The Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners To Scratch Golfers

The Best Golf Club Sets For Beginners To Scratch Golfers

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Golfing can be a ton of fun, but starting is going to be the hardest part. You have to develop your technique slowly, and it takes a lot of practice. However, finding the best golf club sets for you can help to speed up the learning process.

If you want to learn properly, you need the right clubs, and you need to understand what each one does. You don’t want to be driving balls downrange using a putter. Right?

What Is a Golf Set?

When you’re looking for the best golf club sets, you’ll find many different brands. However, each set will include the same clubs, maybe with a few extras.

golf club set is a combination of usually the core clubs that you will use throughout a game and a carry bag. While the rules of golf limit you to carrying a maximum of 14 clubs, you typically won’t need that many.

A good beginner set will include the core clubs and a few other clubs to help you get out of sticky situations like traps and such. A good starter set will have anywhere from 9 to 14 clubs. Some will include up to 18 clubs, but since you are only legally allowed 14, there isn’t much point to that.

On the other hand, buying a set with over the legal limit does allow you to play favorites with the clubs you get from the collection. That can give you more customization options, but as a beginner, it’s not recommended.

Your primary focus starting should be on your technique and your swing.

Full set vs. individual

Now you’re probably wondering, wouldn’t you save money buying each club individually rather than paying for a complete set? Some sets give you more than you actually need or will use anyway.

Well, there are benefits to doing both, but it all has to do with your skill and comfort level.

There’s a lot to consider before you go about finding the best golf club sets or even the best club in general. Each club has a different feel and build quality to it. When you buy a full set, you’re getting all your clubs from the same brand, which also means they will all be built with that brand’s quality.

Building your own set can be a lot of fun, but it takes time. If you’re a new golfer, you may not know enough about each type of club or brand to make a proper decision. For that reason, it can be easier for you to start with a full set and go from there.

Building your own set can also be more expensive because some brands will be better quality than others. When buying a full set, you’re getting a discount on a lot of the clubs.

Also, sets can come in different styles depending on if you are a younger person, woman, or play with your left-hand. Buying a specified set can ensure that you’re getting all of your clubs in the same style.

However, buying a set does mean that you won’t be able to have each club professionally fitted to you. But since you’re a beginner, the advantage of fitted clubs will serve you better later down the road.

What’s in a Golf Set

So when you are looking for the best golf club sets, you’ll find that each set contains the same core clubs. But typically they go beyond that and give you a few extra options.

So in each set, you’ll have a driver and fairway woods, select irons, hybrids, wedges, and of course, a putter. But this is where the sets start to differ. While they all will include some of the same, certain sets will feature different kinds of each club.

Meet the woods and irons

There are a total of five types of clubs that you’ll be using throughout your game. It’s time to meet your new best friends.

The driver and fairway woods are relatively straightforward. The driver is the longest club in your bag, and many new sets offer an oversized driver that gives you a more prominent sweet spot. Many golfers carry a driver but may prefer to hit with a wood as they can be easier to control.

Advanced players will carry a 3- and 5-wood, but players with a higher handicap may prefer the 5-, 7-, or 9-woods. Those can be easier to hit and offer a higher loft.

A traditional set includes the 3-iron through 9-irons. These have smaller heads than woods and are thinner, which why they are often called “blades.” You’ll generally use these on shots from the fairway or for tee shots on short holes.

The number of these irons determines the loft and length of the shaft, which tells you how high (and far) it will hit the ball.

Hybrids are a rather new category, and many replace the 3- and 4-irons with the 3- to 6-hybrids. That’s because the design of the hybrid is such that it provides the distance and accuracy of long irons, but they are far more comfortable to use.

These feature the larger clubface of a wood with the short shaft of an iron.

Meet the special forces

Wedges are your get out of jail free club. These are angled in a way that makes it easier for the club to get under the ball and launch it up and over. And that’s very handy for sand traps or getting over obstacles.

There are a few types of wedges. A pitching wedge is for close to the green, while a sand wedge helps you get out of traps. Some golfers also carry a gap wedge that falls between the other two, which can help to get over a hazard near the hole.

Of course, putters need no explanation. You’ll only use these once you get close to the hole and need a more precise shot. However, some may have a longer shaft and other design features that can give you a slight advantage.

How We Reviewed

While we were not able to personally test out the products we have here, our choices were made by using reliable and accurate sources. These sources include expert reviews and buyers guides, in which we cross-reference their choices to build our list.

All of the information we feature here is designed to help you make an educated decision, even if you don’t end up choosing one of our recommended.

The Best Golf Club Sets

Before you choose what you think is the best golf club sets, there is a bit you should consider. Depending on how much you play and your skill level, your choice may change.

Take a look at which clubs the set includes and how you play. If you are a fan of the long shots but struggle to hit the ball, you may want to consider focusing on a hybrid.

