop obsessing about others’ physiques and focus on their own before making snap judgments, which is easy when you’re not in the limelight.

If you critique a bodybuilder’s physique on stage day for not being dry enough or holding fat and water in love handles, that’s a valid criticism because they are being judged for being ripped.

Going out of your way to shame others whose sport doesn’t call for the same fitness level is just toxic behavior.

Certain disadvantages come with being fat, and we will cover them from different angles.

The Problem With Being Fat

Being obese can create many complications such as susceptibility to heart disease and other illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, and osteoarthritis.

It’s not in anyone’s best interest not to take their fitness seriously.

Even if golfers argue that it’s ultimately their choice because the sport does not require them to be athletic, it’s important to remember that a certain level of awareness is needed regarding the impressionability of younger audiences to mimic their heroes.

If you had to choose between being lean or obese, 10 out of 10 times, you’d lean towards (pun intended) a leaner physique.

Many people develop illnesses in their later lives as a result of obesity. In many cases, they fail to make permanent life changes to counter their condition, which speaks volumes about how hard it is to break habits that have been reinforced over decades.

Making better choices today can help you slowly wean off bad habits, which is where most people fail because they try to crash diet to get quick results, endlessly caught in the cycle of gaining and losing weight.

Eating balanced foods high in good quality micro and macronutrients result in higher energy levels, which is a blessing as we approach our mid lives.

While in some golfers’ case, they could make an argument that younger audiences can seek out other role models and it’s not their responsibility to define themselves based on others’ expectations, but if given a choice, most golfers would choose to be fit.

People are fat because they’re unwilling to put in the hard work, and in the case of professional sports players, it is the case that they should care at least a bit about how their actions might influence others.

Weight Loss For Golfers

A recent statistic shows that 7/10 golfers are categorized as overweight.

That’s disappointing when you consider that they are world-class players who don’t pay much heed to their fitness.

It sheds a negative light on golfing because it portrays that you can be a world-class sportsperson despite being fat and sometimes obese.

People start to think golfers are lazy and uninspired, and all you need to be a successful golfer is to show up every day at the course and swing your bat.

Devon Larratt, the face of the sport of arm wrestling, has gone beyond what is required of him to bring more attention to arm wrestling.

He’s linked up with bodybuilders, basketball players, strongmen, and powerlifters to spread the passion he feels for the sport of arm wrestling.

We need charismatic personalities with a deep passion for bringing more attention to spectator sports like golf.

After all, more spectators give rise to more potential golfers, inspiring waves of young enthusiasts to eagerly take up the reigns and join the sport.

It’s what separates the truly great ones from those who are just in it for themselves.

Final Thoughts

The questions ‘why are golfers fat’ and ‘are some golfers fat’ are quickly answered by looking at the current condition of the game or sport.

Golf needs new and vibrant personalities to spread the joy of golfing to skeptical individuals about deriving pleasure from the sport.

If you’re the best of the best, it’s your responsibility to engage in more selfless acts and do your duty for the betterment of your passions.

If you’re simply an amateur player with no drive or hunger, you can do what you want, but you’re unlikely to be one of the great ones who have moved past their wants and needs to do what’s right for the community.

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