Does Topgolf Have Clubs?

Does Topgolf Have Clubs?

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If you’re a fan of traditional golf, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Topgolf, a version of the game that’s taking the nation by storm. Topgolf was first established in Watford in the United Kingdom in 2000 but has since expanded to many different countries. 

The first U.S. location was in Alexandria, VA, but today, there are more than 58 United States venues with plenty of bays, restaurants, and fun to be had.

However, if you’re new to Topgolf, you may not be aware of its rules and regulations. One of the most common questions I am asked about it is, “Does Topgolf have clubs?” 

Topgolf has clubs that you can use for no additional charge. They offer a variety of types and sizes so you can practice with a driver, wood, iron, and hybrid at Topgolf. 

So many golfers and sports enthusiasts want to try something new but don’t have sufficient knowledge on the topic. Don’t worry – I’ve been to Topgolf many times and will try to provide all the details for you here.

With traditional golf, one of your biggest expenses when getting started is buying golf clubs. Even beginner’s sets can get expensive, and this, combined with course fees and other expenses, start to add up. 

There’s no such problem with Topgolf since you don’t have to buy your clubs for the game. They’re provided to you when you pay for the bay.

Simply head to your rented bay and the clubs will be there ready for you to start playing. To see the most popular gadgets for golfers just click here. 

Does Topgolf Have Left-Handed Clubs?

If you are a lefty you will want to know whether Topgolf has clubs for you as well. 

In addition to right-handed clubs, Topgolf also offers an assortment of left-handed clubs for its customers. If they’re not present at your bay, you can go to the Guest Services desk and request them.

Most of the time there will only be right handed clubs in the bays already but getting a left handed club is easy and doesn’t cost anything extra. 

Does Topgolf Provide Golf Clubs?

Each bay has a set of clubs, and you should be able to find the clubs easily when you enter the bay. In addition to providing right-handed and left-handed clubs, Topgolf also offers golf clubs in different flexes so you can choose the right club for your needs.

Do You Have To Rent Clubs At Topgolf?

There’s no need to rent golf clubs when you play at Topgolf. All the clubs are complementary to use during the game, and both men’s and women’s clubs are available at each bay.

Does Topgolf Have Children’s Clubs?

Topgolf is all-inclusive and offers fun for the entire family. You can request clubs for younger children from the Guest Services desk if they’re not already at your bay.

Bringing And Storing Your Own Golf Clubs

Beginners often rejoice when they hear that they don’t have to spend a small fortune on golf clubs to enjoy Topgolf. However, if you already own a set of golf clubs and want to play with them, you’re more than welcome to.

Topgolf allows visitors to bring in their own golf clubs if they wish to. They even have designated areas within the bays to store your clubs so that they’re readily available to you. 

Additionally, if you want to enjoy the rest of the venue without having to carry your golf clubs with you, Topgolf will store your clubs in the club room for you until you’re ready for them. Because of this, Topgolf is an entirely customizable experience and very different from traditional golf.

Topgolf Clubs Vs. Private Golf Clubs

Topgolf’s in-house golf clubs are complementary to use and don’t require any rental fees. There are options available for men, women, right- and left-handed individuals, different flexes, and even options for children. 

Because of this, there are various options to choose from and you’ll have tons of choices if you’re a beginner.

However, if you’re used to your own clubs and are already familiar with golf, you may feel more comfortable using your personal golf clubs. Topgolf understands this and allows guests to bring in their own clubs. 

Whether or not you choose to do this is up to you and your individual needs. For some, it comes down to convenience while others prefer comfort and familiarity. 

Either way, you’re sure to have fun while playing Topgolf.

What Is Topgolf?

Topgolf is a venue that is often compared to traditional golf courses. However, instead of scoring by getting your ball in holes, you hit microchipped golf balls at targets similar to dart boards on a field. 

If you’re thinking of a combination of darts and golf, you’ve got the right idea.

In addition to playing this fun game, Topgolf is full of other forms of entertainment and has complimentary Xbox, foosball, shuffleboard, and other games that you can play on the terrace. Guests can also enjoy food and drinks while they play, and the facilities consist of individual bays along with a restaurant and bar. 

No matter which Topgolf venue you visit, you’ll see a full bar with different kinds of cocktails and local brews. The restaurants offer delicious food made with high-quality ingredients, which Bay Hosts serve during your game.

Furthermore, the facilities are indoors and the bays are climate controlled, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play during rainy or snowy weather. 

Unless your area is suffering from an extreme weather event, Topgolf’s all-weather facilities can probably handle it and have both fans and heaters available for different kinds of weather.

Final Thoughts

Topgolf is an exciting game that’s enjoyable for people of all ages. It’s a different take on golf and may not be suitable for those who love the traditional aspect of the sport, but it’s a fun adventure for those seeking something different. 

Because the golf balls are microchipped, you can even see how far you’ve hit them and find other cool statistics about your shots. If you’ve heard of Topgolf and have always wanted to try it, I would certainly recommend it.

Many hold back because they’re unsure about club availability and rules and regulations. If you’re one of those people looking for the answer to the question, “Does Topgolf have clubs?” I hope that you now have enough information to quash any fears!  

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