You should also look at how experienced you are in the game. If you are brand new, consider splurging and getting a set with more clubs. That can allow you to test out a broader selection to see which you perform better with.

And of course, look at the customer reviews of each set before you buy. After all, who’s more willing to tell you exactly how a set is, the company trying to sell it to you, or a person who already bought it?

Palm Springs Visa V2

The Palm Springs Visa V2 is an excellent set for beginners and experienced golfers alike. This 11 club set features a driver, a fairway wood, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, a putter, and a stand bag.

The stand bag features a seven-way divider top that helps you keep your clubs organized and plenty of pockets to store balls, tees, and waterproofs.

The driver this set includes is an oversize 460cc (cubic centimeters), which is the biggest legally allowed. It has a huge sweet spot which is perfect for those still working on their technique. The 15-degree number 3-wood offers greater forgiveness, and its low-profile sole makes for easy hitting without a tee.

They include the 5- to 9-irons and a pitching wedge. They all feature a cavity back design, which creates a lower center of gravity and higher motion of inertia, all fitted with steel shafts. The 3- and 4-hybrids replace the irons.

It’s a terrific set that customers praise for being perfect for beginners and their build quality — definitely a natural choice for one of the best golf club sets.


  • Plenty of selection
  • Oversize driver
  • Includes hybrid clubs
  • Great for beginners


  • Warranty company may be hard to deal with


The PROSiMMON is all about style with functionality. This set consists of 11 clubs, a 460cc driver with graphite shaft, a 15-degree fairway wood, number 3- and 4-hybrids, numbers 5- through 9-irons with a pitching wedge, and a putter.

The deluxe stand bag features a seven-way divider, auto-pop legs, dual shoulder straps, rain hood, and a ton of storage.

The titanium matrix driver features an oversized clubhead for easy hitting, even if you’re inexperienced. This set focuses on forgiveness and ease of use — everything that beginners love to see. That works by using hybrids in place of the harder irons, and cavity back irons for more consistent strikes.

Whether you want to work on your stroke or make your good hits even better, the PROSiMMON X9 V2 is one of the best golf club sets you could buy.


  • Easy to use
  • Oversize driver
  • Durable build
  • Headcovers are included
  • Independently standing bag


  • May not be suited for overly tall people

Callaway Strata

The Callaway Strata sets its sights on giving you the best performance ever. One of the best golf club sets you could buy for beginners or experienced players; this set gives you a whole lot of goodies. The 9-piece set includes a driver, 3-wood, 5 hybrids, 6- through 9-iron, a pitching wedge, and a putter.

Not only is there an oversize driver, but the fairway 3-wood also features an oversize head. The wood also has an aerodynamic head shape for long, high-flying shots. All made to be lightweight and easily handled.

These will be stellar right out of the box, allowing you to grab them and hit the course running!


  • Lightweight
  • Focus on forgiveness and performance
  • Two oversize clubs


  • Only includes nine clubs
  • Some customers have issues with heads cracking or breaking

Wilson Profile XD

Available in either a left or right-hand specification, the Wilson Profile XD helps to enhance new golfer experience. This 10 club set includes a driver with graphite shaft, a fairway wood, 1 hybrid, numbers 6- through 9-irons, a pitching wedge, sand wedge, and a putter.

The sand wedge is perfect for getting out of a trap or getting yourself over an obstacle. It is also a club that many sets tend to omit; however, it’s always nice to have.

The deep cavity back irons make for improved accuracy, while the aggressive design of the heavy hitters focuses on distance and control. The engineering of this set places a focus on faster and easier swing speeds, putting the power in your hands.

Wilson is one of the most recognizable names in sports, especially golf, and this set does not disappoint. If you are looking for one of the best golf club sets for beginners, this is it.


  • Great for beginners
  • Improvement of accuracy, distance, and control
  • Sand wedge
  • Available in both left and right-hand styles


  • No oversize driver
  • Only one hybrid

Knight XV II

For those lady golfers out there looking for the best golf club sets, here’s one for you. The Knight XV II set gives you 10 clubs. These include a driver, alloy fairway wood, 4- and 5-hybrids, low COG numbers 6- through 9-irons, a pitching wedge, and a weighted putter.

While there is no oversize driver here, the irons are, which is rather interesting but great to see. That makes the set far more accessible and easier to use for beginners. The perimeter weighted putter allows for greater accuracy and control.

It’s one of the best golf club sets for beginners or women golfers.


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Forgiving club heads
  • Accessible and easy to use
  • Designed for women


  • Smaller clubs
  • No kickstand on the bag

Golf Smart

Regardless of which of the best golf club sets you choose, be sure to pick the one that has what you want. Pay attention to what each set offers and what your own goals are. Once you have one of the best golf club sets, you’ll be right on your way to becoming a capable golfer.

Do you prefer to buy a set or build one yourself? Which set is your favorite?

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