Do Golfers Drink (Alcohol) While Playing?

Do Golfers Drink (Alcohol) While Playing?

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Many people consider golf a social game, and some may even call themselves addicted to the sport. A few lucky ones get to call it their career, but only select talented individuals. Irrespective of what level you’re playing golf, you must be curious to know if you can play golf while drinking booze or alcohol.

Some of the best times you will have on the golf course are when there are no handicaps involved, and you’re playing for the fun of the game. You can take risks and swing freely, without worrying about any consequences or about winning or losing the game. It’s just you and your friends have a good time out on the golf course.

You must have heard stories of your buddies having a cold beer while on the golf course on a lazy Sunday, and that may have got you wondering whether golfers can drink alcohol while playing on the course. The biggest question is, should you even be playing golf while you’re drinking? If you’re thinking along the same lines, we have all the answers for you here.

Golf and Drinking (Alcohol)

Most golf courses are very lax with their rules surrounding drinking and golfing and allow golfers to drink alcohol during their rounds. However, you should know that golfing while you’re drunk will obviously mean that you won’t perform especially well. Numerous studies have shown that drinking a can or two of beer while playing golf can allow you to swing more freely, as you are less tense.

However, that also impacts your ball striking as you will lose accuracy and will not strike your ball as cleanly as you would when you are sober. There are also some etiquettes and rules surrounding drinking and golfing, and we will share some of them here with you. It will be surprising to quite a few people that there are very few rules surrounding golfing and drinking.

That’s because most golf courses don’t have any hard or fast rules for drinking on golf courses, but general manners and etiquette are still expected to be followed. You don’t need to be a genius to know that if you’re drunk on the course and are playing without your shirt or shorts, you will be escorted from the premises and may be banned from playing at the golf course ever again.

The Etiquette Around Drinking on a Golf Course

When it comes to golf, the rules and etiquettes of the game must be strictly adhered to no matter if you’re sober or inebriated. However, there are several unspoken rules of golf that most people are unaware of, which also relate to drinking on a golf course.

As most golf courses don’t have any general guidelines or rules surrounding drinking while playing golf, there are some things you must take into consideration by yourself. These include the following:

Are There Families and Children Present?

Golf is considered a family pastime for many people who will be out and about on the golf course with their children. Even though it may be legal to drink around children, it’s frowned upon to be intoxicated when families and children are present. That is especially the case if you can’t control your actions when drunk—acting weirdly around children while intoxicated or causing a ruckus in front of families, which will get you thrown off the course.

If children and families are present on the golf course, keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum and ensure that you’re acting appropriately. The families are also out to enjoy their day on the golf course, and if you ruin their entertainment through your actions, you will be held accountable.

Is There a Competition Being Held?

You may not be permitted to play while intoxicated on the golf course if a big competition is held on the field. Saturdays are the day when most grand tournaments are held, and for most golfers, it is the day they get to relax and hang out with their friends. Therefore, you need to keep your alcohol consumption to a manageable level so as not to spoil the fun for others.

Irrespective of their golfing expertise, people tend to take the sport seriously, and if you’re rowdy or drunk and causing distractions for other players, you will be asked to leave. In short, avoid drinking while playing golf at peak hours, as that is when most of the serious players will take to the course.

You can crack open a few beers with friends, but keep that for later in the day if you plan on heavy drinking.

Are You Ruining Other Golfer’s Time?

No one likes their time wasted on the golf course, and even though you may be having the time of your life, you have to account for other people as well. If you’re ruining everyone else’s fun on the golf course because you’re drinking and holding up play, no one will want you on the golf course. You may even be banned from ever playing on that green ever again.

You should know your limits while drinking and playing golf because if drinking six cans of beer on the course gets you drunk, you should limit yourself to half that amount. The aim is to have a good time and ensure that you’re not a nuisance to other players. The same goes for consuming marijuana on the golf course, and even though it is frowned upon, you should also avoid doing it while there are families and children present on the golf course.


Golf is a sport meant to be enjoyed by everyone but not at the cost of drinking pints of alcohol or smoking joints and ruining the experience for everybody else. Golfers are allowed to drink alcohol while playing golf, but they must remain within their limits and adhere to all the rules and etiquettes of the sport.

As a result, acting out under the influence and abusing your privilege while intoxicated will likely get you banned from the golf course.

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