Are Golf Clubs Unisex? (Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Clubs)

Are Golf Clubs Unisex?

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Whenever you’re selecting golf clubs, it’s critical to select clubs that help bring out your best game and strong performance. Finding a golf club in line with your game and your needs will help you perform to the best of your abilities on the golf course. 

For instance, you may want to get golf clubs and golf balls for distance if you have a fast clubhead speed because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

You may have seen different kinds and types of golf clubs on the market for men and women. That may have got you wondering whether golf clubs are unisex or what’s the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs. 

Golf clubs typically aren’t unisex as men and women’s clubs will be different in length, weight, size, and more. 

In this article I will go over some of the main differences that help define why men and women need different golf clubs.

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The Biggest Differences: Men’s And Women’s Golf Clubs  

The biggest differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs can be found in their weight, size, and length. Golf clubs for women tend to be lighter and smaller than golf clubs used by men. 

That is mainly because women have slower swing speeds than men, so playing with lighter golf clubs makes sense for them.

It allows them to have a quicker swing and faster follow-through that helps optimize their performance on the golf course. 

Now that you are informed, we shall look at the key differences in men’s and women’s golf clubs next.

• Weight Of Golf Clubs

Men’s golf clubs are designed to be heavier so that they can maximize ball control and power. On the other hand, women’s golf clubs are designed to be lighter in weight, which gives them optimal ball control and swing power to match the different clubhead speeds generated by them. 

Women golfers prefer playing with lighter golf clubs as it allows them to perform consistently.

• Length Of Golf Clubs

Using a golf club of the correct length is vital to your performance on the golf course. It’s best to measure the golf club before playing with it to ensure that it fits you correctly. 

Women’s golf clubs tend to be shorter than men’s golf clubs in length. The difference in length is mainly because, on average, men are taller than women.

That is factored in by manufacturers who tend to design women’s golf clubs an inch shorter than men’s golf clubs. That also helps make the clubs easier to hit for women and ensures that they can get the ball in the air with minimum effort.

• The Size Of The Golf Club

There are some major differences when you compare the sizes of men’s and women’s golf clubs. The biggest one is that since women have a slower swing speed, the graphite shafts for women’s clubs are flexible to ensure a smoother swing with a slower clubhead speed. 

Combining this with a larger club head and the grips on women’s clubs having a smaller diameter (because they have smaller hands) means that these clubs are easier to swing than using clubs with steel shafts on men’s clubs.

Another thing that should be noticed when using women’s clubs is that the loft on the driver will be more on a men’s club to help the ball go further in the air despite the slow speed of the clubhead.

Should Female Golfers Always Use Women’s Clubs?

Now that I have gone over how different men’s and women’s clubs are from one another, it’s time to clarify whether women should always play with custom golf clubs. 

The simple answer is that this depends on the golfer. 

Many female golfers will get better results with a women’s club but it all comes down to their height, strength, etc. So some women are better off playing with men’s clubs and some men are better off playing with women’s. 

Ideally, you only want to buy golf clubs that fit your needs. Therefore, when buying a golf club, you must consider your physique and style of play.

Everything from your height to the size of your hands can be a vital factor before you purchase a golf club, which is why it’s no use buying a powerful and heavy golf club when you can’t play with it properly. Apart from your physique, your skill level in the game will also be a vital factor when choosing your golf club. 

Some golf clubs are made for beginners, and both genders can use these clubs.

You can purchase golf clubs based on your swing speed and your swing type. It’s possible that your swing speed is low and your swing type is jerky or shaky, which is where a women’s golf club would be the best choice for you. 

On the other hand, it’s also possible that your game is better than your friend’s and you’re excellent at finding the hole. Women can also be tall, and that’s why you may want a golf club with a longer shaft for better ball control.

In any case, golf clubs that are traditionally marketed to men can be appropriate for women as well. There isn’t any distinction of gender, and it’s the same for men. 

Male golfers who are shorter in height, have a less firm swing, or have slower swing speed may prefer playing with a women’s golf club that suits their needs and makes the game enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

When selecting golf clubs, it’s vital to choose the right golf clubs for you and your exact needs. Manufacturers recognize this, and that’s why they have created models suited for both men and women golfers. 

The swing speed plays an essential role in the differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs and what will be best for your game.

Therefore, whether you are male or female, it’s worth getting an idea about your swing speed. The swing speed data will help you get a deeper insight into what golf clubs you need to get the best performance possible on the golf course.

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