Does Topgolf Have A Dress Code? (Unraveling the Dress Code at Topgolf)

Does Topgolf Have A Dress Code? (Unraveling the Dress Code at Topgolf)

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Alrighty folks, strap on your golf shoes, it’s time to dive into the whirling world of Topgolf. Now, you may be thinking, “Golf? That’s just for dads in questionable plaid pants,” but I’m here to tell you – it’s a wild ride for everyone.

From kids who’ve just dropped their first tooth (like my little Clara, bless her heart), to those of us slightly older folks who are still kids at heart.

Topgolf is a bit like if golf and a jazzy disco party had a baby. It’s a blend of the traditional game we all know – hitting a tiny white ball into a distant hole, but with a sprinkle of something special.

It’s kind of like how my wife loves blending kale into my brownies – golf but with an unexpected twist that makes you go, “Hmm, not bad at all!” Topgolf has shattered the traditional golf course mold (just like how my 8-year old, Jonathan, shattered our living room window with his first swing – boy has a promising golf future, I tell you).

Speaking of shattering things, I know what you’re thinking – what on earth does one wear to a place like this? Do you have to squeeze into those plaid pants, or is it more of a flip-flops scenario?

Do I need to dust off that argyle vest hiding in the back of my closet? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to crack the code on the Topgolf dress code.

Topgolf does not have a specific dress code and you aren’t required to wear (or not wear) anything specific.

When going to Topgolf it is best to wear loose-fitting clothing so you can easily swing the club. Wearing closed-toe shoes is also a good idea since you don’t want to have nothing between your toes and a wayward golf club (or golf ball).

Personally, I will normally just wear jeans and a polo or shorts and a t-shirt (depending on the time of year) when I go to Topgolf but exactly what you decide to wear is entirely up to you.

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Understanding Topgolf’s Dress Code

Now, if you’ve ever played golf before, you might be used to stuffy clubs with their noses turned up at the mere hint of denim. But Topgolf, folks, is a different kettle of fish.

Imagine a place where golf and your neighborhood barbecue had a love child – that’s Topgolf. The only thing frowned upon here is not having fun.

The Gentlemen’s Code

For all the gents out there, Topgolf is like your best buddy. It doesn’t care if you show up in shorts or jeans, t-shirts or polos.

Heck, you can even come in straight from work in your business casuals. The only thing that matters is that you’re comfortable enough to swing that club without splitting your pants (that’s a whole different type of drive!).

It’s a touch more relaxed than that time I wore my wedding suit to mini-golf – a tad excessive in hindsight.

The Ladies’ Guidelines

Ladies, you’ll be delighted to hear that Topgolf won’t make you squeeze into a pencil skirt. Anything from jeans and tees to a sporty skirt and polo shirt goes.

As my wise grandma used to say, “Dress for the swings you want, not the swings you have.” Just remember, it’s about comfort first – you’ll want to be able to do a celebratory dance when you score that hole-in-one!

Apparel to Avoid

Despite being the cool kid on the golf block, there are a few things Topgolf would rather you leave at home. Leave the swimsuits for the beach, leave the slippers for the house, and for the love of all that is holy, leave those torn-up, raggedy jeans for the paint job.

If you want to turn heads at Topgolf, do it by smashing that ball, not by making a questionable fashion statement!

Topgolf Dress Code for Kids

Let’s move on to the kiddos. Just when you thought dressing them for school was a rollercoaster, try preparing for a day at Topgolf. But trust me, folks, it’s a breeze compared to convincing them to eat their greens.

The Junior Players’ Attire

Our little champs have got it easy. Whether they’re sporting jeans or a pair of comfy shorts, paired with a tee or a polo shirt, they’ll fit right in. Here are a few quick pointers:

  • Comfort is key: Let them wear something they’d be at ease in.
  • No flip flops: Footwear that’s secure and safe is important.
  • Hats are okay: Keep the sun off those precious faces.

Remember when my little Clara went for her first swing? She had on her sparkly unicorn tee and those neon leggings. Not exactly the traditional golf attire, but she fit right in.

Not Just About the Clothes

Now folks, it’s not all about what they wear, it’s also about how they carry it. Instilling in them a sense of respect for the game and the place is also crucial. It’s a bit like teaching them table manners but with a 7-iron in hand.

Here’s a little Jonathan’s dress code tale for you – he was adamant about wearing his bright red rain boots to Topgolf, you know, the ones that go squelch-squelch. We convinced him sneakers were the way to go, assuring him they’d give him ‘super golf powers’.

Lo and behold, he did get his first hole-in-one that day. Now, he swears by his lucky sneakers!

Dress Code for Topgolf Special Events

Special events at Topgolf are a tad different. They’re a little like attending your cousin’s wedding, but with less confetti and more golf balls.

Whether it’s a corporate event or a fancy schmancy party, you might want to up your game just a touch.

Corporate Affairs and Parties

For corporate events or parties, think business casual. Here’s a little guide:

Men’s AttireWomen’s Attire
Collared ShirtsBlouses
Dress PantsDress Pants/Skirts
Smart ShoesComfortable Heels/Flats

Remember, you’re still at Topgolf, not in a boardroom, so keep it relaxed but respectable. Think about what you’d wear to a business lunch at a smart-casual restaurant, then subtract the pasta sauce risk.


If you’re partaking in a tournament, well, then pull up those argyle socks and dust off that visor. Nah, just pulling your leg! It’s the same good ol’ relaxed dress code, but maybe skip the Hawaiian shirt this time.

Folks, at the end of the day, whether you’re a newbie like me or a seasoned pro, whether you’re an adult or a child (like my little Mia, Jonathan, and Clara), Topgolf welcomes you with open arms. The dress code is simply about maintaining a fun, respectful and comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy their swing.

