Can You Wear A Dress To Golf?

Can You Wear A Dress To Golf

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Golf is gaining popularity among women, and female golfers are opening their wallets and spending more on clothing to look their fashionable best on the golf course. 

If you’re new to women’s golf and wonder if you can wear a dress to golf, you have come to the right place.

Most golf courses allow dresses to be worn when golfing. However the official dress code for most golf courses will include a collared shirt and pants, shorts, or a skirt. 

Dresses are often allowed at many courses but it will depend on the style of the dress, how it fits you, and other nuances. The same dress might be allowed at one course and not at another as well so make sure that you check the specific rules at the golf course you are going to. 

In the rest of this article I will go over some of the nuances of the golfing dress code for women and try to answer some common questions. Here’s everything you should know about appropriate dress codes and attire for women’s golf.

What Should Women Wear To The Golf Course?

According to most golf course rules, women golfers must wear skirts, shorts, non-denim pants, and a collared shirt on the golf course. However, there are many variations to women’s golf attire, explored later in this article. 

The good news is that there are many options available to women golfers when it comes to dressing up for the golf course, irrespective of your style or golf handicap.

Over the years, women’s golf attire has become more progressive, and you can see lots of women golfers wearing skirts and shorts, which are shorter than they were in the past. However, there’s a line that female golfers mustn’t cross if you’re wearing shorts, meaning they can’t be too short or too tight.

Golf dresses are becoming more common on the golf course and popular among most women golfers. They look smart and comfortable, with many professional women golfers wearing them and still looking professional on the golf course.

How To Choose The Perfect Women’s Golf Attire?

What you decide to wear on the golf course depends on which golf course you play and how fashionable you want to look. I will be sharing a general idea of popular women’s golfing attire, which includes the following:

Multi-Colored Tops

Women’s golf tops mainly consist of crew-neck tops, polo-style shirts, and turtlenecks. You won’t be allowed on many golf courses if you’re wearing drawstrings, strapless tops, tank tops, halter tops, t-shirts, and other similar types because they go against the dress code at most private and public golf clubs.

You can opt for traditional tops such as khakis and polos if that’s what you prefer, but if you’re looking for something chic and modern, you can wear multi-colored tops from high-end brands.


The right bottoms complete the golf attire for women golfers, and you can find lots of women wearing skirts, shorts, and slacks on the golf course. Most golf courses have banned bottoms such as athletic pants, jeans, and sweatpants.

However, plenty of options are available to women’s golfers like skirts, shorts, cropped pants, and capris. If you decide to wear shorts or skirts, you should be careful about their length, as most golf clubs have made it a rule that they should come down to your knees.


The younger and new generation of women golfers has brought a fresh fashion perspective to women’s golfing attire. They can be seen rocking golf dresses from Adidas and Nike, which look cute but are still pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable at golf courses, depending on their length.

Still, golf dresses are an extremely popular golfing attire for women golfers, which is why most golf courses have permitted women golfers to wear them. 

Dresses are also an excellent choice for any woman who wants a more feminine or chic look. However, keep in mind, sundresses and other dresses of a similar type are unacceptable at golf courses as they are considered inappropriate.


Female golfers can have the most fun with golf accessories for women when picking out their wardrobe for the golf course. If you want to accessorize your golf look, there are plenty of visors and hats in different prints and colors, which means you can find something that suits your golf look.

Apart from visors and hats, you can introduce some color to your attire by wearing a pink belt, scarf, or shoes. These accessories are functional, making it simple for women to create a stylish look that most golf courses don’t look down upon.

Sweaters And Jackets

If you’re playing when it’s chilly or windy on the golf course, you can add a trendy sweater and jacket to your golf attire. You should choose one that a golf company designs, but you can play golf wearing any sweater.

However, hooded sweatshirts or sweaters are strictly not allowed at golf courses, as the jackets or sweaters you choose to wear must be acceptable as business attire. When wearing a sweater or jacket on the course, ensure that it isn’t too tight or restricts movement during your swing.


New women golfers who don’t have golf shoes in their wardrobe may not like the footwear options available in the market. That’s perfectly understandable as most golf shoes for women aren’t designed to look fashionable. 

You can wear sneakers if you don’t prefer spiked golf shoes.

Women’s golf shoes come in different sizes and styles, but most women prefer the latest spikeless golf shoes due to their versatility. Women don’t want to keep changing into other shoes when they come off the golf course, and you can wear these spikeless shoes to work as well.

Final Thoughts

The rules related to acceptable attire on the golf course are more relaxed for women golfers than men. That’s an advantage for female golfers who want to try out different looks while on the course, but they must follow the dress code at their golf club and ensure the game’s traditions aren’t compromised.

Golf attire for women has modernized and evolved, but it hasn’t changed completely. Upholding the game’s traditions is essential to ensure the sport is played with respect and in good spirits. 

As far as the question goes, “can you wear a dress to golf?” The short answer is, yes, you can.

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