Are Golf Clubs Worth It?

Are Golf Clubs Worth It?

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There is no denying that playing golf is easily one of the most expensive hobbies out there, which is also why the game is considered to be a status symbol by many. The hefty bets, lessons, green fees, golf apparel, and, most importantly, the equipment.

Golf equipment can include:

• Golf balls

• Golf clubs

• Umbrellas

• Tees

• Towels

• Golf bags, and other accessories, as needed.

Whether you buy amateur clubs or professional ones, you may have noticed several options at the store. Most golf clubs are fairly expensive, causing you to ask the questions, “Are golf clubs worth it?” and “Does buying expensive clubs make a difference?”

Golf clubs are worth it and the expensive material used in the more expensive clubs makes a huge difference in your shots, the flight time, control, life, and the impact it has on your muscles. 

More expensive golf clubs are lighter, stronger, and highlight a different aspect of your game. Some clubs focus on strength, while others give you more control.

Let’s take a closer look at why golf clubs are so expensive and the benefits you can get from them.

What Determines The Price of Expensive Golf Clubs – Are They Worth It?

The price of a golf club ultimately comes down to three main factors (unless you are in a high-end mall store, where even the cheaper clubs will cost quite a bit). 

These three factors include:

1. Material

It is no secret that the material of a golf club is the main factor determining how much the club will cost you. Some clubs are quite heavy, while others are more balanced, so you don’t lose power on the swing or your grip. 

The material also dictates how long you can keep playing and how many hours of rigorous play it can handle. 

Ideally, your clubs should be made out of stainless-steel carbon-steel alloy or beta titanium. Of course, there are several options you can go with, such as:

a. Wood (relatively cheaper)

b. Zinc (cheaper)

c. Steel and aluminum composite (cheaper)

d. Carbon fiber (relatively expensive)

e. Graphite (expensive)

f. Titanium (expensive)

2. Manufacturing Process

The material only represents less than half of what the final product would look like. Even graphite golf clubs, well-known for being light and durable, could be unsuitable for you. 

This may be because of the impurities that more expensive golf clubs won’t have, where the joints are, what those joints are made out of, and the ultimate quality you’ll get.  

Reputable brands use tried and tested, high-end, and thorough manufacturing processes that ensures better quality control – and sometimes very cost-effectively. You may be able to find much better-quality golf clubs in your desired price bracket.

However, that is not to say that you can’t find better quality clubs with newer brands. Many start-ups looking to make a name for themselves offer cheaper yet very high-quality clubs.

3. Production Method

Clubs that are forged will usually give you a much more reliable, consistent, and stronger shot than those molded in cast and are, therefore, more expensive as well. For example:

• Forged clubs can distribute weight evenly across the club with an additional weight at the center to reinforce it or at the head for stronger shots.

• You can ask the manufacturer to forge clubs with several different specifications.

• Forged irons are usually more consistent and refined.

• The casted golf clubs allow golfers to hit the ball from any angle they want and offer a faster ball speed.

• Casted golf clubs can be more forgiving over different turf types and can take more abuse.

The phrase you get what you pay for is applicable here, but a very important question you need to ask yourself is what exactly are you looking for?

Choosing Between the Three

Each person has a different play style, and you may find yourself being more adapted to the cheaper golf clubs. You can have the best game out there with a cheap golf club – even win championships if you are determined enough, but once you go with the expensive clubs, you may not want to go back.

This is because of the feel expensive clubs give. They are light and have better handling. Still, you have to ask yourself: do you need it? 

Each person has different strengths and weaknesses, making different clubs a better choice for their game and having a very premium grip to ensure longer playtimes.

However, there is also a limit to where expensive turns into excessive, at which point the purchase may not be worth it for you.

Which Golf Club Should You Choose?

And now the golden question; how do you know which golf club is right for you? Is an expensive golf club worth it for you?

No amount of money you throw into the forge for an expensive golf club can substitute for the time you spend on the course, shot practice, posture, and technique. These are things that will only develop over time.

The price of a golf club doesn’t necessarily indicate the value you will get from your clubs. Whether you choose to buy the most expensive driver or irons out there, you can still go and shoot your first ball into a mud pit, bushes, the lake, and even off-course!

Expensive clubs can end up giving you a hard time compared to the mid and low-range ones; this is because a club becomes more “specialized” with the price. The grip, structure, weight, or head will be custom-made for a very specific shot.

If you are learning the ropes, more expensive clubs won’t necessarily help your game – it may ruin it. The first few months of gameplay are crucial in determining your stance and technique, and if you manage to mess that up, it may take you even longer to learn.

Whether a club is useful for you or not depends entirely on whether you have a good grasp of the game’s fundamentals or not. If you are still learning, there is no shame in going for a less expensive set, which you can even throw around when angry (I would recommend against doing this).

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