White Or Black Golf Shoes (Why Are So Many Golf Shoes White?)

White Or Black Golf Shoes (Why Are So Many Golf Shoes White?)

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Serious golfers always care about their fashion on the golf course. If you’re a golfer and are worried about how you should be dressed for your next round, you may ask yourself whether you should wear white or black golf shoes? 

It’s a complicated choice. 

Even if you have several pairs of golf shoes, you may still wonder why so many golf shoes are white and if they will look better than black golf shoes on the course.

If you pay attention, you will notice that most golfers on the pro tour, whether they are beginners or professionals, prefer wearing white golf shoes. Why is that the case? 

I am glad you asked because there are a few practical reasons and a little bit of history behind that. I will be covering the debate between white or black golf shoes and answering why so many are white in this article.

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Why Do So Many Golfers Prefer Wearing White Golf Shoes?

White golf shoes aren’t a new fashion trend on the golf course and have been worn by golfers since the late 1800s. However, they came into prominence in 1925 when Walter Hagen started wearing them at the Lido Club in New York.

White golf shoes are also preferred because white is a neutral color, so it matches any style of clothing you are wearing, and white reflects sunlight helping keep the shoe cooler when playing on sunny days. 

I have all the details if you have ever wanted to know the big deal about wearing white golf shoes on the course and why they are considered traditional.

The Reasons White Golf Shoes Are Popular

Most professional golfers prefer wearing white golf shoes on the course, and there are good reasons behind why they choose to do that. There are three primary reasons why white golf shoes are popular among golfers, which are:

1. They will go with any outfit you are wearing

2. They will stay cooler than shoes of another color

3. They have a history behind them

Over the past 150 years, golf shoes have evolved significantly, and history has played a major role in taking and molding golf shoes according to the era of time.

Why Is Wearing White Golf Shoes A Good Idea?

White is a color that reflects natural light. When light strikes a surface, some of its energy is absorbed, and some are reflected depending on the color of the surface. White light contains all the wavelengths, and when it hits a surface, no energy is absorbed.

That’s a great advantage to have when you are playing 18 holes on the golf course and are walking around in the sun for hours. Wearing a pair of white golf shoes means that they will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your feet and shoes cooler.

The fashion perspective of white shoes can’t be ignored because white is a color that goes with every other color, especially shades of black, blue, and red. That means no matter how eccentric your color choice and fashion style may be for your golf outfit, wearing a pair of white golf shoes will never go against your outfit.

When Should You Wear Black Golf Shoes?

Even though white golf shoes are the preferred option for most golfers on the golf course, there are times when you are better off wearing black golf shoes. Black is a great choice for golf shoes because the color doesn’t show how dirty your shoes are. 

For example, if you’re playing in the rain, you will be dealing with wet grass, wet sand, mud, and dirt.

All these factors will make your white golf shoes extremely dirty. 

In such conditions, it is best to wear black golf shoes as they are traditional and will not look filthy. However, there are hundreds of color combinations you can try out, and it mainly depends on your preference.

Things To Consider When Choosing Golf Shoes

We have discussed why white golf shoes are preferred by so many golfers, but what other factors should you consider when deciding what golf shoes to wear on the golf course?

Golf shoes have evolved and are designed with different characteristics today. Here are some of the things you should consider when you are buying white golf shoes:

• Hybrid golf shoes

• Box toe vs. roll toe golf shoes

• The comfort of the golf shoe

• The breathability of the golf shoe

• Spiked or spikeless golf shoes

• The resistance of the golf shoe against the elements

• The golf shoe’s weight

• The golf shoe’s outsoles

Depending on the size and shape of your toes and feet, you must consider these characteristics when looking for golf shoes. They can improve your golf game considerably, or you will be choosing to take them off by the 5th hole and deciding to play barefoot, which isn’t classy and probably isn’t allowed at your golf club or course.

Final Thoughts

Golf is a game associated with class, morals, values, style, and tradition, and white golf shoes have been around for over 150 years, so they have historical value. The reason why so many golf shoes are white is that they look great and will keep your feet cooler on hot and sunny days. 

The debate between white or black golf shoes will change depending on who you’re talking to.

Some people believe that there is too much attention to fashion in golf, and it doesn’t matter what color golf shoes you are playing in. From my point of view, it makes sense that you wear golf shoes that make you feel and look good on the golf course.

If you’re ever in doubt, you will rarely ever go wrong with wearing white golf shoes when heading to the golf course.

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