Do Golf Skirts/Dresses Have Shorts Underneath?

Do Golf Skirts/Dresses Have Shorts Underneath?

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Golf skirts are generally designed to be extremely short. Because of this most golf dresses or skirts do have shorts underneath. When they have these shorts underneath, the skirt is called a skort.

Women will be required to wear these shorts underneath to be comfortable with bending down and making the right shots from their tees. The clothing worn by women has also evolved over the centuries, and the ones used in golf generally involve a combination of skirts and shorts now to allow for better mobility.

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What Is a Skort?

A skort combines shorts and skirts introduced in the sixties as the newest fashion statement. However, we can see that they’re being adopted in sportswear due to their functionality and practicality.

Skorts provide more freedom to move around and do activities like bike riding, golf, tennis, and hockey. The skirts that most women and female athletes wear for golf can be extremely short, so they may prefer to opt for something like a more secure skort.

Why Should Golf Skirts/Dresses Have Shorts Underneath?

Golf is a sport like any other, and it requires a fair bit of moving around. All thought, it is a slower sport. It requires angles that involve stretching the body in many directions. Most female golfers will wear skirts on the green as it helps them with their swing, which is the game’s requirement. However, these gold skirts can be extremely short, so it only makes sense that they would want to wear shorts underneath.

The shorts underneath have many advantages. They help maintain modesty. Many women don’t like feeling exposed as they make their shots, so the shorts underneath are appreciated. Many women will also opt for skorts. Skorts are a garment that presents as a skirt from the front and will be shorts in the back. They make the process of golfing more comfortable for female golfers.

If you’re planning on wearing a skirt in the green, you may want to wear shorts underneath as they will feel more comfortable than ever. You can make all the shots you want and not worry about exposing yourself.

Many men wear pants on the golf club, and you can wear them too. However, some courses have strict dress codes that women and men must follow. However, you should always try to ensure that you question these dress codes if they are not comfortable for you. There are always changes that have to be brought about.

Do Female Golfers Have to Wear Skirts?

Generally, it is required that female golfers wear skirts as this is termed ‘professional’, which is the image you want to give off. However, you must also cover your bottom area either with a pair of shorts, a playsuit, or even skorts. Thus, you must wear something you’re comfortable with instead of permanently adhering to the rules.

Can Female Golfers Wear Skorts?

Yes, female golfers can wear skorts. Many female golfers prefer them. Skorts don’t involve the use of any extra shorts or leggings. Female golfers have to wear the skort, and it allows them to be both presentable and comfortable. The skort has evolved into a garment that many female athletes opt for as it is comfortable and presentable. There are many types of skorts that one could opt for. We have mentioned some of the ones that you can choose below.

Ruffle Skort

This skort is pretty and feminine. However, this skort is better suited for tennis players rather than golfers. It is relatively long so you can use it at the golf club. The layers are flattering, so it won’t feel like you’re wearing a skort from the front so that it may be mo0re presentable.

Flip Skort

The flip skort has a little bit of a tail. It can fit your aesthetic. However, it is still more suitable for tennis players. You can also work it since it will still work for gold players. It is more feminine and has you feeling more presentable. It has a bit of a flip on the edge which may move from the wind, but the skort keeps you protected for the most part.

Pleated Skort

If you want to look more put together, this pleater skort is for you. It is professional-looking and a top choice among female golf players. It’s sporty and provides extra movement, so you nail all your swings. Wind can tamper with the way you look in this skort. However, the trusted pair of shorts underneath will not have to face any dysfunction.

Straight Skort

The straight skort is something all women must have in their wardrobe. It is simple and can be as long or short as you want. It may or may not have a slot on the side, but in any case, it helps you remain modest and comfortable outside on a day of activities. You can wear it at any golfing event where you may be required to play a few rounds. Many female golfers will own one as they go with other more official outfits.

Does the LPGA Require Shorts Underneath a Skirt/Dress?

The Ladies Professional Golf Association said that it requires female golfers to hide their bottom areas. It also came out with a lot more rules that many people called out for being sexist. Some of these rules included “not wearing a shirt with a plunging neckline.” The conversations around clothing and sports are constantly changing. Women are now competing in hijabs and other sports gear, which was not termed professional. Many women have talked about how wearing skirts or shorts underneath their dresses is sexist, given that male golfers are allowed to wear pants.

Final Thoughts

Golf skirts/dresses have shorts underneath. However, if they don’t, you can always opt to wear them instead. Many female golfers forego wearing skirts and dresses and instead opt for skorts as they are comfortable and easier to wear. They also come with a lot of variety, making them accessible and comfortable to wear.

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