Are Golf Clubs From Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, And Wish Real Or Fake?

Are Golf Clubs From Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, And Wish Real Or Fake?

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One of the biggest issues that golfers and manufacturers face is that of counterfeit equipment. From golf balls to gloves, shoes, and even golf clubs, all these products can severely impede your ability to improve your game. 

Not to mention how using these can be dangerous for you and others.

Most of the golf clubs you see on Amazon and eBay will be real and both of these companies have great return policies if something is wrong with your clubs. However, items purchased on Aliexpress and Wish can be knockoffs so you have to be far more careful. 

There are several such products in the market right now, and the copies seem identical to the real thing, so identifying fake golf clubs can become almost impossible. Everything is similar to the real thing, from the club’s weight to its build, design, and feel. 

However, the same can’t be said about the performance.

Real golf clubs are made with precise calculations. The length, weight distribution, aerodynamics, and other intricate details are carefully considered to ensure the club can offer the most ‘fwak’ for your shot.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the golf clubs you can buy from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or get from Wish and whether they are real or fake.

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Are Golf Clubs From Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, And Wish Real Or Fake?

Based on a survey conducted by our experts the following are the stats for fake/knockoffs of expensive clubs on each website. 

Remember just because a golf club looks similar to another one doesn’t make it a fake, it could just be a similar looking club. 

  • 8 out of 100 golf club listings on Amazon
  • 24 out of 100 golf club listings on eBay
  • 12 out of 100 golf club listings on AliExpress, and
  • 58 out of 100 golf clubs listings on Wish are knockoffs or fake.

Are Golf Clubs From AliExpress & Amazon Legit?

Our primary consideration was whether a golf club is shown as the real thing or honest about being a copy when conducting our survey. Surprisingly, Amazon and AliExpress are both very particular about mentioning clearly that the products are designed similarly to another club but isn’t it. 

With a bit of care and diligence, you can find real golf clubs on AliExpress and Amazon.

Are Golf Clubs From Wish Legit?

On the other hand, Wish has mentioned that the site does what it can to reduce the prices of its products, including sourcing them from Chinese companies in its Terms and Conditions, and that users must consider “doing your own research before making a purchase.” Wish will not be responsible for fake products.

That isn’t to say that everything on Wish is a fake or knockoff but you should be far more careful when checking over any new club you bought from there. 

Are Golf Clubs From eBay Legit?

And then there is eBay, the ‘black sheep’ in the big four. There is a very distinct disclaimer that you are solely responsible for what you purchase on the platform, which should serve as a warning on its own for users. 

Since the sellers on eBay aren’t often manufacturers or authorized dealers, there is a very good chance that what you get won’t necessarily be the real thing – especially if the deal seems too good to be true.

If the seller is an individual, there is a very good chance that the product you are getting has been used extensively and repaired.

Thankfully eBay has a great return policy and guarantees so if you receive a fake, or otherwise damaged club you can return it for a refund. 

How To Identify Fake Golf Clubs

The problem of fake golf clubs has become very widespread, and the copies are so close to the original that you only learn about the difference when you start playing, i.e., when it is too late for returns. 

Here are some considerations to make when searching for real golf clubs.

Where Is The Club Shipping From?

If you buy a golf club from TaylorMade and find that a platform will ship it from China, there is a high probability that it isn’t real. Almost everything is being manufactured there, but corporations get their original products shipped to them first for testing or distribution. 

Weight distribution, density, premium feel, water resistance, strength, and other key elements are tested before the club is listed as ready-for-sale.

Is The Deal Too Good To Be True?

Counterfeit products will cost a fraction of what the real thing will cost – maybe even less. Yes, it may be attractive, but you know how they say you get what you pay for

This couldn’t be truer for sports equipment.

However, discounts may also mean that the cake you buy might be leftover from yesterday’s batch. With new and original golf clubs, there is no such thing as too much glue, misprinted logo, scratched surface, else it would reflect badly on the manufacturer and the sports company. 

If you think that the deal is unreal, for whatever reason, it probably is.

Who Is The Retailer?

Amazon and eBay were the only ones that offered official retailers a chance to get verified and list their products with a ‘verified’ logo, but this has now extended to Wish as well. 

AliExpress, on the other hand, offers these retailers a whole section in their marketplace, where you can get originals without worrying about anything. This is the platform’s promise; you will get a complete refund if you don’t get the real thing.

Make sure you take a closer look at who the seller is before you make the purchase. Open the retailer’s page to see whether or not it has the seal of verification. 

Manufacturers have several authorized retailers on different platforms, but they won’t have more than one official retailer on the same platform.

Other Considerations

Other things to keep in mind when shopping on Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, or Wish for golf clubs include:

  1. Check customer reviews
  2. Ask the seller for the serial number first and compare it on the company page
  3. Ask for more photos
  4. Ask the seller to do a ‘magnet test.’ Magnets do not stick to titanium or aluminum but stick to stainless steel instead.
  5. Avoid the ‘I got it as a gift, so I’m not asking for much’ deal.
  6. Check the glue around the decals and the joint. Originals NEVER have excess glue.

It is a good idea to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible if you are still unsure. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but verify your purchase. 

Remember, you will need to employ a blend of techniques when looking for how to identify real or fake golf clubs.  

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