How Far Do Golfers Walk? (For 9 Or 18 Holes?) 

How Far Do Golfers Walk? (For 9 Or 18 Holes?) 

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Ever wondered how far golfers walk during a standard round of 9 or 18 holes? Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and can be lucrative for professional players. But for the average golfer, the sport is a great way to enjoy the weather and get some exercise. 

If you’re strapped for time and wondering if you can sneak in a quick 9 or 18 hole round, then this article is for you.

On average, before playing the round, you have to walk from the car park to the pro shop. Then you walk to the clubhouse, walk to the practice tee, and walk around the putting green, for example.

Once you’re off the tee, the actual walking begins. The Tee-to-Green scorecard length is the first distance you’ll have to measure, Aside from that, there are additional distances you need to cover. 

There are 18 or so return trips between your golf cart and the tee box and a further 18 to and from the fairway or green. 

If you land in a bunker, for example, you’ll find yourself walking back and forth a lot as you play the shot. And not forgetting the possibility of your playing partner losing a ball during a round, causing you to walk back and forth over an area several times. 

It all adds up.

So just how much does an average golfer walk in a round of 9 or 18 holes?

You can expect to walk anywhere between 3 and 6 miles for a 9 or 18-hole golf round if you don’t use a golf cart. If you use a golf cart you will only walk around a mile instead. 

However, keep in mind that you can walk a bit more depending on the length of the course, how often you wander off course in search of lost balls, and how much walking you do that doesn’t even involve the game (such as just walking around while other people in your party play). 

In this article I will examine how many miles it will take to walk 9 or 18 full holes on a golf course. I will also touch on other factors like the benefit of walking instead of using a cart, how long it takes and how playing golf is an excellent form of exercise.

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How Do You Measure The Distance Walked In A Golf Round? 

There is so much technology in use today that makes this task so much easier than it used to be . Most smartphones come equipped with GPS technology where you can easily use an app to track how far you walk throughout the round.

However, suppose you don’t have GPS at your disposal, or you prefer to leave your phone at home. In that case, there’s another way to better estimate how far you’ll walk while playing a round of golf. 

You can use a simple calculation that translates golf course yardage into miles.

1. Distance

A standard 18-hole golf course is usually between 6,200 and 7,000 yards. If you want to calculate how many miles you walk from the first tee to the 18th tee, use the following:

● Multiply the number of yards by three (the number of feet in a yard) and divide the result by 5,280 (the number of feet in a mile).

So, for example, if you have a 6,500-yard golf course, it should equal 19,500 feet if you multiply it by three (6,500 x 3). Then divide 19,500 by 5,280, which gives you 3.69 miles.

2. Considerations

Keep in mind that not all walking takes place between the first and the 18th tee. Using the golf course yardage to estimate how far you walk during a round of golf ignores the walking you do before you start playing. For example, walking from the clubhouse to the practice tee, the walking you do from one hole to another and then to the tee box, as well as the extra walking you do while you play.

To refine your estimation, I would say that you should add a little extra to your yards-based calculations. So for the same 6,500-yard golf course, I would suggest that you add 1,000 yards to your estimate. This will increase how far you walk during a round from 3.69 miles to 4.26 miles.

3. Measurement

If this is too much math for you, it might be easier to just use a pedometer that will measure how many steps you take during a 9 or 18 hole round of golf. The pedometer helps you accurately measure how many steps you take from the moment you get out of your car. 

On average, it takes 1,000 steps to get to half a mile, so you can use this to estimate how far you walked while playing a certain course. 

How Long Should It Take The Average Golfer To Play 18 Holes? 

How long it takes to play a round of golf is dependent on several factors, for example, whether the golf course is empty, whether you are playing alone or if you’re playing in a foursome or playing in the first group out.

It also depends on if you have a golf cart or are walking the entire course. 

On average most golfers will take 3-4 hours to play 18 holes of golf. This average is affected by how many people are playing, whether you have to wait on other players, whether you use a golf cart, and more. 

So for the purposes of this question, let’s assume that you’re on an empty golf course and you’re in your foursome, playing in the first group out. Let’s also assume that you’re an average golfer( playing a 15-handicap taking around 90 shots over 18 holes), and you walk back and forth across the course.

Under these kinds of conditions (ignoring the slope and rating of the course, which have been shown to have a negligible impact on how quickly players get around), assuming a gentle walking pace of about 3 miles an hour, you would spend at least 3 hours and 45 minutes playing 18 holes.

This includes bathroom breaks, time spent looking for lost balls, time spent talking to other players, and so on.

How Long Should It Take The Average Golfer To Play 9 Holes? 

On average, it takes a foursome about 2 hours and 15 minutes to play a 9 hole round of golf when using a cart. It might take you longer if you decide to walk the whole course or if you play with a larger group. 

If you are constantly losing balls in the woods that too would cause your time to play 9 holes to go up. 

For a golf course that measures around 3250 yards with 9 holes, you can expect to walk at least 3900 steps.

How Can I Make Sure I Walk Less And Play Golf Faster? 

Sometimes you just want to squeeze in a quick game of golf in between your hectic schedule. Or maybe you just want to walk less around the golf course and make sure your game is more precise.

I put together some tips below that will help you walk less and play a faster game.

1. Call The Course In Advance To Book A Tee Time 

If you think that you can pop by the golf course and have a quick round, think again. Most golf courses usually have to pair groups of golfers to make room on the tee sheet for walk-ins. 

If you don’t want to play with strangers or you want to avoid having to wait for a later time, call the course in advance to book your own tee time.  

2. Choose The Right Time 

Calling in advance and booking your tee time might not help decrease your playtime. To ensure that you can play golf at your own speed, try to play during the afternoon. 

In my experience, this is the time that most golf courses do not have outings or leagues. 1:00-3:00 pm is the sweet spot between a course’s morning and evening leagues.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure that you call the course or book online to reserve a time during the afternoon.

3. Buy A Pull Cart

If you’re short on time, a great alternative is to purchase a pull cart. While golf can be great exercise, you might spend more time on the course. Look into investing in a pull cart; it will save you energy and time around the course. Keep in mind that you look for a pull cart with the following:

● Large wheels for easy travel

● Covering or an umbrella mount for wet weather

● A space to hold your scorecard

● A water bottle holder

4. Play Ready Golf

In essence, ready golf means that players spend less time on each hole. The following tips will help you maximize your time:

● Limit your search for a golf ball for a maximum of five minutes

● Allows others in your group to find their golf ball

● Always play your shot when you come up to your ball

● Allow faster golfers to pass your group

● Plass slower golf groups to avoid wait time

Final Thoughts

Golfers walk a considerable distance. It’s a great way to get some much-needed exercise and while also enjoying the outdoors. If you need to maximize your time on the course, use any of the tips discussed in this article. 

I hope that you can navigate your way around the course, knowing exactly how much physical effort it’s taking you to play a 9 or an 18 hole round. 

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