How Fast Do Golf Carts Go?

How Fast Do Golf Carts Go?

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If you are thinking about getting a golf cart or are just curious what their top speed is then this article is for you. 

The answer to this question depends on what you’re driving. For starters, are you driving an electric golf cart or a gas powered one? 

If you’re driving an electric golf cart, then you should expect it to have a top speed of between 20 and 24 mph. However, if you’re driving a gas cart, then you will only be able to go as fast as 20mph.

So if you were wondering, electric golf carts run a lot faster. Of course this is with factory specs so you could certainly soup up a golf cart and make it go far faster if you wanted to. 

Also, you might also be wondering whether speed is important. Or whether slower carts are more efficient for golf courses.

Well, speed isn’t that important of a factor unless you’re considering the speed limit imposed by golf courses. Usually, the speed limit set is between 8mph and 15mph. However, if you’re planning on using your golf cart for other purposes, such as cruising around your neighborhood, then speed may be a good thing for you to consider. 

Which Goes Faster: Electric or Gas Golf Carts?

If your priority is speed, then I would recommend electric golf carts since they tend to run at a top speed of 20 to 24 mph. This is a little more than the standard 20 mph speed on gas carts. 

However, it is worth mentioning here that Yamaha golf carts, both electric and gasoline, tend to have the same top speed of 19mph.

Is Golf Cart Speed Important In Country Clubs Or Golf Courses?

Both golf courses and country clubs regulate speed limits for golf carts all throughout their facilities. Typically, they set the top speed at anywhere between 8 and 15 mph. 

If this is the case in your country club or golf course, then you don’t really need higher speeds, do you?

If your golf cart is primarily used for golfing by older children or family members, then top speeds in the range from 12 to 14 mph in an electric golf cart should fulfill all of your ​needs. Plus, such top speeds are a lot safer considering the fact that most of these vehicles don’t have any seatbelts. 

However, if you’re planning on driving them around in your area or hauling heavy equipment from one point to another, then you’d be thankful for a boost of speed.

Some countries allow citizens to drive golf carts (and other lower speed vehicles) in their 35 mph streets if they can accelerate to anywhere between 20 and 30 mph. However, for any of these vehicles to be street legal, they are required to have rearview mirrors, seatbelts, headlights, and tail lights.

On the other hand, gas-powered golf carts are a great choice if you plan on using them to transport or pull heavy loads. Also, there is the added advantage that when you run out of fuel, you can always refill your tank.

In contrast, electric golf carts are the environmentally-friendly choice since they do not produce any emission and each recharge is going to cost you a lot less than a gas-powered golf cart. 

Now, which one you choose will be a matter of preference.

Why Is My Golf Cart So Slow?

If you’re driving an electric golf cart, you ought to check the batteries if you think it is running under 20 mph. This is usually the reason why golf carts run slower than they are supposed to, however, there are some other possibilities as well.

1. Batteries

As I mentioned before, batteries are probably the most common culprit to slow golf cart speeds. Golf cart batteries could easily deteriorate and therefore, will not be able to charge as much as they used to. 

This is also why they will not be able to produce a sufficient amount of output power to match its top speed. However, if your battery is fully charged, then you should check the battery’s voltage output next.

2. Mud or Dirt

The speed sensor of your golf cart has the ability to hold out against wear and tear. However, it is going to be a whole other story if it has a lot of dirt or mud on its surface. 

If this is going to be the case then it will not run as efficiently as you would want it to. Still, there is no reason to be worried. 

All you need to do is thoroughly clean the speed sensor and you’ll be on your way.

3. Speed Magnet

When a golf cart’s speed magnet starts to fail, the vehicle is going to have trouble maintaining its speed. The best case scenario here is that the golf cart will begin to slow down. 

If worse comes to worst, the golf cart will come to a complete halt and will fail to accelerate at all. 

4. Speed Sensor

There will come a time when your golf cart’s speed sensor will deteriorate and before you know it, the golf cart will not be running as fast as it did before. If this is the reason that your golf cart is running slowly, then you may have to go out to buy another speed sensor. 

It’s possible that replacing this part is going to cost you a lot more than simply replacing the golf cart, however, I would recommend getting it checked by a professional before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has answered your question, “How fast do golf carts go”, and you should now know a lot more about the speed of golf carts. Now with more effective top speeds, the only thing you will need to research on your own is where these golf carts are permitted to drive around.

If your golf cart begins to slow down, chances are that its batteries are drained. If this doesn’t seem to be the problem, then other common issues include dirt on the speed sensor, damaged speed sensors, or perhaps, even a damaged speed magnet.

Of course, you can charge your batteries on your own but for everything else, you should consult an expert and refrain from DIY repairs.

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