Is Topgolf Like Real Golf?

Is Topgolf Like Real Golf?

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Topgolf is a great place to go to have fun with family, friends, or even coworkers. Even if you aren’t an avid golfer you can still have tons of fun at Topgolf. 

However if you have never been there before you might wonder whether it is like real golf or not. 

Although Topgolf can be fun it isn’t much like real golf. You stay in one place and hit balls at a variety of targets but that’s really where the similarities end. 

You won’t have putting at Topgolf nor will you have roughs or fairways to hit the golf ball from. Although it’s a ton of fun to play at Topgolf it really isn’t like a normal game or golf at all. 

How close to realistic Topgolf is depends on who you ask. The professional may vehemently deny any similarities and dismiss Topgolf as an ‘overpriced driving range’ – but applying sweeping labels to the game is naive.

Topgolf is an entirely different experience. It comes with all the excitement of golf, minus the hassles associated with it (including having to wear a proper dress code – you can wear whatever you like to Topgolf events).

Topgolf is also experimenting with VR golf games that put gamers in a massive driving range. It seeks to re-create an experience that lives up to the real deal. 

This could be the future of the sports industry in general.

Once you go beyond the apples vs. oranges argument of which way of playing is better, you’ll see a brave new world of exciting opportunities. 

At its core, Topgolf is about relaxation and having fun. You’re essentially put in a 240-yard driving range with targets all over the ground. The balls are embedded with a microchip that records the targets you hit and how close you got to the center of the target. 

The closer you get to the target, the better your score. The score gets automatically updated on a digital screen for all to judge your performance.

It’s a very automated, very error-free experience.

The best part is – you don’t have to abide by a dress code. You could wear your favorite jeans and t-shirt to the game, and no one would judge you for it.

Don’t have a club? You don’t need one. The facility will provide you with a club free of charge, and you can start racking up points like a pro.

Golf – the real version of it – is too time-consuming. Even on the weekend, when you don’t have work obligations, an average round of golf will take you anywhere from three to four hours.

Topgolf is probably going to take one to two hour – tops but truthfully you can spend as much or as little time there as you like. All it takes is a few months to get better at it and you won’t have to break the bank doing so. 

You can keep shooting balls at the targets at a faster pace than you would in real golf.

The instant feedback you get from the microchipped balls is going to help you hit a new adrenaline high. It’s also easy to track performance and make super quick adjustments to your game. 

You will find golfers of every skill level – from someone who’s never stepped foot into a real golf club to 4-handicapper at Topgolf.

Why Do People Love TopGolf? 

There are many people who love spending a few hours a week at their local Topgolf. Even if you aren’t an avid golfer you will likely still enjoy yourself as you have fun laughing at your friend’s (and your own) shots. 

Why do so many people like playing at Topgolf though? 

The Atmosphere Is The Real Draw

A golf course is a serious, somber place with lone golfers covering long distances on foot. Topgolf, on the other hand, comes with a bar and a club.

Think of Topgolf as a blend of a nightclub with golf – in equal measure.  There is good food, a sports bar, drink, music, and games of all kinds. In many ways, it is a simulation of real golf.

Topgolf has broadened engagement with the game and infused it with social interaction that probably isn’t possible with a real golf game. 

Who Has The Free Time For Golf?

The truth about golf is that it requires participants to have a ton of free time to enjoy a good session. This means that most people with kids and family will find it difficult to squeeze in those extra hours required for a full-fledged game of golf. 

The next best thing to golf is Topgolf – it’s filling a void that the industry needs to grow itself.

Big Golf Companies are Joining In

There is big corporate interest involved in Topgolf, including major golf equipment companies. Recent examples of this include Callaway’s partnership with Topgolf.

Topgolf is building hype around golf by getting different demographics involved in the sport with widespread participation. People who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in golf are getting into it. 

It’s a win-win scenario for golf and can increase the overall viewership of PGA tournaments and sales of golf equipment as well. 

An Experience That Golf Courses Can Replicate

This is an experience that real golf courses and PGA professionals alike can try to replicate. They emphasize good service, great food, drinks, and a nightclub environment where guests can unwind and enjoy themselves. 

This is something that stakeholders of the game can focus on to improve their customer base and engage a varied demographic.

Nature 2.0

You’ll be hard-pressed to find real grass in a Topgolf game. Everything is inspired by nature – from the outfield to the bunkers and everything in between. 

The hitting bay is climate-controlled to provide a perfect temperature for players to enjoy. You’re not outside – it’s pretend-play at exploring the great outdoors. 

You won’t hear the sound of squirrels running around and birds chirping but you can enjoy hitting your fake golf ball off the fake grass and getting it near the fake hole! 

Equipment Is Provided To Players

Topgolf games provide quality clubs to players. You can bring your own, but there’s no need when everything is provided for you. 

This means you don’t have to spend thousands getting golf clubs and other high-end equipment. In a way, it’s also liberating not to have to worry about people judging you for your choice of equipment.  

No Frustrations Of Real Golf

Access to golf can be quite expensive. You would have to likely spend thousands on the right gear, getting an expensive membership, and hiring a trainer if you’re new to the sport. 

This is not a problem with Topgolf. 

You simply rent a bay for a few hours at an affordable rate, and you can enjoy what it feels like to play golf – minus the agonizingly slow-play frustration you may get on a real golf course.

Most Topgolf facilities have lessons available, and professional golfers can practice their swing at their own pace as well. 

Accurate Scoring

This is the good part – there’s zero possibility of cheating here. There’s no wind, no grass, or natural elements that could determine the trajectory of the microchipped balls. Your score is a very accurate representation of your performance. 

The microchip does not lie and your score is electronically updated.

The bottom line is, Topgolf doesn’t need to be real golf. It is a unique sport with its own rules and a relaxed atmosphere that invites people from all walks of life – including professional golfers. 

Topgolf makes real golf more accessible and entertaining. 

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