Are Golf Balls Worth Anything?

Are Golf Balls Worth Anything?

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If you’re considering raising some extra cash by selling old golf balls and want to know whether golf balls are worth anything, you have come to the right place. 

The question about the worth of old golf balls generally depends on what you consider an old golf ball.

Old golf balls that have been used and abused won’t be worth very much. If you have used balls that are in good shape they can be worth .50- $1 each (depending on the brand and condition. 

 If you are thinking about selling golf balls that have been bashed up and sunk into the lake on your local course, they won’t be worth a whole lot to anyone. 

If you enjoy hunting golf balls in the woods at your nearest golf course (with permission of course) you could find yourself with hundreds of golf balls that are in good shape. Those balls will be worth .50 to a $1 each if they are the best brands and if you clean them up before selling them. 

If you want to sell them as is or they aren’t the best golf ball brands you might get a bit less per ball. You could also sell them in bulk online or locally. 

Rare antique golf balls that have been sitting in your grandfather’s cupboard could fetch you a fortune, as they may be incredibly valuable. 

Some gutta perchas and old featheries golf balls could fetch you a handsome $5000 or more if you were to put them up for auction or on sale. If you’ve ever seen different golf balls on display in your local golf club or at your relative’s house, you must have wondered whether these golf balls are worth anything and it’s certainly possible. 

Golf has a long and interesting history, and like most sports, has a collector community surrounding vintage items. However, it’s not only vintage golf balls that are worth a lot of money and valuable as collectibles because autographed balls and golf balls with different logos and stamps are also worth a lot of money. 

When you see these golf balls, the question that arises in your mind is what they will be worth in today’s market. I will give you the answers in the rest of this article.

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Collectible Golf Ball Values

Old golf balls, such as featheries and gutta-perchas, are the most sought-after and valuable in the world of golf ball collectibles. Like most collectible items, people are looking for precious items from the past that hold sentimental value. 

A historic item is appealing and interesting, as you get to hold a piece of history in your hand and imagine what the game of golf was like 100 or 200 years ago.

“Feathery” Golf Balls

“Feathery” golf balls were the earliest golf balls produced in great numbers, and a leather craftsman would create around 3-4 balls in a day. Due to these golf balls’ craftsmanship and age, they are regarded as valuable collectible golf balls and carry the highest price tag. 

These “feathery” golf balls are considered antique items and can fetch you a price of more than $5000 or more if you sell them.

“Gutty” Golf Balls

Gutty golf balls are the next in line for the most valuable golf ball collectibles. They are cheaper for the collector as they were produced in larger quantities. 

The first “gutty” golf balls or gutteries were smooth, and the later versions were hammered or cut by hand. That meant every individual ball was unique, and that’s the reason why they are so highly sought by collectors today. 

If you manage to get your hands on an unused “gutty” golf ball, the value of this item increases exponentially.

The uniqueness of the “gutty” golf ball faded after a time because the balls were being produced in greater numbers. However, if you can find a vintage “gutty” golf ball in its original box, you can easily sell it for around $2,000 on the market.

“Haskell” Golf Balls

The Haskell Golf Ball Company was founded in 1901 on a brand new idea, and they were the ones who revolutionized the golf ball. They used a rubber core that was wound with rubber bands, and the rubber was then encased in a gutter-percha. 

Finding a Haskell logo-stamped golf ball is extremely rare, and if you do manage to find it, you will be holding a piece of golf history in your hands.

You can identify a “Haskell” golf ball by looking for dimples that protrude on the ball, as at that time, it wasn’t known that golf balls with dimples cut into them would offer the best results.

These balls can be worth $100-$1,000 depending on their condition. 

Logo Golf Balls

As golf ball manufacturing became more advanced, it wasn’t only the golf ball that had advanced features because manufacturers started printing logos on the golf balls. Hence, you can find collectible golf balls in an entirely new segment. 

Most golf ball collectibles are extensive due to the large numbers of logos printed on them over the years.

These golf balls aren’t the most valuable but will still fetch you a decent amount of money if you find one with a unique logo. 

Most golf courses worldwide have their logos printed on golf balls. It is fun for collectors to collect and find golf balls from some of the most prestigious golf courses like TPC Sawgrass, Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and golf courses they have played at.

Some logo golf balls may have printed cartoons on them or company logos of big companies. The most valuable logo golf balls are the ones that are used in championships and major tournaments such as The PGA Championship, U.S. Open, The Masters, and The Open. Golf balls with Ryder Cup logos are also valuable and highly sought after.

Depending on the logo, age, and condition these “logo” balls can sell for between $10-$100. 

Autographed Golf Balls

Autographed golf balls are an entirely different segment for collectible golf balls, but it depends on the golf ball’s condition. If you’re looking for autographed golf balls, it’s best to get one because you want the autograph and not because you think it will be worth a lot of money.

There are several autographed golf balls available online, and you can find a bunch of signed golf balls from the biggest names in golf. These golf balls will fetch the highest price, and examples of highly sought after autographed names include Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus, and Arnold Palmer.

For example, an autographed ball from Arnold Palmer will sell for between $150-$300 where an autographed Jack Nicklaus ball could go as cheap as $50 without a COA. 

Final Thoughts 

I hope this article was exactly what you were looking for to spark your interest in collectible antique and valuable golf balls. 

The goal for you should be to collect golf balls not because you want to raise money but because you want to have a piece of golf history in your home. 

Good luck.

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