Can You Golf In Shorts?

Can You Golf In Shorts?

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Golf has always been a sport that has been played by royalties, especially women and, of course, gentlemen. Therefore, there has always been an air of formality surrounding the sport, especially in society today. The type of clothes you wear on the golf course must respect that formality while also integrating a part of your personality into the picture.

Most golf clubs and courses have strict rules and dress codes that players must adhere to at all times. So if you’re planning on a business meeting on the course or want to have some fun with friends, you must know what to wear on the golf course. Most people are under the impression that they can wear anything to the golf course, including shorts.

That isn’t the case at most golf clubs, and you would be wise to understand the dress code and rules surrounding playing golf if you don’t want to get into any trouble later. Understanding the basic golf dress etiquettes and regulations surrounding the golf dress code will ensure that you have a pleasant experience on the golf course, no matter who you’re playing with. Here are some of the basics you should know:

T-Shirts Aren’t Allowed

When playing golf, the proper dress code is to wear a collared shirt and not show up in your t-shirt. It’s one of the main rules of golf attire and is strictly followed at most golf clubs. So, if you want to play golf with your buddies or business partners, it would be best if you wear your polo shirt and not a basic t-shirt. It’s more relaxed and more comfortable than a t-shirt, even though the only difference is that the shirt comes with a collar.

If you’re a woman, you are encouraged to wear collared shirts with a modest front opening and not expose your midriff. Anything other than that, you will be asked to change your attire or be asked to leave the golf course.

Don’t Wear Jeans

You may want to play golf in your jeans as you feel most comfortable in them, but that’s strictly not allowed at many golf courses. Golf players are requested to wear golf slacks or khakis while playing the sport, no matter their color or material. When wearing golf slacks, ensure that it has belt loops, and it would be preferable if you wear a belt when you’re on the golf course.

Apart from that, you shouldn’t wear slacks with cuffs on them, as they can gather dust or sand and cause hazards for other players. If you disrupt or ruin the game for other players, you will be asked to change your slacks and be escorted from the golf course.

Shorts Are Allowed

The one golf dress etiquette you will thank is that you are allowed to play in shorts on the course, but up to a specific limit. You can’t wear shorts that are too short, and the rule is the same for both genders. Even though wearing shorts is allowed, you should be wary of wearing shorts too tight or revealing on the golf course.

If other players find that your golf shorts are distracting them, you will be asked to change into another pair. Your shorts must hang above or below the knee and should be tailored like your pants. Additionally, you must also wear a belt with your shorts or wear shorts with belt loops in them. That’s to make your appearance more formal on the course, and so you appear respectable.

Wear Proper Socks and Shoes

Don’t think that you can play golf in your sandals or rubber shoes, as you need to have proper socks and shoes for playing golf. There are particular golf shoes that you can wear on the course designed to help improve your game and provide you with grip on the golf course. They come with spikes and also have different shapes and colors to them.

When you’re wearing socks, you can’t go with ones with too much color on them, as that is distracting for other players. You must wear socks that match your trousers, and if you’re wearing shorts, your socks can only be lightly colored, without any patterns on them. You can also only change into your golf shoes in the golf cart and the locker, as that is what proper golf etiquette demands.

Wear Clothing with Plain Colors

When you look at all the rules and etiquettes surrounding golf attire, you realize why only older men and women like playing the sport. That’s because you’re not allowed to wear flashy clothes on the golf course, and only clothing with plain colors is preferred. That’s why it’s best suited to business associates or people trying to close business deals on the golf course.

Brightly colored or patterned polo shirts are strictly not allowed as they distract other players and make you stand out from the rest on the golf course. Therefore, it’s best to go with something more traditional and toned down to avoid getting into any trouble on the golf course. It’s one of the main reasons why most people avoid the sport, and many say that golf attire is a thing of the past.

You may have seen people wearing flashy shirts while playing golf on vacation, but that is only on select golf courses and isn’t the norm.


These were some of the basics of dressing up for a round of golf at your local club. Yes, you can golf in shorts, but they can’t be too tight or revealing and must have belt loops on them. If you’re not sure what to wear to the golf course, you can call them beforehand and ask for advice on the dress code and the etiquette around golf attire that they follow. When playing golf, you have to respect the rules, which goes for the dress code as well.

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