Do You Need Golf Club Covers?

Do You Need Golf Club Covers?

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In the past, when golf clubs were made of wood, golf club covers were necessary to protect the wood from dents and nicks. Today, golf club construction involves durable materials like steel and titanium, making some wonder, “Do you need golf club covers?” 

After all, if a golf club can stand constant impact, why use golf club covers at all?

Although golf club covers aren’t really needed anymore it’s a good way to help protect your investment that you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on. 

While this is an interesting question, I would recommend a set of golf club covers to everyone who starts golfing. Golf clubs aren’t cheap, especially if you buy individual clubs instead of a full set. 

When you make such an investment, it’s natural to want to protect your golf clubs and keep them in the best condition possible.

Additionally, golf club covers are more than just a way to protect your clubs. They also prevent annoying clanging and help you differentiate between your various golf clubs. 

Therefore, even though we are no longer using wooden golf clubs, golf club head covers remain a vital part of protecting your equipment from damage. 

If you’re still on the fence and want to save your money, don’t worry. This article will discuss golf club head covers, from which golf clubs need covers to the many reasons we use golf club covers.

Which Golf Clubs Need Covers?

Many people argue that golf irons do not need golf club head covers, and that covering up your beautiful irons is the biggest faux pas you can make on the course. 

Yet, others think that if you love and value your golf clubs, you must protect them at all costs. There are many discussions surrounding golf club head covers and whether you need them.

While this is a hotly debated topic, most golfers agree that some golf clubs need more protection than others. Putters, for example, can be expensive purchases and get a lot of wear and tear when they’re being banged up next to your wedges. 

Protect your putters by covering them up with a set of golf club covers and keeping them in the best condition possible.

Maybe your irons and wedges don’t need as much protection, but I would recommend making sure that, at a minimum, your drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and putters are protected and covered with some nice, cushy golf club head covers.

Why Use Golf Club Covers?

There are many reasons why golfers use golf club covers. From protecting your golf equipment to being able to select your clubs with ease, there are numerous reasons why golfers worldwide use golf club head covers.


This is why golf club head covers are used and keep your clubs looking newer for longer by protecting everything from the shaft to the head. 

Whether you’re driving around carelessly, and your clubs are banging into each other, or they get damaged by the elements while you’re playing, a set of golf club covers can go a long way in protecting your costly golfing equipment.

Even if you carry your clubs yourself, there is sure to be some level of jostling that can result in damage, especially if you have graphite shafts. Since woods are usually longer than other clubs, the shaft can be worn out from the irons repeatedly hitting them if they’re unprotected.

Golf Club Identification

When you’re in a hurry, it’s no fun having to dig through your entire golf bag looking for a specific club, loft, or degree. This is where golf club head covers shine – they differentiate the different golf clubs you’re using and make identification easier and quicker, leading to a more enjoyable round of golf.

Visual Appeal

This is the same reasoning as that behind dressing the part even when it’s not mandatory. Not all golf courses make dressing in golf clothes compulsory, but many people do it anyway because of the visual appeal of “looking” the part of a golfer. 

Similarly, there’s an appeal to having your golfing equipment look its best, which may even help you play better by giving you more confidence.


There’s a wide range of golf club head covers available on the market. From Tiger Woods’ famous tiger head cover to patriotic U.S.-flag themed golf club head covers, these protective accessories come in various shapes and sizes. 

You can opt to buy golf club head covers with the logo of the course you frequent, your initials, your favorite team, and more. There’s so much to choose from, and these allow you to show a little bit of your personality when on the links and let golfers play up their unique styles.

Do You Need Golf Club Covers?

Golf club head covers serve as more than just protection, but that is their primary purpose. While a set of golf club covers isn’t mandatory, and you can certainly do without it, it’s important to remember that you haven’t just made a financial investment into your golf clubs. 

Your equipment is worth much more and helps you play your best when out on the green.

Without adequate protection, you risk dents and scrapes to not only the head of the club but also the shaft. While the club head is known for being extremely durable, shafts are less so. If you want to keep your golf clubs in pristine condition, golf club head covers are a good place to start.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you protect your irons, I would wager that it’s at least necessary to protect your driver and putters. From the protective standpoint alone, golf club head covers are invaluable. 

When you combine this with all the other benefits they provide, there’s no question in my mind that they’re worth the splurge. 

Whether you agree or disagree, I hope that this article better helps you understand golf club care and that you walk away knowing about the importance of taking care of your golf equipment!

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