Can Golf Carts Get Wet Or Be Left In The Rain?

Can Golf Carts Get Wet Or Be Left In The Rain?

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Water and electricity don’t mix well together, and as most golf carts today are electric vehicles, a common concern among people who own them is whether it’s safe to leave their golf carts in the rain or will they still function if they get wet? 

You can rest easy knowing that golf carts can be driven in the rain and get wet without getting damaged.

Many golf carts are electric, but the batteries of the golf cart are enclosed in a waterproof casing under the seat. 

Golf carts nowadays are all-weather vehicles that you can use in the rain, snow, and sunshine throughout the year. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave your golf cart outside to the mercy of the elements.

This guide will look at how and when you should use your golf cart when the weather is bad, share how to care for your golf cart, and discuss what problems heavy rain can cause for your golf cart.

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Can You Leave Your Golf Cart in the Rain?

If you just got a golf cart for the first time you might be wondering if it needs to be kept in a garage or out of the rain. 

Modern golf carts can be left out in the rain because they are engineered to be waterproof. They are four-wheel-drive electric vehicles running on a battery that is locked in a weatherproof box that is completely enclosed. 

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your golf cart is safe if you leave it outside in the rain or are driving it around the golf course while the grass is wet. 

Most people prefer driving their golf carts on the golf course when it is raining because it shelters them from the weather elements (assuming you have a covered one). You never want to get caught in heavy rain when you’re in the middle of your round, and it’s prudent to take your golf cart on the course when there is heavy rain forecasted.

Most golf carts have roofs that stop the rain from falling inside and on top of the people and driver. They also may have windshield wipers to wipe away raindrops when you’re driving on the course. 

If you have a high dollar golf cart, it might even have heated seats and side windows to keep you comfortable when you’re playing in cold weather on the golf course.

Precautions for Driving Golf Carts in the Rain

All golf carts have been designed to withstand being left out in the rain, but you should still take some precautions when driving in rain or wet weather conditions. 

Here’s what you must consider when you’re driving in bad weather on the golf course:

1. Avoid Bad Weather Conditions

It’s always advised to assess the conditions and check the weather forecast before you go to play a round of golf. If it’s predicted to be stormy with strong winds and torrential rain, it’s best not to head out to the course. 

Golf carts don’t have a limit on how much snow and rain they can withstand however, even though the batteries are enclosed tightly in a waterproof casing, you don’t want to risk water getting inside the wiring or gearbox of your golf cart and causing it to malfunction. 

You never want to be in the position of risking your golf cart breaking down in torrential rain on the course.

2. Never Play on Saturated Terrains

Golf courses become saturated after heavy rainfall, causing the ground to be soaking wet and soggy. Most golf courses prohibit players from driving golf carts if there has been a lot of rain. 

That is done to stop players from leaving wheel markings or tire tracks on the fairways and damage them. The ground will also be soft from the water and won’t withstand the weight of the golf cart.

You don’t want to take your golf cart on saturated terrain as it may get stuck in wet ground and may damage the fairway as well. It’s a risk because it may be muddy, and the cart may not be able to handle it. 

3. Check Your WindshieldWipers

If you know you will be driving your golf cart in wet weather conditions, it’s better to take all safety precautions. You should check your windshield wipers and ensure they are working properly and have enough padding and grease on them. 

That will ensure you will not have problems wiping the rain from the windshield and allow you to see where you are driving on the course.

4. Your Tire’s Grip and Air Pressure

You must check the tire pressure, tread depth, and grip of your golf cart’s tires before you head out onto the golf course. It’s especially critical to check whether the tires are in good condition when you’re heading out in the rain because the surface will be slippier. 

You don’t want a faulty tire and be stuck driving a golf cart that is slipping and sliding all over the course.

You will be driving on hilly terrain with grass, and after rain, the ground underneath will be slick, so you need to ensure your golf cart’s tires are in perfect condition.

5. Test the Brakes On Your Golf Cart

Always check the brakes of your golf cart after you have driven over a puddle of standing water on the course when driving in wet weather. It’s not something you want to risk because if the brakes of your cart fail when you’re going downhill, your cart may have a hard time stopping. 

You should also be careful about parking it near water hazards or on a slope.

Most golf carts will lock their brakes automatically when parked, but if they have been left out in the rain, there’s a chance that the brakes could become slick. 

Therefore, it’s best to park it on a horizontal level and not on a hill when the brakes might be wet. 

Final Thoughts

Modern golf carts are meant to be waterproof and can withstand heavy rainfall if you leave them parked outside. However, it is always best to be cautious and take precautions when your golf carts get wet in the rain. 

Water may still seep inside and damage the wiring. 

I hope this guide has helped answer your question about whether golf carts can get wet or be left outside in the rain.  

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