Does Topgolf Have Go Karts?

Does Topgolf Have Go Karts?

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Topgolf does many things right that actual golf doesn’t – it makes it easy to work on your swings without overexerting yourself. Being that Topgolf has changed the entire narrative around golfing and spending time with friends or family you might be wondering what exactly they offer. 

Does Topgolf have Go Karts too? 

Topgolf does not have Go Karts however they do have an arcade, foosball tables, shuffleboard, and of course golfing. 

The concept of Topgolf was to make regular golf more fun. So they tossed in a full-fledged bar, food menu, and a club into the mix so that players could relax. But there is no room for Go Karts. 

The structural design of the driving range makes it impractical to host Go-Karts – there isn’t enough space because everything is perfectly optimized for golfing, food, and drinks.

Think about it this way – the average length of racing tracks for Go Karts starts at 1000 yards at a minimum. Most Topgolf facilities are about 300 yards or slightly more. 

So even if they had Go-Karts to drive, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them on such a short track. 

Most games at Topgolf are derived from golf. To play golf at Topgolf, you don’t need to be a pro. You don’t even need to play golf at Topgolf to have a good time. 

There are many bays that you can rent, each with a full set of clubs already in them. The range is designed to be fun for people of all age groups and skill levels.

There’s More To Topgolf Than Golf (and Go-Karts)

Topgolf keeps adding new features and games for players with time. There are currently over 70 Topgolf ranges around the world – and they are all bound to have features and game lineups that reflect the culture of that particular area. 

This means that if one Topgolf range in Orlando has special games then the Topgolf range in Dubai probably won’t. Activities and the choice of games will depend on the location.

This also applies to the selection of food and drinks.

But if you’re looking for Go Karts, you will be disappointed as no Topgolf locations have those. But there are other ways of enjoying yourself than just playing golf at Topgolf.

Topgolf’s Surprisingly Good Food

One of the main attractions at any Topgolf range is the massive food menu. They will remind you of fast-casual chains like Applebees, but the food quality is more refined and sophisticated. 

Most food that is offered is sharable, this makes for a more memorable meal as you share it with friends. There are also many different appetizers, some of which are wings in various styles.

You’ll notice that the Topgolf staff has worked very hard on their presentation. The multi-page menu seems to stretch on forever. 

The main courses are categorized into three categories: burgers, sliders, and flatbreads. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the meat is near-perfect and most foodies will have nothing to complain about.

Topgolf Drinks

Aside from good food, Topgolf boasts a full selection of beverages as well. You can enjoy a fine selection of beers on tap, bottles, and cans. This makes Topgolf perfect for hosting big parties. 

You can even grab a bucket of beers for your whole group. 

Topgolf gives you plenty of choices when it comes to drinks. You can choose from Bloody Marys and margaritas as well as unique drinks you’ve probably never heard of before.

Topgolf’s Other Entertainment Options

Don’t like golf and aren’t in the mood for food? No problem. You might enjoy other options such as a shuffleboard, a Foosball table, and a pool table. Or you could simply sit in the comforts of your climate-controlled bay and enjoy the big screen monitor that streams high-quality videos. 

For fans of video games, there is the free option of switching on a complimentary Xbox. If you have many friends, you can also rent banquet areas to ensure that everyone has adequate seating space.

Foosball At Topgolf

Here’s a quick introduction to foosball if you haven’t played it before. Every Topgolf range has at least one foosball table with a total of 8 rods that you can use to move the ball into the opponent’s goal post. 

You can play foosball with 2 players or teams of 2 on either side of the table. In most cases, the first team to score five goals wins.

8-Ball Pool at Topgolf

Pool is a very popular game that doesn’t need any introduction. The ones you’ll find in Topgolf ranges are probably eight-ball versions. 

You may also find a nine-ball pool table on rare occasions. Both will be played on a standard-sized table with six pockets. 

Pool can be played with singles or doubles and is played using 16 balls. You get one cue ball and 15 object balls.

The cue ball (the black one) is used to strike and hit the other balls to drive them into one of the pockets. Pool can be a tactical game that requires players to exercise a high degree of strategy and skill to succeed.

Shuffleboard At Topgolf

Shuffleboard isn’t the main attraction at Topgolf, but it can make for more fun and interactive time with friends. It’s a two-person game. 

You and your opponent stand on the same side of the board. You decide who will hit the first weight and its color. Each player will have four weights to play, of the same color.

The first player must slide their weight toward the other side of the board, known as the scoring end. The second player does the same and attempts to knock off the other players’ first weight, or get ahead of it. 

Both players continue shooting their weights until all 8 have been shuffled. This will complete round one.

The player whose weight is the furthest down the board will win. The game continues until one of the two scores 15 points.

Xbox At Topgolf

The Xbox probably won’t have a wide variety of games to play. Most games will be related to golf itself – and you would be hard-pressed to find something more exclusive like Gear of Wars or Forza. 

You could make arrangements with the staff to bring your own Xbox games. The TV screen is big and delivers HD quality visuals – so you can enjoy the gaming session with various players (up to six in each bay).

Pro tip: You could play Project CARS on Xbox and drive Go Karts.

Topgolf bays only allow six people (for safety reasons, according to their website).

Final Thoughts

Topgolf is a unique experience because it offers something to everyone – whether you like golf or not. Golfers will appreciate the opportunity to improve their performance and track their game in real-time. 

However, currently Topgolf facilities do not have Go Karts. Maybe they will add them in the future but as for now the venue is mainly focused on golf and related experiences. 

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