Now, ready to tee off?

Weather Considerations for Topgolf Dress Code

Just as the weather can change faster than my kids can say “I’m bored”, your clothing choices might need to adapt to the heavens above. But fear not, for Topgolf is like your friendly neighborhood mailman, it delivers fun come rain, shine, or anything in between.

Swinging in the Sun

When Mr. Sun is out in all his glory, keep it light and breezy. T-shirts, shorts, capris, light trousers – all are fair game.

Don’t forget the sunscreen, folks. A golfer’s tan may be a badge of honor, but a sunburn just ain’t fun. Let me tell you about that one time…

My oldest, Mia, ever the adventurous soul, once decided to hit Topgolf on a particularly sunny afternoon. Equipped with her cap and her SPF 50, off she went.

A few hours and many swings later, she came back home sporting what can only be described as the most unusual tan lines known to mankind. She’s now a staunch advocate of the ‘apply, and reapply’ sunscreen mantra!

Bracing the Breeze

If it’s a bit nippy, a jumper or a light jacket will keep you warm enough without hampering your swing. Here are some suggestions:

  • Light jacket or hoodie
  • Scarf (avoid ones that might get in the way of your swing)
  • Beanies or hats

And of course, for the colder months, feel free to layer up. Remember, folks, it’s about finding that perfect balance between staying warm and maintaining your mobility. You don’t want to end up looking like a marshmallow man holding a golf club!

Dress Code and Topgolf Equipment

Alright folks, we’ve covered the apparel, but what about the equipment? In this context, we’re mostly talking about the shoes – the unsung heroes of any golf game.

Golf Shoes vs. Regular Shoes

You might wonder – do I need to invest in a pair of golf shoes to play at Topgolf? The short answer is no.

While golf shoes can help on a wet and slippery course, at Topgolf, your regular sports or casual shoes will serve you just fine. But hold your horses before you pull out those high-heels or flip flops.

Here’s a quick reference table:

Good ChoicesNot-so-good Choices
SneakersHigh Heels
Sports ShoesFlip Flops
Casual ShoesOpen-toed Sandals

The rule of thumb is that your shoes should be comfortable and shouldn’t damage the golfing mat. Also, you want your feet firmly planted when you swing, not sliding around like a seal on ice. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and got the embarrassment to show for it!

My boy Jonathan, in his early golfing days, insisted on wearing his dinosaur slippers to Topgolf. One hilarious swing and a lot of laughter later, he understood the importance of good footwear. Now, he’s as picky about his shoes as he is about his ice cream flavors!

Well, folks, that’s all the time we’ve got for now. Next time we’ll continue this grand tour into the land of Topgolf’s dress code, debunking myths and answering your burning questions. So, keep your eyes on the ball, your shoes on the mat, and your clothes within the code.

Decoding Topgolf Dress Code Myths

Like any good family game of telephone, there are myths that seem to orbit the Topgolf dress code like a lost golf ball. Allow me, your ever-trusty golfer-comedian-guide, to tee up the facts and drive these myths away.

Golf puns, folks, they’re a hole lot of fun.

The ‘Collared Shirts Only’ Myth

First up is the ol’ “You need to wear collared shirts to play golf”. While this might be the norm at some traditional golf clubs, at Topgolf, you’re as welcome in a t-shirt as you are in a polo.

If my little Clara can rock her favorite unicorn tee at Topgolf, so can you. Just remember, comfort is king, or queen, or royal ruler of choice.

The ‘No Jeans’ Myth

Then we have the “Jeans aren’t allowed” myth. Folks, I’ve got good news for the denim lovers out there.

Jeans are as welcome at Topgolf as a hole-in-one on a Friday night. Just ensure they’re in good condition, i.e., no rips or tears. Save the ‘distressed’ look for the punk rock concert!

This isn’t a requirement per se but it can make swinging a club more difficult if you have holes in your jeans that things can get caught on.

The ‘Golf Shoes Required’ Myth

Lastly, there’s the “You need golf shoes to play” myth. While a good pair of golf shoes might help you on the traditional course, at Topgolf, your regular sneakers will do just fine.

In fact, here’s a fun little anecdote for you. My son Jonathan, after witnessing my epic slip in the dinosaur slippers, decided he needed “real” golf shoes for Topgolf.

So, he dons his shiny new golf shoes, only to realize that the golf mat and spiked shoes are not exactly best friends. Long story short, golf shoes are not a necessity for Topgolf – save them for the turf!

Final Thoughts on Topgolf Dress Code

Alrighty, folks! We’ve navigated the ups and downs, ins and outs of the Topgolf dress code together, much like a family road trip, but without the questionable gas station snacks.

Here’s a final roundup:

  • Casual, comfortable clothing is the way to go.
  • Footwear should be safe and secure.
  • Kids’ dress code mirrors that of adults – keep it casual and comfy.
  • Special events might require you to notch up your dressing style a tad.
  • Consider the weather while dressing for your game.
  • And remember, it’s not all about the clothes – respect the game and the place.

Just like when I taught Mia to tie her shoelaces, or when Jonathan finally scored that long-awaited hole-in-one, or when Clara managed to swing the club higher than her height for the first time, understanding the dress code is all part of the beautiful journey into the world of Topgolf.

It’s all about balance, respect, and most importantly, having a great time.

So folks, dust off those clubs, don your favorite casual wear, and get ready to hit some balls – you’re all set for a fabulous time at Topgolf. After all, as my kids would say, it’s not just about the destination (or the hole in this case), it’s about the journey. And what a fun-filled journey it promises to be!

Until next time, keep swinging and laughing!

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