Can You Drink At Top Golf?

Can You Drink At Top Golf?

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Topgolf strikes a sweet spot between high-octane entertainment and serious sports. It makes for a fun getaway from a busy lifestyle – with no rules and no strings attached. 

You can come here to play, try a range of great tasting food, and of course enjoy the drinks. Drinking while playing golf might seem a little odd as its a game all about accuracy. 

But what about when you are playing at Topgolf? Can you drink? 

You can certainly drink at Topgolf and it is actually encouraged as they have servers that will go right to your bay and get you food and drinks while you are playing. If you are serious about perfecting your golf swing however it would be best not to drink. 

The bar at Topgolf is the main attraction for many people. Exploring all the originals available can be exciting – from Skinny Marg to Bloody Mary and Topgolf Sangria. Yes, these are names of some choice drinks available at Topgolf that you must try on your next visit.

Since there are no rules of engagement here, there is no need to worry about getting a little tipsy. Of course, you should not drive after you’ve had a few drinks and ask your friends to drive you home or call an Uber or Lyft.

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Topgolf: A Unique Blend Of Bar And Arcade

Come to think of it, there’s nothing else like Topgolf – where else can you find a facility that lets you improve your golf skills while sneaking in a few shots of tequila. If anything, it can be argued that the food and bars are a mandatory part of the experience. 

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried their menu and bar yet.

All the bays, spread out over several floors, will give you access to lots of alcoholic beverages, burgers, wings, pizza – you name it.

You probably can’t do the same with actual golf. All those rules and regulations, plus having to go from one end of the golf course to another just to fetch the ball, can be a headache. 

This is not a problem at Topgolf because you get an unlimited number of balls per game, and you won’t have to fetch them either. You can rent a bay, play as much golf as you want (and the scores are accurate, so you can monitor your progress in real-time), and listen to your favorite music.

The multi-page menus at Topgolf will remind you of fast-casual restaurants like Applebee’s and Chili’s. Still, the food quality is orders of magnitude better, and the concept of golf stripped of its draconian rules makes the game so much more fun. 

For example, there are so many beverages that it is impossible not to admire everything. And the quality of the drinks is surprisingly good as well. 

You will notice that the organizers at Topgolf have dedicated a significant portion of their budget to the presentation. The bar menu stretches on for many pages, and there are many originals to try and classics with a creative spin as well. 

The recurring theme across all Topgolf facilities is fun and entertainment. There are tons of selections and a full cocktail menu that includes shareable (for groups of two or more) punches served in plastic glasses shaped like golf bags that you can take home.

Given the quality and taste, the booze is very reasonably priced – and it’s money well spent.

You can also get refills for tea and coffee at Topgolf. But keep an eye out for special promos that may also extend this to other beverages and food.

Can You Bring Your Own Drinks To Topgolf? 

If you are headed to Topgolf you might be wondering whether you can bring your own food and drinks to consume while you are golfing. 

Topgolf makes it clear that you are not allowed to bring your own drinks and food to the event. The only thing you are allowed to bring is pre-packaged cake or cupcakes for a birthday party. 

This makes sense if you think about it. 

Topgolf is about maximizing profits – while giving you a good time. If you can sneak in your own drinks and food, there’s no point in having a dedicated bar and restaurant, is there?

So although you cannot bring your own beverages to Topgolf games, you are allowed to drink as much as you like (maybe not as much as you like).

It’s clear that Topgolf does everything it can to keep users engaged.

Should You Drink Alcohol At Topgolf?

Of course, drinks are a big feature at Topgolf events – but doing so will most probably inhibit your golf performance. It is a well-known fact that just one or two drinks can worsen the tension in your swing, and it can negatively impact ball striking as well as consistency. 

Others will argue that it takes three to four drinks to make you more than just a little tipsy. The point is that you will lose focus, which could hurt your potential to register a high score.

As a general rule, if you are playing golf competitively, you should avoid drinking at Topgolf. But if you are playing against friends and aren’t too worried about your score, you can drink.

However, if you’re careful about toeing the line on when to stop drinking before you lose your focus, you could play competitively and drink at the same time. It all comes down to knowing how much is too much for you.

Just to be on the safe side though, avoid drinking more than two drinks because you may lose distance.

Is There Any Etiquette Around Drinking At Topgolf?

This will depend on the company you keep – are your friends and peers okay with you drinking? Do they expect you to put on your best performance at Topgolf? 

Are you playing competitively? Are you there just for fun? It helps to have this conversation with your friends well in advance so you know exactly how to behave.

For competitive play, drinking at Topgolf could be frowned upon, especially if it results in you getting intoxicated.

Final Thoughts

The long and short of it is – yes, you can drink at Topgolf. But whether you should or shouldn’t depends entirely on your circumstances. There are plenty of fun drinks to enjoy, but if you’re here for performance, you’ll want to avoid the drinks and pay attention to your performance. 

If you know it won’t hurt your gameplay, you can definitely help yourself to a few drinks.

Also, consider the etiquettes of drinking at Topgolf. This will vary based on the social setting. If you’re with friends, you can do what you like, of course.

But if you’re out on a company trip, you may want to dial it down a little to keep things strictly ‘professional’ with coworkers.

Whether you choose to drink at Topgolf or not, make sure to enjoy your time – because that’s what it all boils down to.  

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