What Should You Wear To Topgolf?

What Should You Wear To Topgolf?

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If you have never been to Topgolf before you may be wondering what exactly you should wear. Do you need to wear your normal golf clothes? Should you have golf shoes on? 

There is no specific dress code you have to follow for playing at Topgolf. It’s a casual, no strings attached event with a relaxed atmosphere. The regular clothes you wear every day will work just fine to wear there. 

However, if you want to get the most out of your practice, you may want to wear shirts that maximize your range of mobility and reduce the restriction on your swings. 

There are a few stylistic choices you can add to your wardrobe that will solve your what-to-wear concerns.

Try to buy clothes that go the extra mile in terms of comfort. 

The best shirts to wear at Topgolf are extra breathable, lightweight, wick all that sweat, and block UV rays (so you’ll get fewer sunburns). More importantly, they let you hit the bar or restaurant with confidence. 

In short , the best Topgolf clothes can elevate your overall game – not only in terms of looks but also performance.  

How To Choose The Best Topgolf Attire

Although you can wear anything and everything at Topgolf, if you are using that time for practice rather than just to have fun you will want to wear some specific things. 

Clothing that allows you to move freely and perfect your swing is the best choice. 

Topgolf fashion is all about functionality without sacrificing style. There are many ways to add that personal touch to your clothes and get the best results at Topgolf if you are concerned about results there. 


You can use any shirt depending on whether you live in a warm or cool place. The materials you use will affect how you feel while swinging. Cotton is a good choice in areas prone to winter while a synthetic material is better for warmer and more humid areas (to wick the moisture and keep you cool).

Shorts or Slacks

Depending on your preferences, you can choose anything for your bottom. But I would choose between shorts and slacks. 

These will maximize performance with each swing- and since they require belt loops, you can also add stylistic points to your outfit.

The best colors for Topgolf shorts or slacks are cream, tan, gray, and khaki. You can also opt for lighter colors such as white and pink for extra flair and establish yourself as a top player.

Since this is at Topgolf, you can certainly wear yoga pants, sweats, or your favorite jeans as well. Shorts and slacks will give you a better range of motion however. 

A Belt

Wear a belt to look like you mean business. There is no specific choice for a belt here. It can be anything that looks good, but you should find one that isn’t too formal. 

Ideally, it should match the color on the bottom of your shoes. A safe bet is to go with a braided one. .

Topgolf Socks

One easily overlooked factor for foot comfort is the socks. The right choice can make or break your comfort levels at your next Topgolf event. 

These days, you will easily find socks that combine various properties such as abrasion resistance, moisture absorption, and padding for maximum comfort.

Best Topgolf Shoes

You can wear anything to Topgolf, but you can choose spiked shoes if you care about getting more traction. They are designed to give you more grip on the ground, especially in winter areas. 

Spikeless shoes have also come a long way in terms of boosting traction, thanks to rubber outsoles. We found that outsoles made of TPU are great for stability, rotation, and durability.

The differences in traction between spike and spikeless shoes become more pronounced in humid conditions. Spiked Topgolf shoes provide more of a grip in humid conditions and you will come to enjoy the stability.

The only problem with spiked shoes is that their cleats will wear down. That’s the major difference between spiked and spikeless Topgolf shoes. 

Changing the spikes is easy with the help of the right cleat wrench and replacement spikes, giving you a like-new grip.

Spikeless shoes don’t have that problem, but they still wear down over time. And once that happens, they start to lose their traction.


Since Topgolf games are mostly played indoors, you don’t have to wear sunglasses – unless you want to make a fashion statement or the Topgolf you are visiting is angled directly at the sun. 

If you are playing in the middle of the day I would recommend sunglasses to improve your game. It can significantly boost your confidence – and your performance. 

Manufacturers do a great job of using durable materials and customized lens technology that provides you with a sharper view of the terrain.

The best sunglasses to use at Topgolf are those that are also equipped with performance features to keep them secure to your face even if you’re sweating.


Golf gloves can help you keep a tight grip on the club, especially in humid conditions and hot weather with low friction. Most serious Topgolf players would want to wear a single glove on their non-dominant hand for the best grip. 

It’s common to see left-handed players wear gloves on the right hand and right-handed players on the left.

There is no specific type of glove to get – as long as it is cheap and affordable. You don’t have to spend massive amounts of money on your golf gloves.


It’s fairly common for people to wear hats at a Topgolf event. There are many options for headwear, including:

• Baseball caps: this is the most common choice for players at Topgolf. 

• Visors: they are not as popular but can be seen in many events

• Bucket hats: a great stylistic choice for players and provide a lot of protection from the sun

• Wide brim hats: also provide protection to the face and neck areas for players who want full coverage from the sun.

Miscellaneous Accessories

• Wear simple jewelry to avoid calluses and blisters

• Don’t wear long necklaces that could restrict your mobility

• Wear a belt (make sure it matches your shirt or pants)

• Wear a waterproof watch

• Don’t wear beanies, fedoras, or cowboy hats

• Wear sunglasses that provide protection from UVA and UVB rays

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty good start for anyone looking to start their journey with Topgolf. The key thing to note when golfing is to have fun and not worry too much about what others might have to think. 

Dress in a way that makes you feel good.

Once you do that, you’re ready to go out and impress everyone with your game. And if you doubt appropriate attire, call Topgolf ahead of time or check their website for any special requirements. 

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