Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive?

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive?

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If you ask purists, they usually say that there are two kinds of golfers – those who walk and golf cart users. However, this is an outdated view since golf carts are standard on most courses in the U.S. 

Additionally, despite using carts, golf provides people with exercise, with one article showing that even while using a cart, one golfer clocked in 2,880 steps in nine holes.

Others argue that the price of golf carts is ridiculous considering they’re little more than lawnmowers with seats. However, they don’t consider that golf carts are fully functioning vehicles and come with their own expenses. 

Golf carts are expensive because they are a niche product made specifically for a game where people have a lot of money. Luxury golf carts that provide extreme comfort or usability can sell for tens of thousands of dollars because of this. 

There’s a lot of debate surrounding golf carts, whether or not they’re necessary, and why they’re so expensive. In this article, I am going to tackle these questions by discussing the price of golf carts and the reasons behind the steep cost.

How Much Do Golf Carts Cost?

Depending on whether you buy them used or new, golf carts vary quite a bit in price. Some used golf carts cost as little as a few thousand dollars, whereas others can cost upwards of $20,000. 

The actual cost of a golf cart is dependent on many different factors, including where you buy the golf cart, the condition of the cart, and the features it provides.

Whether it is used or new will also play a major role in the asking price. 

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive?

It’s a fact that golf carts aren’t cheap. They cost thousands of dollars, and not everyone can afford them. However, there’s a reason behind this. 

Golf carts aren’t ordinary carts – they’re specialized, luxury vehicles. Below I will discuss some of the reasons behind the high price of golf carts. 

They Are Vehicles

According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), golf carts are vehicles. They’re even referred to as “golf cars” instead of golf carts or golf buggies by some people. 

Despite being smaller vehicles, they’re still vehicles and are priced as such. There’s even a minimum age to drive golf carts, with this age being 13 in some states and 14-15 in others.

Big-Ticket Purchase

Like a car or a house, a golf cart is a big-ticket item. This isn’t something you buy time and time again, and thus, the one-time cost is higher. 

The individual parts contribute to the high cost, but they’re built to last for many years since they’re well-designed. High-quality items are generally more expensive, and this is the case for golf carts as well.

They’re a Niche Product

It’s true that golf carts aren’t just used to get across the golf course anymore. While this used to be their only purpose once upon a time, they’re now also used to cruise around the neighborhood in gated communities or just used to get around if you have a huge property. 

Of course, while other uses for golf carts exist, golf carts are primarily made to serve the needs of the golfing community and have features specifically designed for this.

Even with the additional uses, there’s a very particular segment of the market interested in purchasing their own golf carts. Since they’re not as common as products like microwaves or televisions, this drives up their price.

Luxury Upgrades and Modifications

Golf carts may seem like simple vehicles, but like any other vehicle, you can pay for luxury upgrades. From adding a stereo to adding Bluetooth or off-road wheels, all these changes can cost thousands of dollars. 

You can also add modifications such as ball cleaners, upgraded motors, cooler trays, and lift kits to golf carts, all of which come along with a hefty price tag.

Another modification made to golf carts is adding safety features. These cost extra money, but upgrades like headlights, taillights, brakes, seat belts, and signals will help you operate the vehicle better and make it safer for you and those around you. 

While safety features make golf carts substantially more expensive, they’re definitely worth the price.


Unless you live close to a dealer and are buying from them and driving it off, the chances are that you’ll have the golf cart shipped to you. Since they’re large items, they cost a lot more to transport. 

These shipping costs are added to the total price, bringing it even higher and making the final price more expensive.

Adaptable Golf Carts

As previously mentioned, there are many upgrades and modifications that you can make to golf carts. However, it’s not just the upgrade that costs money. 

Golf carts are manufactured using a modular design so that these upgrades are possible. This adaptability costs money, and the cost is often passed onto consumers.


The golf cart market has a few large players, including companies like Club Car, Yamaha, and E-Z-Go. Since these players control the market, they can price their products however they want. 

With more manufacturers comes more competition and competitive pricing. However, since a few brands have a monopoly over the market, they’re able to charge higher prices.

Rich Customers

In addition to having a monopoly over the industry, golf cart manufacturers know their customers. Some people buy golf carts for other purposes, but the majority of customers are rich golf courses or wealthy people who want a convenient way of getting around their neighborhoods. 

Since their customers can afford it and spend money on golf carts, manufacturers have no incentive to lower prices.

New VS. Used Golf Carts

If you’re someone who wonders, “Why are golf carts so expensive?” and wants a cheaper alternative, you can always opt for a used golf cart. While this isn’t by any means cheap, it is relatively more affordable and can offer you many of the same advantages.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that high-tech golf carts with new technology will be more expensive. If you’re looking for a stereo, lift kit, or off-road wheels, expect higher prices. 

As a whole, buying a used golf cart is much more affordable and can be a great option for those who can’t afford (or don’t want to pay for) new ones. That being said, it’s always important to keep maintenance and hidden costs in mind when you’re making such a decision.

I hope this information helped and answered a few of the questions you had about the price of golf carts and why they’re so expensive.

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