Are Golf Shoes Good For Disc Golf?

Are Golf Shoes Good For Disc Golf?

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Disc golf has been increasing in popularity through the years, but it’s not popular enough for companies to make specific shoes for the sport. Because of this, those who play the sport have to choose between shoes that are already available on the market. 

Many disc golf enthusiasts turn to golf shoes as a possible shoe type and wonder, “Are golf shoes good for disc golf?” 

Golf shoes can certainly be used for disc golf since they’re gripping, comfortable, and can provide the stability needed for playing disc golf properly. However, despite being suitable, most disc golf players opt for hiking or running shoes because of their use in different kinds of terrain and their durability. 

Since disc golf requires so much contact and movement, it’s essential to choose the right footwear. For those who prioritize grip and stability over all else, golf shoes seem to be a great answer. For others, hiking shoes with a strong grip are an excellent choice for disc golf courses.

This article will outline why it’s important to choose a good pair of disc golf shoes, how golf shoes can be used for the sport, and the other kinds of shoes recommended for it.

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What Is Disc Golf?

Traditional golf is a sport we all know and love, but lately, a different version of it has been gaining popularity. In disc golf, players throw frisbee discs instead of hitting golf balls with golf clubs. 

However, like in traditional golf, the aim of the sport is to get the disc into the basket in the least number of strokes.

Why Do Disc Golf Shoes Matter?

You may be wondering why the shoes you wear for disc golf matter. As with any sport, proper clothing and equipment are the key to a safe and comfortable experience. 

Here are some reasons it’s essential to wear the right kind of disc golf shoes.

The Nature Of Disc Golf

While disc golf isn’t a forceful sport, it’s one with a lot of contact. The sport requires jumping, turning, and spinning, which makes it especially important for the equipment and accessories to be high-quality and withstand wear and tear. 

The quality and type of shoe matter since they need to hold up during the contact sport.

Length of the Course

We all know the amount of walking that is required in traditional golf. The same can be said for disc golf, which also consists of 18 holes. 

On average, a single round of disc golf takes individuals about 2 hours to complete. Disc golfers have to walk for miles over different types of terrain and need to be comfortable so that they can play their best. 

Because of the sheer length of the course, it’s integral that you choose disc golf shoes that are both suitable for the terrain and comfortable because of the long time you’ll be spending in them.

Different Surfaces And Terrain

Like golf courses, disc golf courses consist of many different types of surfaces and terrain. From woods and hiking trails to grassy fields and gravel, your shoes need to be able to handle all the terrain challenges that come up. 

Since disc golf players need to move and back and forth between the different types of terrain, from flat to mountainous or rocky, they need to wear shoes that can reliably work on all different surfaces and easily transition from one surface to another. For example, if the area is especially hilly or wet, traction will be essential. 

At the same time, the shoes worn should also be comfortable and appropriate for flatter areas.

What To Consider When Buying Disc Golf Shoes

Since there aren’t specific shoes you can buy for playing disc golf, it’s important to know the qualities required so you can buy the right shoes for your needs. Consider the following when investing in a pair of disc golf shoes.

Shoe Design And Fit

Shoe design is integral for disc golf players. In particular, players must focus on shoe width and make sure that their foot fits snugly into the shoe without moving left or right inside the shoe. 

It’s also essential to ensure that your heel doesn’t lift from the bottom of the cup during movement. It must always stay in place.

The shoes you choose must also be designed with stability in mind and allow for a smooth transition of weight. Avoid choosing shoes that give you a rolling feeling when shifting weight. 

Instead, you must be able to transfer weight smoothly and be able to move properly.

Because disc golf requires so much spinning and jumping, you must also pay careful attention to the outsole of the shoe. The outsole should be molded around the side of the shoe and not simply glued on. 

The constant spinning and jumping movements can separate the sole from the shoe’s edge if it is glued on, making this an important feature to keep in mind.

Waterproof Vs. Breathability

Disc golf is often played in the morning when there is dew on the fields and during the rain. Unlike traditional golf, it can even be played in the snow. 

Therefore, whether it’s a rainy day or playing on a snowy course, it’s important for you to wear waterproof shoes. There’s nothing worse than playing when your feet are wet and you’re uncomfortable. 

Investing in a pair of waterproof disc golf shoes will improve your disc golf experience drastically.

That being said, if you’re playing in a hot and humid environment, you’ll need more breathable shoes. This will prevent your feet from sweating because of the lack of airflow and will allow for more comfort. 

I would suggest always having two pairs of disc golf shoes on hand – a breathable pair for summer months and a waterproof pair for colder months. That being said, if you don’t play in the rain or snow, a single pair of shoes should suffice.

Final Thoughts

If you keep the points in this article in mind when buying a pair of disc golf shoes you will be sure to have happy feet the next time you play disc golf. If you were wondering, “Are golf shoes good for disc golf?” the answer is yes, they’re suitable. 

However, depending on the type of terrain at your disc golf course, you may be better off with hiking or trail shoes. Always look for shoes with a strong grip that fits well to make the most of your disc golf experience.  

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