Are Topgolf Distances Accurate?

Are Topgolf Distances Accurate?

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If you are headed out to Topgolf (or are already there) and you are trying to figure out how accurate the distances are then you are in the right place. Knowing whether the distance is accurate or not can help you fine tune your golf game. 

So how accurate are the distances at Topgolf? 

Topgolf distances are extremely accurate. This is because each golf ball is retrofitted with microchip technology and RFID readers that will track your performance metrics down to the last details. However, Topgolf balls are limited flight balls so they won’t go as far as a normal golf ball will. 

There is virtually no way for the microchips to calculate inaccurate metrics because the tech is fairly advanced so the distance should be incredibly accurate. 

Thanks to the RFID readers, it is now possible to extract a wealth of data about your golfing metrics by playing at Topgolf. In fact, you could use Topgolf sessions to improve your performance in real golf because of all the information you can use to course-correct as needed. 

You know your distance, accuracy, flight path, and so much more with each ball that you hit.

What’s more, Topgolf displays the flight path your golf ball took on an HD screen you can view from your bay. This way, you can spectate your own performance like you would any other pro golfer on TV. 

This is state-of-the-art technology that leverages the latest innovations in golf. In fact, normal golf courses could probably learn a thing or two from Topgolf.

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An In-depth Look At The Topgolf Golf Balls

So here’s how it works. Topgolf has many individual bays on several floors (and there is a bar and restaurant as well). The bay comes with a hitting area, seating area, and an HD monitor that lets you view your player information and game statistics.

After renting your bay, you will enter in the player’s information and then select a game. You can choose from a variety of games. The system will use your phone number to connect to Topgolf’s proprietary system to track visitor information.

The technology is beneficial for staff because it lets them track visitors who are waiting for a bay to become available.

The monitor in your bay will display all kinds of data, including your name, the amount of time you have remaining at the bay, and a scorecard that is to be filled. As mentioned earlier, the balls contain RFID chips and readers that can detect when you wave the club over the sensor. 

The RFID chip communicates this information to Topgolf systems that you’ve just hit the ball – as well as a ton of data related to your performance.

Worried if the system will confuse your ball with someone else’s (and vice versa)? There is zero possibility of a mix up because your ball is tagged to you when it is dispensed on your bay. 

It’s important to mention that Topgolf is composed of several hundred RFID readers (to the tune of 500 or more) around the field that forms different zones. The closer your ball gets to the center of the zone, and the further the zone, the more points you earn. 

It’s a lot like aiming at crop circles. Once the ball lands into a particular zone, the RFID chips pick up their presence and communicate the information to Topgolf systems to record your score.

Topgolf stores much of this information so that you can view your game history and learn more about your performance. There are plans to launch a mobile app that will give you access to this information on the go.

Should You Be A Skilled Player To Play At Topgolf?

While all of the above sounds high tech, does it mean that you should be particularly skilled at golf to achieve a high score at Topgolf?

Topgolf is catered to all skill levels so you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy Topgolf. The stress-free environment can let you explore the ‘inner golfer’ in you – unencumbered by having to purchase a golfing club membership, high tech gear, remembering all the rules of membership, etc. 

There is a high possibility of you discovering your talents with golf, and you might even beat your golfing buddies.

Can You Drink While Playing Topgolf And Maintain Accuracy?

Want more out of your swings at Topgolf and get a better score? Don’t visit the bar. But if you want to loosen up and relax – which is what you came here to do – then you should check out the bar. 

They’re probably playing electronic R&Bs that sound like a goofier version of Tame Impala.

But you’ll probably sacrifice your accuracy at Topgolf. This is why we recommend taking it slow and steady. 

And remember, always ask your friends to drive you home if you’re too drunk or call an Uber.

Will The Golf Clubs Help With Accuracy At Topgolf?

Topgolf gear is as high end as it can get, and you’ll get to play with them without any extra charges applied. You could bring your golf clubs – recommended if you want to familiarize yourself with your specific golf clubs – but it’s not needed. 

Topgolf clubs are engineered to work with Topgolf balls, so you’re probably better off using the equipment available.

Final Thoughts

Topgolf balls have likely been hit hundreds of times in a single day – and that kind of abuse can make their shape a little less round and more jaggy. This can influence the direction and range of the ball. 

It is not unlikely for the Topgolf balls to veer off into directions that a typical golf ball would not take. It’s like hitting mudballs. It can be difficult to get these balls to reach further distances if they don’t have a spherical shape.

This is why you should view each Topgolf ball and check it for its roundness. In most cases, your Topgolf balls are in the right shape, but it doesn’t hurt to check, especially when you are playing competitively and you need every advantage you can get. 

If you find a Topgolf ball that has been beaten out of shape, you can ask the staff to replace it for you.

The bottom line is, Topgolf is perfect for practicing your swing because you don’t have to put up with the problems that golf has – like chasing the ball halfway around a 7000-yard golf course. 

Just make sure your Topgolf balls are round, and you’re good to go.   

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