Do Golf Tees Make A Difference? (Do They Matter)?

Do Golf Tees Make A Difference? (Do They Matter)?

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If you are starting to play golf, you will have to familiarize yourself with the golf tees. It is not a type of stick or a piece of clothing but a small accessory essential to the success of a tee shot.

But do golf tees make a difference?

Golf tees make a difference in your game, especially when playing on long grass, and their height can make a huge difference, especially with the driver. They have become a great and useful tool that allows golfers to make cleaner, more precise shots and reduce the risk of failure since they lift the ball off the grass and improve long shots.

Most beginners do not understand why tees are used and how they can improve their game. Here we explain everything you need to know about golf tees and why they matter in golf. Once you know its benefits, you’ll make sure not to miss out on the best tees in your golf bag to achieve incredible shots.

Benefits of Tees in Golf

Tees were first introduced in golf in the 1920s. Since then, their use has been maintained for the benefits they offer in the initial stroke of each hole:

  • The ball does not touch the grass.
  • The chances of the club hitting the grass are reduced.
  • The hit is more accurate.
  • The ball reaches greater distances.

Are Tees Just for Beginners?

No, tees are not just for beginners. The first shot on each of the holes that make up a golf course is called the tee shot. The tee is the small element, plastic or wooden peg, on which the golfer places the ball for tee shots. It is an aid for the shot and, as such, the player should get the best performance from it.

The use of the tee is not mandatory, but it offers great advantages, which is why even professional players resort to it.

Are all Tees the Same?

No, there are different types of tees. The player’s experience and confidence level are important aspects when deciding whether or not to use a tee and which tee to use. But much more important is knowing the club you will use to determine the type of most suitable tee.

Types of Tees Used In Relation the Clubs

  • With drivers, it is convenient that the ball is quite high. Using a long tee that raises the ball to a height that doubles its dimensions will be necessary.
  • When using woods, irons or hybrids, you get more power the closer the ball is to the ground. It is more convenient to use a short tee that leaves little space between the ground and the ball in these cases.

Types of Tees Used According to the Situation

It will be necessary to perfectly control the place and height at which you must place a tee in each situation to achieve the perfect shot:

  • Difficulties of the terrain to the left of the fairway: You will place the low tee, considering that a low tee hit always has an effect to the right (Slice). The driver has a little angle of elevation, and therefore it is extremely difficult to deflect the ball with it without having these small aids.
  • Difficult terrain to the right of the fairway: You will place the high tee. In that position, don’t be afraid to aim something towards the right side of the fairway.
  • Hit in a straight line: You will place the tee between the index and middle fingers and stick it into the ground until you brush it with your fingers so that the ball will be approximately one inch above the ground.

In learning this technique, the general rule of thumb is that if the tee is too low, you will hit the ball over the top, and its trajectory will be low. On the other hand, if it is too high, you will be hitting the ball from the bottom: the flight will be high but imprecise and with little travel. Although thanks to how golf balls are made, aerodynamics have improved a lot since the beginning of the sport.

How and Where to Set Up a Tee?

Besides the benefits discussed above, a tee also helps to recognize the exit area. In our first shot, we must try to get the most out of this area, knowing that this is the only moment of the game in which we are allowed to place the ball in the most advantageous place for the shot.

For this reason, it never hurts to use all the time available to gather the necessary information about the hole in particular: visualize all the obstacles, the danger zones, the possible problems, etc. and based on this, choose the objective, the place where you will have to command the ball; which, of course, must be a large safe area (as far as the possibilities offered by the terrain).

Once you have considered all of the above factors, it’s time to set up you tee. Here are some tips that will help you achieve incredible shot off the tees:

  • Find a flat area of ​​the tee to set up (unless you deliberately want to hit a fade or draw, in which case a bit of slope will be beneficial). It seems obvious, but it may happen that the starting point is not always completely flat. Give yourself a few seconds to find an area where feet and the ball are at the same height.
  • Also, keep in mind that you should be as close as possible to the danger you have located because, although it may seem strange, the truth is that this will be what will help you the most to avoid falling into it.
  • Based on your natural effect, stand on the side of the tee that interests you the most. If your natural effect is the fade or slice, position yourself on the right side of the tee. You will have a better perspective of the left side of the fairway or the green. If your natural ball effect is the draw or hook, you have to do just the opposite-Position yourself on the left side of the tee.


Remember, a good strategy off the tee on the golf course can save you more shots than you can imagine. Give it some time to get used to analyzing all the aspects. Indeed, golf tees make a difference in your game if you consider all of the above factors and follow the right tips. Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends and let us know how it worked for you!

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