Should Golf Pants Be Short?

Should Golf Pants Be Short?

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If you’re wondering how your golf pants should fit or whether they should be long or short, you’ve come to the right place. Your golf attire has a big part to play in your overall game, as apart from making you look the part, it also ensures you’re comfortable throughout the day.

Your golf pants should fit you perfectly and allow you to play every shot in the book with ease.

This article will discuss the overall design of golf pants and the optimal fit of golf pants for your game when on the golf course. By the end, you should have a fair or decent idea about whether your golf pants should be short or long.

Here are some pointers that you should keep in mind the next time you go shopping for golf pants:

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Leave a Little Room to Breathe

Never opt for tight golf pants, even if you think they make you look slimmer or taller. Your golf pants should fit your waist comfortably and shouldn’t be too tight, as that will hamper your overall game. You will also spend a considerable amount of time on the golf course, so you should choose your comfort over fashion.

Your golf pants should be breathable and provide you comfortable coverage without making you uncomfortable during any shot on the course. You should be able to move comfortably throughout the course, especially when you’re bending down to pick up the ball or leaning over your golf club. If you feel that your golf pants are constricting or uncomfortable, you should buy one with a size larger than the one you’re currently wearing, as it is too tight to allow you to enjoy the game.

The Right Length Matters

Apart from the fit and comfort of your golf pants, you don’t want to be buying pants that are too short or too long. The right length matters when it comes to golf pants, as there’s nothing worse than playing in golf pants that constantly get in the way of your shots. You will continuously adjust them on every course shot if you’re wearing long golf pants.

That can get frustrating quickly, but they will pose you the same problem if they are too short. You will find yourself tugging at your pants when you bend over to pick up the golf ball or if you’re squatting down to get a good look at the green. The best way to know which golf pants will fit you perfectly is to wear them at home and try playing a couple of practice shots in the backyard.

When shopping for golf pants, always try different sizes, as you will find more flexibility and comfort in some pants than others. You must find golf pants that provide maximum comfort without making you uncomfortable or constricting your movement.

Wearing a Belt Can Help

You shouldn’t have to worry about holding up your golf pants while you’re on the golf course, as that will distract you from the game. If your golf pants are the right fit but are too loose, you should wear a belt to ensure that your pant doesn’t ride up. Some golf pant brands also have belts inserted through the pants loops to offer additional support.

Your primary focus should be on the game, as fashion comes later, and you won’t feel old wearing a belt with your golf pant. You can even find plenty of fashionable belts that you can match with the golf pants that will have you looking like a superstar on the course, especially if you’re dominating your competition on the golf course.

Try-On Different Golf Pant Types

The best thing about golf pants is that various types and sizes are available for every player, so you will never feel like golf pants aren’t designed for you. Some of the most common options available to players are as follows:

  • The Skinny Pants

The skinny golf pants are in fashion as they cling to your legs and make you look slimmer on the golf course. These pants are ideal for golfers who don’t want to catch their pant material while playing shots and have a slimmer profile than other players. These pants are especially beneficial for players who play their shots low from the ground, as there is less material flapping about.

  • The Traditional or Regular Cut

Next, you have the traditional or regular cut golf pants, which don’t taper around the legs and provide a loose appearance while being comfortable simultaneously. These are the most common types of golf pants around and are the most popular ones since they fit the profile of the average golf player.

Taller golf players will find that the relaxed style and cut of these pants suit their game perfectly, as they want pants with some room on the top, but not ones that are too short. Players with thicker thighs will also prefer them as they will get maximum mobility without feeling constricted in their movements. These traditional or regular cut pants are ideal for players with wider hips. They offer a more comprehensive range of motion than other pants and won’t be uncomfortable, no matter how long you play.

  • The Fashionable Tapered

These fashionable tapered golf pants have recently become popular as they help players slim down their appearance on the course and still offer plenty of comfort. They are an excellent option for players who don’t want to draw extra attention to their thighs or midsection and don’t want additional room or space at the top of the pants.


Golf pants come in various styles and designs, and if you have been struggling to find one that is right for you, we hope this article has been informative. As for whether golf pants should be short or long, that depends on your playing style and profile.

It’s not always easy to find a pair of golf pants that fit you perfectly, but we hope to make it a little easier for you with the information shared here.

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