Are Golf Shoes True To Size?

Are Golf Shoes True To Size?

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Golf shoes are an essential piece of equipment for golf. They help you grip the ground with more control and reduce injury risk by up to 50%. 

But are golf shoes true to size? 

If you have narrow feet then golf shoes will be the same as your normal shoe size. However, if you have wide feet then you will want to get your golf shoes ½ a size bigger. 

With golf shoes it really depends on how wide your feet are. If you have narrow feet, then your golf shoe should be true to size. 

This will ensure that your foot stays centered in the shoe while walking around a green or tee box, which decreases the risk of twisting an ankle or getting blisters from friction.

On the other hand, wearing a 1/2-size bigger than what you usually wear is ideal if you have wider feet. This gives you more space to wiggle your toes around without feeling like your foot is suffocating inside the shoe.

Now, you might be thinking – “But my dad wears size 13 regular shoes, so why doesn’t he need to wear a pair of 14’s for golf?” Well, it depends on whether his feet are broader or narrower than most other people’s feet who fit into regular size 12. 

If his feet are narrower than most men who fit into a 12, he should be okay with the size 12. If your dad’s feet are wider than average, then he may need to go up a 1/2 size to ensure a more comfortable fit in his golf shoes.

In a nutshell, if you have narrow feet, make sure to purchase true-to-size golf shoes because these have been designed specifically for people with narrow feet and will provide the perfect amount of space so that your foot won’t move around when walking. But if you have wide feet, it’s best to go up a 1/2 size from what you usually wear so that your feet have enough room to breathe.

How to Find The Right Size Golf Shoes

Buying new shoes can be a massive hassle. When you are spending a lot of money on a bee pair of golf shoes it is even more important that you get the right size. 

But how can you make sure your golf shoes are the right size? 

Step One

Take a look at your feet and determine if you have a standard or wide foot. If you have a wider foot type, consider sizing up as most brands offer their shoes in different widths and standard sizes.

To determine if you have a wide foot, take off your shoes and lay them down flat on the floor from front to back from heel to toe with both sides of the sole walls by the side. If there is extra space between the two sole walls once your heel is pressed flush against the heel wall, you need a wide-fitting shoe.

Step Two

If you size up, go back to step one with your new wider fitting shoe and compare the sole walls. If there is still extra space once the heel is pressed against the wall, then it’s likely too big, even though it might feel better at first.

Keep in mind that not all brands offer widths, so if you have an unusual foot shape or are unsure which size fits best, consult a knowledgeable staff member at your local golf store or club.

Step Three

Measure your feet for length only. To make this measurement, stand with both shoes on and use a ruler to measure from just behind where your toes meet the rest of their foot, back to the heel. If you fall between sizes and your feet are more of a standard foot shape, I would recommend going with the next larger size. 

How To Know If Your Golf Shoes Are Too Big Or Too Small?

To determine if your shoes are “too small,” wiggle each toe back and forth in the shoe. Make sure there is at least a half an inch space in front of your longest toe when pressing against the end of the toe box. 

Once again, it might feel better at first, but after time, this could cause injury to your foot.

To determine if they are “too big,” try sliding your heel back and forth in the heel cup. If you feel more than a half-inch movement, then that’s too much. It also makes it more challenging to putt with this type of loose-fitting golf shoe.

To determine if your golf shoes are “just right,” one option is to try and slide a finger up behind your heel and the back of the shoe. If you can’t, they’re most likely too tight, and if there’s extra space behind your heel, they might be too loose.

Common Issues With Wearing The Wrong Size Golf Shoe

Wearing shoes that are one size too big can cause many problems during play, including pain or bruising on the top of your foot around the ankle bone or under your toes caused by your feet slipping forward out of the toe box when trying to make a golf swing. 

When wearing too-large of shoes, you may have difficulty feeling where impact occurs because there is too much room to wiggle your foot around.

Wearing shoes that are one size too small can cause pain and pressure on the ball of your foot when making a swing. If they’re too tight, this forces your toes to curl under unnaturally, leading to injury over time.

Benefits Of Wearing The Correct Golf Shoe Size

  • Proper fit allows you to swing without restriction and feel the ground better with every step.
  • Proper fit will improve your balance and coordination
  • The right-sized shoe allows you to grip the ground more efficiently with each step during a swing, which is vital for generating power.
  • Wearing the correct size reduces injury risks associated with wearing shoes that are too big or small

Final Thoughts

It’s not a simple question, and golf shoe sizes are not “true” in the literal sense, but most people find they can wear their standard shoe size when playing golf if they fall into one of two categories: They may have a normal foot shape (meaning there is no extra width or length to their feet) or they may need wide fitting shoes. 

If you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to ask for help at your local golf store or club.

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