Are All Golfers Tall?

Are All Golfers Tall?

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If you are new to golf, you should know that this game will distance you from the world and engross you in a world of its own. It will divert your mind like no other. It requires utmost patience, precision, and persistence and is nothing like any other sport you’ve ever played.

It’s undoubtedly a challenging game, and to truly understand and succeed at the hobby, you need to get past all the overwhelming elements first. Beginners ask one common question: “are all golfers tall?”. The quick answer is ‘no.’ Not all golfers are tall.

Here’s a detailed discussion on how height does not matter as much because of the advancements in equipment. There are, however, pros and cons of being tall that we’ll discuss. Let’s get right into it.

Are All Golfers Tall?

No, not all golfers are tall, nor do they need to be. That’s what makes this sport stand out. No matter your height – tall or short, you can play golf to your heart’s content. Golf is not strict about the dimensions or shapes of the human body. As long as you get the technique right, you’re good. Every golfer is a beginner at some point, and they learn as they go, their height might give them an advantage, but they are no match for others if they don’t have the skill. There are strict rules, different clubs, and golf has a foreign language that needs to be understood. The rest is momentary.

Is Height Everything In Golf?

No, the height of the golfer is not the deciding factor. It does not determine how they’ll play on the grass. As you may know, Golf is a recurring sport, so it requires intense practice, and golfers who are succeeding at the sport right now have put immense effort throughout and are now consistent with their swing each time they hit the course.

Honestly, it mostly depends on the crouch you have. If you have a greater bend in your swing since your wrists will be nearer to the field, you will need a shorter club to play with. If you have a shorter height but stand up straight, you will need a longer club. It all depends on one golfer to another.

Does Height Play To Your Advantage In Golf?

This is a common misconception that the majority of the people hold. Height has very little to do with your game. While it may have some benefits, it does not guarantee a good match. Whether you are short or tall, there are different types of equipment (clubs) to help you be at your best game at all times. Longer levers create more force, and yes, it might benefit taller players, but it’s not all it’s cut out to be.

The stats indicate that tall players on the PGA Tour do not hold an advantage over shorter players. In reality, the stats meant that the shorter players had the edge over the taller golfers based on their durability and were less prone to injury.

What Are The Pros Of Being Tall?

While being tall gives you an advantage over shorter golfers to create a wider arc which results in more swing and ball speed that equates to more distance, that in no way means that shorter golfers cannot hit the ball at a longer distance. They can be even better with the right equipment and a good swing. The golf set you pick for yourself and the depth by which you learn the game matter the most. The truth is that taller players tend to face more injuries.

As a tall player, you will have a more upright swing; however, balancing your height and club is essential not to go overboard.

What Are The Cons Of Being Tall?

Tall golfers get injured easily. Their height puts more pressure on their joints, which can be very bad while playing the game for hours. Tall golfers need longer levers which are not always easy to control. Being tall will allow you to create more speed, but that does not determine how well you can handle that speed. Tall golfers need personalized clubs that will give them a more upright angle and give them a bit of an extra length on the shafts for ideal performance.

Tall people have a higher center of gravity which reduces stability. And to fight this, they have to ensure keeping a low swing and widening their stance. If they lose their balance at the end of their swing, they will have to work on their stability.

Does The Golfer’s Height Affect The Swing?

Yes, a tall golfer has a steeper swing than a short golfer. The height will work to your disadvantage if you are not careful with your swing. There are always expectations to the game, but in the case of an average golfer, a tall height, one will always have sharper swings.


Passionate golfers make sure they do everything right, from the clothing to the game rules. They follow it all. There is no denying that height can work to your advantage, but your skill, practice, and posture play a massive part in helping you become a pro at the game. As you move from one golf course to another, you will see different rules and techniques. It is essential to play for a good while before you start competing. Now that you know that height does not determine whether you’ll win the game or not, take out your golfing gear and get straight to the field. Happy golfing!

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