Why Are Golf Skirts So Short?

Why Are Golf Skirts So Short?

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Surprisingly, most of us don’t realize the technicalities behind creating an athletic dress. Some of you may wonder if the golf skirts are stitched way too short for your liking, but maybe there’s a reason why they’re so short. In addition, there’s a question of “how short is too short?” Just because you think the golf skirts are short in length doesn’t mean they are as per the ensemble requirements or standards.

So, as a quick answer, if you think golf skirts are short, that’s because they’re meant to be. The short lengths enable golfers to move around and maneuver their bodies better. Improved mobility results in better functionality, ultimately assisting female players in concentrating on their match better and swinging impressive shots with their full capabilities.

Interested to know more about golf skirts and quick hacks to increase their lengths without restricting your movements? You’ve stumbled on the perfect crash course. Stick along to discover it all!

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Are Golf Skirts Always So Short?

Did you know that golfing skirts weren’t always this short as we see them today? Yes. In fact, the women would initially dress up in some of the least comfortable ensembles consisting of long- typically woolen- skirts. Talk about unappealing and restricting!

Thankfully, the evolution of the fashion industry encouraged positive and innovative changes in sports dressing. With time, the skirts reduced in their length to accommodate women into playing without limiting their body movements. Even better, contemporary women’s golfing clothing is more about classy convenience, building upon the notion of “dress-up to play up.”

Women now prefer to have an edge in their outfits- an aesthetic and bold air to make them look iconic. That is observed to boost their sharp self-confidence and enhance their performance on the golf course.

Ultimately, the biggest ideology behind short golf skirts is straightforward and highly practical. They promote mobility and assist female players in moving their legs, making swings, and covering optimal field distances without getting their clubs tangled with the long material. For such reasons, golf skirts are stitched short- and preferred that way by the majority of the golfers.

Can Golf Skirts Be Tailored?

The issue of length aside, some female golf players face it challenging to get skirts in their correct sizes. While one size may feel loose and baggy, the smaller size might make you feel stifled with a lack of breathability. Adorning such golfing ensembles can deteriorate your concentration on the course.

For such instances, you can always get your golf skirts stitched according to your correct body measurement. Moreover, you can also buy standard-sized golf skirts and have your tailor alter them to your fitting. That’s even more practical and less time-consuming.

How To Increase The Length For Short Golf Skirts?

Usually, golf skirts are around fourteen to seventeen inches long, coming to your midthighs. But if you’re uncomfortable wearing the way-too-short golf skirts or simply prefer wearing them in additional inches, that’s alright. You’re not the only one.

You can always buy the knee-length ones or get them custom-tailored by any professional tailor. The tailors can take your measurements and keep the length based on your preference.

Besides, you can also wear leggings or capris underneath the skirt. Spandex and nylon-based are the best due to their water resistance and exceptional durability. They do wonders to maintain your movements and cover a greater leg area for your comfort.

Are Golf Skirts And Tennis Skirts The Same?

Tennis and golf skirts have one thing in common: the word “skirt.” And at first glance, the skirts may look the same as well. Plus, because they’re athletic ensembles, they both are reputable for their functional qualities.

As the cherry on top: both skirts can be worn on occasions apart from playing the respective games. They rock as casual wear because of their comfy vibes. Matched with the perfect chic add-ons, the skirts can make you notch up your style scale and turn heads with your charming appeal!

Therefore, it’s not uncommon to confuse the skirts as the same thing. However, these skirts are NOT the same, primarily due to two vital differences. Firstly, tennis skirts are even shorter than golfing ones. Golf skirts are around thirteen to seventeen inches long; tennis skirts are usually eleven to fifteen inches long.

Admittedly, golfing skirts can be more flexible than the conventional skirts you wear as regular clothes. However, they’re still less breathable and comfortable than the tennis ones. Tennis requires players to quickly move from one place to another, while golf is more of a stand-still-and-swing-a-shot kind of game. Therefore, it’s no surprise that tennis skirts are precisely stitched to allow the maximum possible freedom for the players to run and move around their courts.

Can You Wear Golf Skirts Outside Of Golf Course?

One of the most intriguing properties of golf clothing is its versatility. Be it golf shorts, pants, polo t-shirts, skirts, or skorts. You can wear EVERYTHING outside of the golf courses and look iconic- given you layer the outfits like a pro.

Golf skirts are perfect summer closet must-haves that you can adorn and flaunt when the sun is blazing outside. They’re airier and lighter than most traditional skirts and look chic, snazzy, and classy. You can even pair the skirts effortlessly with any blouse in your wardrobe for the cozy and casual vibes.

For more laid-back outfits, a cotton t-shirt or polo, golf skirt, and a pair of sneakers seal deals. When going for a day out with friends, feel free to adorn a lacy or frilly blouse and a pair of pointy-toed stilettos. Add on a leather handbag dangling from your arm, and you’re ready to swoon people with your lovely gorgeousness!

Final Thoughts

One thing’s clear: golf skirts may seem “too short,” but that’s a deliberate act to promote functionality and movability for the golfers. Of course, not every one of us would like the short lengths. In that case, you can always get your skirts tailored to your desired lengths or get the regular-sized ones altered.

In addition, golf skirts aren’t meant to be worn only during golf matches. You can also rock the skirts as trendy casuals and regular outfits. Now that’s a fashionable and athletic investment worth your pennies!

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